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Cultural sensitivity, empathy and compassion in Irish healthcare


  • I have PM'd you regarding your study. It is welcome in our Researcher forum.

  • Thank you Black Swan! That is much appreciated!!

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm doing my MSc. dissertation on perceived cultural sensitivity, empathy and compassion of healthcare providers in Ireland. It's a qualitative study, and at this point I need only one more Irish participant for a semi structured interview, so if anyone is interested or knows anybody who could be interested in participating, please let me know, it'd be much appreciated!

    Also, please bear with me if I'm a bit slow to respond, I'm new to and I'm still getting used to it.

    Thank you!

    Laura :)

    PS: I discussed this by PM with Black Swan and got green light to post here.

  • Hi ResearchPsych,
    How's your research going? Did you get all the participants you needed? We would be interested in your progress. Care to share (what you can on an open forum)?

    If you need help, give us a shout.

    Black Swan

  • Hi Black Swan!

    Thanks for following up with me, and sorry for the delay to reply. These weeks have been mad busy with the dissertation, that is due in a few days :o so I'm working very very hard. I got the rest of the participants the last second, when it seemed that it wouldn't happen :)! And then I moved to the analysis right away, so after the interviews were over, I did analysis for over 3 weeks... I'm only starting now to emerge from the results section, that's been a huge challenge. Now, although my word counts are still too high, at least it's flowing better. It took me much more time than I expected, and I'm behind schedule thanks to that, only a couple of days ago I started to put together the discussion. This is a really great experience (blood sweat and tears, but great ;) ), qualitative research not only gives you the opportunity to connect with people, but also with your writing, in a different way. Before, even when I wrote the introduction, I thought of the paper as a collection of papers really, but I'm only now discovering that although in a way you can see it like that, in reality is this living organism where every section affects each other, sometimes even in retrospect. And again, I re discover that writing is recursive, so you always want to have more time to keep distilling your ideas. If only... :)

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  • Grand and informative post ResearchPsych.