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Corny Keggerator Setup with CO2 issues...

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    So I've been home brewing a good few years now and within the last 2 years I've started to use a keggerator setup. I put it together from salvaged commercial Sanky 1/2 kegs with commercial CO2 cyclinders from the pub etc...This tended to eat the CO2 on me as they were such large vessels.

    Recently the fridge gave up on me and I got a new one. While I was at it I figured I'd downsize the aspect of the kegging and start using corny kegs as I was converting it into a keggerator.

    So, the setup I have at the moment is as follows:
    Corny keg with Weiss beer freshly brewed in it.
    CO2 cylinder (3 foot tall, black one that you get in pubs - I have a friend that owns a pub and swaps them in and out for me when he can.)
    Tap in the door of fridge.
    CO2 is sitting outside the fridge and a line runs in the side wall and into the keg via a 3/8" ball lock quick release.
    6 foot of 3/8" hose runs from the keg, ball lock quick release, to the tap in the door of the fridge.

    I tapped the keg today and tried a few pours... All foam... literally! no beer whatsoever!

    Did a little research and checked the temp of the keg, the hose length, pour speed etc...all checked out ok.

    Then checked the pressure of the CO2 on the regulator dial and set it to about 10PSI.

    Still all foam.

    I then figured I'd purge the corny keg and 'start from scratch' if you will.

    Purged the keg, while the gas was off at the cylinder, and then set everything back up to go again at 10PSI.
    It seems the CO2 was all gone!?! Realised this when I opened up the valves again and no needles moved on the regulator. How is this possible?! 19litre corny keg Vs Full CO2 cylinder...!?

    Further info:
    It was a brand new CO2 cylinder that has been connected to the corny keg for about 3 weeks without anything being poured off it @ 15-20PSI to 'force carb'.
    Reason for 3 weeks of attachment while nothing was being poured off it was because I was waiting on a part to arrive.
    Keg was settled and cold.
    No visible leaks or issues with CO2 escaping.

    Any suggestions and ideas welcome. If any further info is needed just say the word. Contributors welcome to come round for a shed pint as thanks.