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Sat nav help

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    My old TomTom 5" sat nav has given up the ghost. I can't really complain, as it was free to me about 6 years back.

    I used it on my bike when we used to go touring, and being a car unit I had invested in a waterproof case, mount, and power extension - the whole nine yards, as the motorcycle specific sat navs are prohibitively expensive.

    Previous to the TomTom, I used a Navagon4 unit for many a year before Navagon was taken over by Garmin, and support for it ceased. This unit had the added bonus of having an audio jack socket so that when plugged into my intercom system, I could hear directions through the helmet speakers, instead of constantly looking at the nav screen.

    Now I would like to replace the TomTom, with a 4 1/2" - 5" unit, but I would like to get one that has decent support for map updates, etc; but also with the benefit of an audio jack as well.
    So far, my searches have drawn a blank.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a decent sort of unit that won't break my poorly stocked bank, with the options I'm looking for?