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My first Airsoft equipment

  • 17-07-2018 12:54pm
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    Hey guys! I've been to Airsoft several times now and I've decided to start getting my own gear and I was hoping for some opinions and expertise on the subject. I've done plenty of research myself so I know most of the terminology but most videos are talking about UK or USA so it's difficult to apply some of what they recommend to shopping on Irish websites.

    I'm looking to gradually build up my equipment starting with a AEG Assult Rifle for under €200 (preferably around €160), maybe an M4 but i'm open to suggestion. Then I'd be looking to get a sidearm, probably a CO2 GBP pistol for around €160. I was thinking an M1911 or M9 or maybe a USP. I know these aren't the most unique choices but i want to get something reliable for a decent price.

    Next I'd be looking at a BDU, face protection and a chest rig or belt to carry my equipment. I can't seem to find any BDUs on Irish websites that aren't like XXXL. I probably wear a M and i'd probably need to get an Olive Drab or Woodland kit since my local field is mostly woodland-based. For eye protection I was thinking of anti-fog glass as opposed to mesh as i found the mesh i wore during my rentals to be difficult to aim with. I don't want a full mask as again it's hard to aim.

    That's about it for the setup. Is there any specific websites you recommend? I've been to all the popular Irish websites but most of the stuff they have seem to be out of stock all the time or else they're some brand I've never heard of. Their prices seem to be more expensive than what the American equivalent would be too.

    Lastly is there any brands you recommend? I know all the main ones and I'm aware i probably won't get a TM gun for my budget. But most of the guns on Irish websites seem to be CYMA who I've heard aren't that great. I know I don't have a massive budget but I don't think I need to get something of poor quality. Or am I misinformed about CYMA?

    I appreciate any advice given. I've been looking through websites for hours trying to pick something but i just can't make a decision without a second opinion first, thanks a lot.

    TL;DR - I want recommendations on an AEG for €160-€200 and a CO2 GBP for €160ish plus equipment ideas and where to get all this, thanks in advance.


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    Drop the GBB idea until you've sorted your primary. A decent charger and some LiPos will stand to you much more than a sidearm at the start.

    Things like the CM028 are really well reviewed but Cyma do everything from springers to proper AEGs so have a "diluted" brand name. Take a trip to one of the physical stores and have a chat perhaps.

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    Hey thanks for the reply! I'm not looking to get it all straight away, I'm just looking for input on what to get and brands, stuff like that. Unfortunately i'm based in Limerick and the only airsoft shop that was here closed down. I don't have a car of my own so I'm kinda cut off from other shops. That's why I'm on here as it seems to be the best place to discuss Airsoft in Ireland online. I'll look into the CM028 but i am a bit concerned about getting a CYMA from what I read.

    The CM028 seems really cheap at only €98 on Gunfire and it doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere. I know it's entry level, but i have a bit of money to play with. I don't want something I'm going to have to replace or under performs just to save some money. I already know I like airsoft, i'm ready to make the jump to some good quality equipment.

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    You can't really go wrong with a cyma Ak they tend to be bulletproof ,
    With basic maintenance and some upgrades they will last forever ,
    If you can't get to a shop try your best to get to an Airsoft site for a few hours and talk to players and ask about their aegs ,most sites supply rentals which will likely be CYMAs,
    I wouldn't worry about an aeg underperforming most players will always upgrades internals even on the most expensive aegs ,