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Returning home

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    Hi folks. I'm working on a new poem at the moment and I'd like to explore an idea. I'm sure I've read or heard stories before dealing with the idea of returning to an idealised home, but the hero not being satisfied with the reality when they get there.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of myths and legends that might reflect this kind of phenomenon?

    I've done some simple reading on the Odyssey and can find no suggestions of regret on the part of Odysseus. He gets home after years of effort and sets about kicking ass.

    I know there's a famous Irish language short story, "Nóra Mharcuis Bhig", that touches on a similar idea. Nóra leaves the West of Ireland and spends some time in England, convincing her family that she's very successful. The truth is that she turns to prostitution to make her money. She returns home after a few years to a great reception, but soon has to flee again after disgracing herself in the local town.

    Cinema Paradiso also deals with a main character who is urged to leave and never come back. I was hoping to find more ancient stories that might add depth to my idea.

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