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Question re Lipo batteries

  • 03-06-2018 9:49am
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    Think our Nimh batteries may be due a change and would appreciate if someone can explain in layman's terms the plus & minus of going with Lipos or sticking with Nimh. Had a look on hobbyking and lipos seem very reasonable. All the guns we have are stock (F2000/ CN16 Raider/M15A4) so was going to go with 7.4 lipos and high mah. Have read and understand you need to be a bit more careful when using/charging lipos.

    Any downside to fast charging lips or do they charge faster than Nimh anyway.


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    I'd make the change up you actually get more pros than cons .
    Snappier and quicker trigger response .
    Higher Rof
    Longer lasting
    And can be bought in a variety of sizes so you save space but gain performance.

    I'd buy a decent lipo balancer charger and a lipo bag is essential for safe charging especially if leaving for several hours over night ,

    Id also look into new motor's and 13:1 gears to help increase performance across the board without putting too much strain on the aegs

    Langley , Virginia

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    If you're going to fit Lipo then you need to consider MOSFETs and alarms/limiters in gun.