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Accommodation & Property Charter 2021 - Please read before posting.

  • 10-06-2018 2:34pm
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    Welcome to the Accommodation & Property forum. As the name suggests, it’s a forum for discussing all things property related – please feel free to start a thread on a new topic or jump into an existing one. have a list of guidelines for users that apply to all fora here. Below are the additional guidelines and information specific to Accommodation and Property:

    The Moderators & What we do for you
    Your mods are: Graham, Gumbo, Michael D Not Higgins, Paulw, The_Conductor.

    We are a bit like janitors. It’s our job to keep discussions moving smoothly, tidy up the place when it gets a bit messy, and manage the forum in a way that gives users the full enjoyment of interacting with each other. We will always try to communicate clearly when we’ve taken a mod action, and aim for transparency at all times. When we have posted a mod note on a thread and you want to discuss it, please private message us to discuss it rather than post in the thread about it.

    Have you an issue with something on the forum?
    Your first port of call for an issue here is to either report the post or private message a mod. Help desk is available for more general observations and ideas you might have about the forum, and you can start a thread in Dispute Resolution where you will have a Category Mod as an independent reviewer if you disagree with an infraction or ban you received from a mod. You’ll find a list of Category Mods at the bottom right of the forum main page.

    We want everyone to get along, so when discussion gets heated occasionally, we will step in and ask that you maintain civility and report posts that you feel requires attention. We will address bullying, harassment, trolling and other forms of disruption as necessary. If in doubt, report the post or the private message.

    Bashing of particular demographics is not allowed here – whether that’s bankers, social welfare recipients, tenants, and landlords. Keep it civil please.

    Reviews, Recommendations, Advertising & Promotion
    A&P welcome reviews and opinions from regular users however due to Irish laws, there is a fine line sitewide that must be adhered to. Keep it factual, and be prepared to back up you statements if asked, avoid personal attacks on the people of the company. Mods may need to edit or delete posts that fall short of this. Regular contributors to the forum are also allowed to advertise their own house shares or letting of their own property from time to time.

    A simple link to your business in your signature is allowed. However, for commercial advertising, please email

    Surveys, Market Research, Media - please contact the mods to discuss what you’d like to post and we can point you in the right direction.

    Advocating illegal activity
    Illegal stuff is illegal. It’s site-wide policy that advice, hints or suggestions of illegal or dubiously legal action are forbidden. Same applies to users who are looking for ways to circumvent situations in an illegal manner. Posts will be removed or snipped and the user may incur a ban or infraction for it.

    Giving Legal Advice
    Legal advice is not permitted on Boards. Here in A&P though there’s a lot of discussion about legalities surrounding property, so the rules are as follows. You can offer suggestions and point to a relevant law or clause by linking to it. You can offer opinion as to whether or not something may or may not be legal, but make it clear it’s your opinion. You may not offer your opinion as expert fact – we can’t verify professional qualifications or real life expertise. When you feel someone is wrong regarding a legal clause, either civilly debunk it on thread with your own supporting links, or report to a moderator as necessary.

    Posting Images
    Images are obviously a useful tool when discussing property related issues. However, please keep images to a reasonable size - 800 pixels on the longest side. For more information on resizing images and embedding images in your posts, please see the Boards FAQ.

    Disclosing Personal Information
    Don’t share any personal or identifying information relating to you or anyone else on a thread. Personal photos contain digitised ‘footprints’ that could lead to your identification – since there’s a lot of information on this you should know, it’s been added in a separate post here.

    Want to read more property discussions? There are other property related forums you might also enjoy - please note that they also have their own charters you’ll need to abide by:

    home and garden, Construction & Planning, DIY , Electrical, Gardening , Home Appliances, Home security systems, Interior Design & Decoration, Plumbing & Heating, Woodcraft

    Travel accommodation should be included in Travel. Working out how to commute from your new home should go on Commuting & Transport. There is also the Legal Discussion forum (note it is for discussion, advice can neither be sought nor given). Mortgages can also be discussed here on the Banking & Insurance & Pensions board. State Benefits might be useful if you are looking for information on social welfare housing benefits and entitlements.
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  • Moderators, Society & Culture Moderators Posts: 17,642 Mod ✭✭✭✭Graham

    Much thanks to Neyite for writing the new charter and distilling it all into something smaller than a phone book and mike_ie for the suggestions that made it even shorter.

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