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Recommend an intermediate recurve.

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    I shot for a few years back for the GMIT team. Probably over 10 years since I've shot.

    Im looking to get back into it now. Planning to join an 18m range club near me. What's a good riser and limbs set for me to start back with?

    Im 6ft1 male.

    I don't remember how to decide on the limb size or what I used to shoot with.


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    You'll need to do your measurements again.

    Measure your wingspan. Arms out tip of fingers to tip of fingers in inches and divide that by 2.5. Thats your draw length.

    From that you can get your bow length. Probably a 68 (standard 25 inch riser with medium limbs) Or 70 if your draw length is over 30 inches (25 inch riser and long limbs).

    You'll be looking at mid range draw weight. So 30-36 would prob suit but if you haven't shot in a while lighter may be better.

    Check the archery Ireland buy an sell page on Facebook for a second hand deal.

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