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Things to do in Dublin with kids

  • 03-07-2018 10:35pm
    Registered Users Posts: 433 ✭✭ murfilein

    So we're driving up to Dublin at the end of the month, only for an appointment in the morning, which should be over by 10 or 11 or so.

    With 2 kids, we're wondering where we could go before driving back to cork.

    We've been to the zoo and to tayto park. What other places are there worth going to and spending a good chunk of the day with a 4 and a 2 year old?

    The zoo is still a favourite, but some new place would be nice also.


  • My kids have enjoyed the dead zoo aka The Natural History museum, the Collins Barracks museum near Heuston and the Viking Splash tour. We've yet to try Dublinia which is meant to be good.

  • Also, check out The Ark in Templebar to see if they've anything on tgat day and book in advance.[/URL]

    The Festival of Curiousity finishes on the 22nd July, if that date works it's definitely worth looking into.

    Outside the city is Imaginosity in Sandyford.

  • Wheety wrote: »

    If the current good weather continues for when the OP visits then maybe indoor activities might not be the best choice for the OP.

  • Imaginosity.

    Malahide Castle and playgrounds ... there's a cool road train that goes from the train station up to the castle.

    My four year old frickin loves IKEA, it's like one big huge playhouse to him.

    IMMA gardens, lovely for a picnic and stroll.

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  • thanks for the tips guys, that will give us options to look into!!

  • Thread moved to where it would be better suited.


  • Airfield out near dundrum, smashing place and kids will love it.

  • The Viking Splash tour - while really good - isn't suitable for such young kids. They don't have life jackets for kids that small which means they have to disembark for the trip on the water at Grand Canal Dock.

    Collins Barracks would have them bored witless.

    Hit the Zoo with a picnic. Find out the feeding times of their favourite animals & gorge on ice creams. :)

  • Loads of different ideas on here:

    4 & 2, especially if the weather is good might just be happy in Stephen's Green playground, picnic, feed the ducks and a wander into the Disney store nearby at top of Grafton St for a treat (with the money saved by not paying for somewhere).

    If it's raining, dead zoo is always good and they will have summer activity sheets to fill out too. May be a little young to appreciate Aquazone slides/lazy river etc but loads of indoor play centres - one in most Leisureplex venues and they would love Imaginosity - more hands-on building and games but you have to book a time slot in advance

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