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Poor transport & housing costing FDI


  • Brexit was/is a golden opportunity and it's being squandered by rubbish infrastructure and ongoing housing crisis.

  • Zebra3 wrote: »
    Not surprising really. Hopefully this’ll help keep minds focused. One other thing I’ve noticed recently is a lot of eastern Europeans talking about going home as they are finding it hard to get by with the cost of renting. When you’re at “full employment” that isn’t good.

    Actually Eastern Europeans going home has more to do with how well Poland in particular, but all the Eastern European countries are doing.

    Polands economy in particular is on fire at the moment. I know people there who have seen their salaries double in the past 5 years! Unemployment is almost totally gone and in fact they have gone from a net emigration situation to now being net immigration! 2 million Ukrainians now live there!

    It is being called the Germany of Eastern Europe!

    No Poles need to be in Ireland anymore, those who are left here now are only those who opt to do so because they like the place, family and friend connections, etc.

    We are going to have to start looking elsewhere for our "cheap labour".