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Stone markers

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    OK, might not be the optimal place to post this but I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the issue
    I'm in Majorca and on my daily cycles (and drives), I notice (especially on hilly roads) stone markers by the side of the road with a single numeric value - they're official looking in that they stone is usually cut (a lot of them look like small granite headstones !) but there is neither rhyme nor reason to the values displayed nor the location of the stone i.e. I could see one with a "9" on it, and then 10 metres later, another could read "5" and then I mightn't see one for another kilometre and it could read "2", so very haphazard and no way of discerning any pattern that might explain their primary purpose

    ......and before anyone says KM markers, no, these are totally separate and I've see them all over

    Anyone got any ideas ?   I can post some photos if that will help