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Primary School Jobs 2018

  • 21-06-2018 1:53pm
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    Hi all, I was wondering if any experienced primary school teachers/principals could shed some light on how Education Posts works for the summer...

    At the moment I have applied to many schools for a Mainstream Class Teaching Position and heard nothing back with regards an interview.

    Does anybody know will there be more jobs put up towards the end of summer or will most be taken and should I start looking for something else eg: subbing/english language teaching for September?

    I have qualified this May and I am in a bit of unchartered water now with regards looking for a job for September.

    Thank you for reading and any reply would be appreciated!


  • Registered Users Posts: 185 ✭✭ Cailin CoisFarraige

    Jobs will continue to be advertised over the summer. There's often a bit of a lull around July which is when most principals take their holidays, but jobs will posted again in August, when the panels will have cleared. Don't lose hope! Schools get 100s of applications for posts, so often you won't get a response unfortunately.

    If you still haven't anything sorted by the end of the summer holidays (which is perfectly natural for an NQT - don't panic!), print off a short resume and go around to your local schools to introduce yourself and let them know you're available for subbing.

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    Hit the bricks and call into schools with your CV. You never know what will come of it, I got a months subbing calling in to a school. Called to the next school and they had a until Christmas which became temp and finally permanent. Have you been subbing since May?

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    What part of the country are you looking to work in , there has been a shortage of primary teachers in Dublin and surrounding counties for the past few years