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Can I glue a mod back together?

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    I have a pico 75w mod that I used nipple tops on for a while. This was a mistake as the oval ring of metal at the top has now started to separate from the main body which means the battery keeps losing connection. My question is, is it safe to use a glue to put this back together and if so, what glue would be best?

    While I'm on the subject, I also have an istick 20w that has stripped threads, tried tin foil but no good. Can I glue a clearo into it?

    I'm concerned about safety so don't want to do anything that would be risky, just hate the thought of mods that are "working" sitting there unused.


  • We've all used the tinfoil trick to bolster up a battery connectors for toys and things but no way in hell would I be using a similar approach in an attempt to sort out a 510 stripped connection on a mod. Both the positive and negative are in the 510 pin of the atomiser itself. That's a sure fire way of creating some kind of short.

    Can't comment on gluing, but to be fair, why not bin them and replace them with new mods? A 20w istick costs **** all.

  • The tin foil fix is all over YouTube, didn't realize it was unsafe thanks for the headsup.

    Yes I could buy new ones but thats not really the point. Its about €70/€80 worth of mods which isnt a fortune but if it could be fixed for the price of a tube of glue then why not? Handy for a spare or to give to a smoker who might get the taste for vaping from it, good enough until they get a better one. I not too tight to buy a new mod, just wonderef if there was a way to safely fix these up for use instead of binning them.

  • I'd go with safety first ......... and bin them .

  • Yep, to the bin with them. You can buy mods for so little these days.