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Parrots for Student??

  • 20-07-2018 3:17pm
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    Hi all,

    I'm interested in getting a Parrot soon and I'd like all your suggestions! :)

    I have owned Parrots before, but unfortunately had to give them up when I moved here (to Ireland) from South Africa. I had a Congo African Grey (female) and Sun Conure (male).
    I lived in a freestanding house then, so noise wasn't an issue with neighbours.

    My situation now:
    * living in apartment
    * going to college/university next year (will be taking bird with me)
    * working full-time job until leaving for college
    * plenty of time in evenings (from 6pm) to spend with pets
    * plan on harness training so can bring parrot into work sometimes (allowed) / take to places with me on weekends

    I'd like your suggestions on Birds that are: cuddly/affectionate, apartment friendly, ok with being alone during the day while at work, happy to hang out around me/on my shoulder when I am a student and studying.

    I did some research into the following parrots:
    * Pionus (specifically, White-Capped, Blue-Headed, and Maximilian)
    * Senegal Parrots
    * Meyer's Parrot

    Do you think one of them would be a good choice?
    Please let me know your own experience with these Parrot types.

    Disclaimer: I know that it depends on individual birds and their own personalities, I'm just asking about the general characteristics most common in the type of Parrot.

    Thank you!


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    No parrot would be ok being left on its own all day unfortunately. They are very social. They could easily develop behavioural problems such as plucking or screaming. Noise might be an issue in an apartment also.

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    I would agree, your situation isn’t going to suit any parrot I’m afraid, it just would not be fair at all. And even if you are allowed to take the bird to work, there is no guarantee the bird you buy will take to being harness trained or cope with busy work places, that can take years to build up that level of training. And it’s all very well saying you have from 6pm every evening now, but wait till you get to uni it’s a whole new world and socialising is a huge part of that, a bird is only going to be a huge tie for you, not to mention cost, as a student you’ll be strapped for cash for yourself let alone a bird too!
    Also if you do have an antisocial bird that likes to scream, not great if you want to bring friends back to your place!��

    What’s the rush, why not wait till you graduate and get your own place and have a more stable life to offer a good home to a bird, enjoy your student time for being footloose and fancy free as they say, you’ll be tied for the rest of your life with a million other things, enjoy your freedom now!����

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    You also say you're going to be going to college and taking the parrot with you, which I assume means you'll be moving. I think you're underestimating how easy it will be to get accommodation that will accept pets in this current climate and you could be in the position of trying to re-home the bird, which is not a good position for either of you to be in.