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Abortion legislation. What is to happen to embryo's?

  • 30-05-2018 2:03pm
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    Interesting piece below. I can't vouch for accuracy, however it does raise the question of what is to happen to embryo research given repeal of the 8th.

    And by extension, what is to happen to aborted foetus'? I've not seen any talk about it as yet.

    ...tons of money pouring in (to the country) for stem cell research & production facilities & embryonic research facilities in the last two years. Investors already lined up on the promise of a Yes vote. Some of this research no doubt leads to medical breakthroughs and advances in treatment for disease - this is hugely positive.



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    Locked. OP is a copy/paste of an article of unknown provenance.

    OP, you need to a.) link to sources, b.) respect copyright and not post entire articles, and c.) if making hitherto unreported claims such as "Investors already lined up on the promise of a Yes vote" or companies planning to "cultivate babies till say 12 weeks in vitro", provide evidence of such.

    Long story short, not up to standards of Politics forum. If you want to create a new, properly sourced OP, start a new thread.

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