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Battlefield 2 is alive. BF2hub.

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    I've been having great craic playing BF2 since last week. The servers are ranked and always a few that are full.

    Get back in the fight soldiers :P

    1) Reinstall game from Origin, Steam or disc ( if you install from disc, you must patch to 1.41 and then 1.5).

    2) Start game. Log into your old account or create a new one.

    3) Install BF2hub and allow it to copy keys and account details over.

    4) Reload game and go to multiplayer...

    Your back in the fight soldier;)

    Something to get you back in the mood,

    ps, My brother had trouble logging into his old account, so he just went to create an account using his old details and it logged him in with all his stats.



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