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Psychotherapy or psychoanalysis?


  • SATSUMA wrote: »
    Why would a person be more suitable for one type of therapy as opposed to another?

    As a client I don’t know I’d say it’s individual but my own experience is that I did psychotherapy with a good gestalt trained therapist before I moved to a psychoanalyst - it was for practical reasons as the therapist I was seeing was over an hour away and I didn’t realize when I decided to get someone closer to me that the person I chose was actually psychoanalyst. It turned out to be the best thing ever for me - it’s been a few years now but the process with the analyst has really helped me to work through a lot of stuff in a very real way cause the therapy relstionship with the analyst is like a Petri dish to experiment or thrash through things again. It’s msde me really aware of how my subconscious trips me up which has been really helpful.

    I started off sitting face to face with the analyst but after a few months I lay down on the couch and that’s very freeing - we talk about everything from money to masturbstion and it’s a kinda unique space.

  • Cross studies indicate that the real value is in the patient-therapist rapport so it doesn't matter that awful much. A feeling of progress should be negotiated between patient and therapist. You could try out different styles, or read up on them first and see which ones suit you better than give it a go