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Worrying development in Israel- are there others worldwide?


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    Is Israel officially a theocracy now?

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    Israel is an apartheid state. They have too much influence and too many people will lose money if the 'moral' west to take them to task.

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    I've just come across a few articles on The Guardian that are showing some quite worrying developments in Israel. This is not going to be a rant against the country or Jewish people, as I mainly think that this relates more towards the global shift towards extremist politics. Do you all know of any other countries making similar moves in redacting rights of certain citizens?
    South Africa & Zimbawe have been doing it for years by taking land from the white and giving it away to cronies. China implemented a system which basically stops "unwanted" from travelling without having to be told why or what put you on the list. You could also look at for example Saudi Arabia and how they changed employment laws when they decided Saudis should start working forcing a lot of foreigners suddenly not being allowed to work from one day to another. The Italian government wanted to stop all Romas from being allowed to travel before they got told it was against the institution to do so.

    Don't get me wrong; there's Israel is on the extreme end but they are far from alone in their approach. As always it does not help when the PM wants to distract people from the legal case against them by drumming up nationalism; common theme there as well (as seen in Europe).