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Teaching in Dubai but not a teacher

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    Okay, before I start I know I will have my work cut out to achieve my goal so please don't all shoot me down at once. Right, I have a 2.1 bachelors degree in Business Studies from UL and I have been working for nearly a year in a company in Dublin. Some of my friends are moving to Dubai in September and others next January and I am just wondering about the possibilities of me going. They did teaching in college, I did not, and there lies my problem. Can anyone give me any advice at all? Would a TEFL course help? I have other friends in Vietnam teaching English with just a TEFL in terms of a teaching qualification but I understand the UAE and Vietnam are 2 very contrasting places with incomparable education systems. Can anyone tell me where to start or even if I should start. I have no idea, please help?


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