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Record set in Oman for hottest night ever

  • 01-07-2018 9:19pm
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    So you are finding the Irish summer nights a bit too warm recently?

    Well :pac::pac::pac:

    Try Oman where the overnight temperature reached a low of 42.6C!!!
    The day of June 26 was a scorcher in the town of Quriyat, Oman. Temperatures in the town, which is weathering a miserable heat wave, peaked at 121.6 degrees Fahrenheit (49.8 degrees Celsius) during the day, according to Weather Underground. That's just shy of the Omani record-high temperature of 123.4 degrees F (50.8 degrees C), set on May 30, 2017. But anyone in Quriyat hoping for an evening respite from the extreme heat would have been disappointed: Temperatures fell to a low of just 108.7 degrees F (42.6 degrees C). That's a world record: the highest "low" temperature ever recorded in history.

    Oh man, that was hot...


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    Planning on moving there next year. Eek...

  • Registered Users Posts: 31,665 ✭✭✭✭ Mars Bar

    Planning on moving there next year. Eek...

    I applied for a job there but thankfully got one in Abu Dhabi. It's supposed to be beautiful but that is mad hot!

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    O Man!

    In contrast, this warm spell in Ireland has seen tolerable East coast temps at night.