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Your Season Review - 2017/2018

  • 13-05-2018 5:44pm
    Registered Users Posts: 28,710 ✭✭✭✭

    Obviously people will want to wait until the update tonight before filling in the below, but I thought it would be no harm to get this set up now.

    Last year's thread was very good reading - 2017

    Final Overall Ranking:

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):

    Total Transfers:

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    Your Best Transfer(s):

    Your Worst Transfer(s):

    Highlight of the Season:

    Lowlight of the Season:

    What Have You Learned from this Season:

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019:

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):


  • Registered Users Posts: 3,594 ✭✭✭lassykk

    Final Overall Ranking: Somewhere around 300k

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 101.9 + 0.3 = 102.2

    Total Transfers: 42

    What Have You Learned from this Season: When you change job to one that is far busier you may lose focus on Fantasy Football

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019: Good chance I won't play as I can't give the time to it

    I changed job as the season started and I'm way busier and just generally less interested in FF. Was in the old job for 4 years and finished with fairly decent overall ranks but this year it just went to pot.

    Didn't research weeks in advance - didn't even know there was a skinny gameweek so thankfully the FH got me out of a hole there

    I enjoyed not getting worked up if Burnely conceded or if Glenn Murray scored but I missed doing well!

    Hope everyone in here had a good season

  • Registered Users Posts: 594 ✭✭✭Pete Moss

    I'm not going to fill in the template. No need, it was a f*cking disaster.

    Alan Pardew had a better season than me.

  • Registered Users Posts: 15,257 ✭✭✭✭manual_man

    Final Overall Ranking: 57,766

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): £105.7

    Total Transfers: 58

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?: WC1 gw3 WC2 gw22 FH gw10 TC gw37 BB gw38. I was happy with both wildcards, and FH. TC bombed, and BB was meh.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Arnautovic, on both occasions i bought him

    Your Worst Transfer(s): definitely transferring Zaha out for Son in gw36

    Highlight of the Season: making it through it :D though finishing off the season with my highest rank of the season was nice

    Lowlight of the Season: gw37

    What Have You Learned from this Season: FPL be mad

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019: win it :D

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): just go back to the price algorithm that was used for 2016/17

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,640 ✭✭✭greedygoblin

    Final Overall Ranking: 12792

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 104.2

    Total Transfers: 55 :eek:

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?: WC1 (GW6), WC2 (GW32), BB (GW34), FH (GW35), TC (GW37). Maybe played the 2nd WC a week too early, & the TC chip on Kane was a bit underwhelming, but otherwise my chips strategy propelled me up the rankings.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Pascal Groß

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Jumped on the Son-train a bit too late (after he had got all his hauls). Willian for the last few weeks was also a complete failure. Got rid of both for GW38 to accommodate Salah which turned out to be a great move.

    Highlight of the Season: GW34 BB. Got me 32 points that.

    Lowlight of the Season: Everything before GW34.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Points hits work (if the logic behind them is sound). They don't always work immediately & sometimes have to be reversed due to bad luck or bad judgement or unexpected rotation (shakes fist at Pep), but they can result in big gains being made.

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019: Try and start the season stronger this time.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): One thing I miss from one of the old versions of the game is when you're on the transfers page and you click on a players name on the right-hand-side, it used to activate a drop-down menu giving a glance at the players recent points (just 3 or 4 GWs). I'd be going back maybe 10 seasons or so here I think. It was a useful feature and can't understand why they got rid of it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,952 ✭✭✭Morzadec

    Final Overall Ranking: . 268th

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): £104.9

    Total Transfers: 48

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1 = GW7
    FH = GW10
    WC2 = GW32
    BB = GW34
    TC = 37

    WC1 I had a monster score of 95 immediately after best GW comparatively in the season (4,500th best that week). Dipped a little right after and inadvertently left myself with no bench. Also took out a couple of players who were performing well and continued to do so after (Mee and de Gea spring to mind).

    FH went okay - my team was in tatters so I made about 17 points on it. Sanchez captain scoring would've made it good. If you had asked me a few weeks I would've said it was a big disappointment as I felt I was missing it for GW 35, but as I managed to negotiate that week without FH I'd say it was overall decent.

    WC2 went very well and was the basis for my strong end of season. Lots of time and planning went into making the most of the doubles while keeping a strong team for GW35. Cartman's spreadsheet was very helpful.

    BB went pretty well considering I didn't max out the GW with doublers. I can't exactly remember but I think it made me about 20 points so I would say a success.

    TC was a disaster blanking on double Jesus.

    Your Best Transfer(s):

    Other than Salah, I'd say that Otamendi for 5.5 early on was a stellar performer and very reliable.

    Honourable mention to Son too on the Spurs DGW and after.

    And a final mention to Arnautovic who really helped navigate the end of season.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):

    Suttner, Mbemba and King as my budget bench in my first WC caused me weeks of headaches and hits in the early-middle part of the season and forced me into an early FH, as they all were non-players. I felt hard done by with Suttner as he'd started every game up to then and I could have got Dunk instead (but maybe a bit more research about Bong and his return might have helped me here).

    Highlight of the Season:

    GW7 was my best week, 95 points on a so-so week. I think BGW 35 where I hit 64 points without any FH (better than many who used it) was the highlight, as it was probably the week where all the DGW planning paid off.

    Lowlight of the Season:

    GW12 -14 was very poor for me, I think I was really struggling with injuries, suspensions and a dud bench.

