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Solar Panel Service

  • 31-05-2018 9:05pm
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    Hey folks,

    The pump looks to have gone from my solar panels (loudish noise from the box & no hot water.. all pressure indicators and levels look ok)

    Anyway the company who put it in (activ8) I dont want to use them after a disagreement over something else a few years ago .....the system is 10 years old flat panel is all I can say....Looking for someone in the Meath area that you folks could recommend ....also looking at something to regulate the head coming out of the taps ....way too hot on good days near boiling ....worried the kids could get a nasty burn

    Cheers & Thanks


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    King Elon I

    Did you ring AEI? They did my solar hot water install and they did a professional job. Getting 10 years out of your pump is good going, it owes you nothing. If you haven't changed the fluid yet in 10 years, it is high time you do that too. And the thing you are referring to is an anti scald valve. Simple installation and not expensive. I would worry though about the setup of the system. If the water is near boiling, it is almost certainly doing damage to other parts of your system, i.e. the hot water cylinder
    Vego wrote: »

    Those clowns :rolleyes:

    Had the salesman over years ago trying their infamous hard sell. I think he quoted me something like €11k LOL! I now have a system far superior than they were offering and it cost me well under half of what they were quoting...

    "Wind is Ireland's oil" - An Taoiseach, 25/05/2022

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    I know ..wish I didn't but we did a new build and the "project manager" delt with them

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    Yeah got through to AEI and they basically said to get a good plumber in to have a look ......kinda defeats the point of me getting in contact with them to fix the issue ....But anyway ....if anyone knows (recommend) of anyone in the Meath Area It would be much appreciated