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Is there a difference in fizz between screw capped and corked prosecco?

  • 21-07-2018 12:51am
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    I'm looking for some prosecco for a session tomorrow, just wondering is there any accuracy in my assumption that prosecco with a cork would be fizzier than prosecco with a screw cap? Or does it make any difference at all? Obviously I know screw cap is good for saving, but trust me, we won't have any left over at the end of the night :D


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    The cork and cage is more common on spumante (fizzier) prosecco

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    Spumante has full "fizz". Only problem is it has full "champagne" tax which is double that of wine.

    Frizzante is semi sparkling and is treated as wine for duty purposes and therefore, especially at the value end of the market, will be substantially cheaper.

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    The one with the Cork is indeed fizzier, it’s different product.

    Depends on what you like, some of the cheaper stuff is like sugared water. I call it a glass of heartburn.

    The Cork ones are drier.

    Aldi do a fairly decent one, though not a patch on the Rizzardi from O’Briens, though that is reflected in the price.

    There is a special offer in at the moment till tomorrow in centra where the Griffon(frizzante) is 3 for 20. It would not be a favorite of mine, but some ppl like it and would be great fir a bbq or whatever.

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    Rather than looking at the cork, look at the label. There are two types, frizzante (cheaper, made using the tank or Charmat method) and Spumante (more expensive, can be made either via the tank or traditional methods).

    As already said, Spumante attracts a higher tax than frizzante and will typically be more expensive. But it is considered to be a better product with a finer mousse. However, it all depends on whether you are looking for volume or quality! :)

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    Tried a new sparkling Pinot Grigio in Aldi for €8.99 at the weekend.

    Very nice!

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    Or does it make any difference at all?

    Typically around a fiver ;)