    FH felt like a big disappointment at the time, Jesus too for TC. Choosing the wrong captains for these important chips was disappointing.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:

    - Taking a big hit to resolve a big problem that will likely bother you for weeks is worth considering (feel like a -12 to sort out my bench earlier might have helped)

    - FH likely best to be kept for the end of season (although it worked out okay in the end)

    - Even if you think you are obsessive about the game, you can still miss out from lack of research (going Suttner over Dunk in WC1 cost me - a bit more research and I might have learned about Bong who was injured)

    - Fan input can be very valuable (Reddit good for this for smaller clubs)

    - Salah is most certainly a big hitter and a viable captain option (feel like I learned this too late)

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019:

    Will be hard to reproduce this season but top 10k OR is a realistic aim, I usually hover close to that.

    Winning the ML with my mates is always my main aim and even if there's no money on it there's a lot of pride so any OR is good with me if I end up first in that!

    I also aim to remember to enter the usual money league I enter which I forgot this season costing me probably at least 500 quid or so :o

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  • Registered Users Posts: 45,518 ✭✭✭✭Mr.Nice Guy

    Final Overall Ranking: 204.5k

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 101.9

    Total Transfers: 49

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?: Chips went well but was expecting better from Kane in GW 37 for the TC.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Robertson. McArthur has done well of late too.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Most of them. Can't recall one in particular.

    Highlight of the Season: My final day score of 107.

    Lowlight of the Season: Getting knocked out of the Cup in the second round by just one point.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Less is more. First half of my season was poor when I was analysing lots of stuff; I relaxed in the second half of the season since I wasn't agonizing over decisions any more and ended up doing much better.

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019: Top 10k.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): Goals can be awarded retrospectively. I think Kane owners were denied goal points despite it being awared subsequently because the rules state the match day ends on game day. I think in situations like this the points should be awarded on the next update.

    'It is better to walk alone in the right direction than follow the herd walking in the wrong direction.'

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,911 ✭✭✭tailgunner

    Final Overall Ranking: 208,075

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 104.1

    Total Transfers: 57

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1 - GW6. Was happy with this at the time, but looking at it now, it had very little overall impact.

    FH - GW10. One of many big mistakes. Wanted to capitalise on Liverpool and City having great fixtures, but it backfired hugely with players like Wijnaldum, Sturridge (!) and Fernandinho getting the points. Ultimately a complete waste of the chip, and a net loss of points.

    TC - GW22. Kane, away to Swansea and home to West Ham. Looked great on paper, but he was coming back from illness and only played 20 minutes of the first game. Total haul of 9 points. Disaster.

    WC2 - GW32. Scored 72 points the week I played it and was delighted, as I was mainly setting up for DGW34. Followed it up with 27 points the following week to bring me crashing back down to earth...

    BB - DGW34. Scored 23 points from the bench here, so a definite success.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Phil Jones from GW1. Absolute hero for the first half of the season. Special mention for Robertson who I got in for a hit on the last day of the season. 18 points all by himself.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Many worthy nominations here, but I think getting Sánchez for the run-in takes the crown.

    EDIT: Just remembered I had Kolasinac for ages who was absolutely useless. The low point of our relationship was when I swapped him out on my Free Hit to free up some funds, and he grabbed a goal and assist against Swansea. Then he picked up where he left off the following week and continued blanking.

    Highlight of the Season: Probably GW20, when I captained Kane for his hat-trick. GW38 was bittersweet, when a few unlikely heroes went nuts and I scored 95 (-4) and ended up with my highest GW rank of the season. Too little, too late for any of my leagues though!

    Lowlight of the Season: There were many, but scoring 58 (-4) in DGW37 when I had 21 potential players was pretty spectacularly bad, and resulted in my elimination from the short season last man standing league.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Missed out on loads of hauls from the likes of Sané, Richarlison, Milivojevic, Gross, PVA because I felt they couldn't sustain their level of points-scoring. Just get the damn players in when they're going through a purple patch.

    Conversely, I held on to some players for way too long after their form dropped off a cliff - Sánchez, Ritchie, Alonso, etc.

    Apart from BB, my chip-playing was pretty awful this season. Need to be more careful in future.

    Also, while I had the sense to get Salah in reasonably early, it took me ages to cop on and actually start captaining him.

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019: After finishing 11k in 2016/2017, I thought I was a shoe-in for top 10k this season. Going to aim for a far more realistic top 100k next season.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): The technical side of the game is a mess. No idea why it takes so long for teams/leagues to be updated at the start and end of each gameweek, bonus points to be calculated and auto-subs to be made etc. I'd really like to see some proper investment here, because it's very poor in its current state. Fair enough, it's free to play, but the PL gains an awful lot from fantasy football in terms of exposure. I wouldn't be watching the likes of Stoke vs Burnley off my own back!

    Also, the PL app (on iOS at least) needs a major overhaul. Really clunky, and in its current guise was almost unusable at times during the season.

    Happy enough with FPL in terms of the game itself though, and will definitely be playing next season.

  • Registered Users Posts: 39,160 ✭✭✭✭KevIRL

    $hit. Worst season ever.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,228 ✭✭✭podgemonster

    Final Overall Ranking: 21,159

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): €104.1

    Total Transfers: 37

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    Wildcard 1 - Week 6 - 73 Points, brought in the top performers, Green Arrows Green Arrows
    Free Hit - GW31 - 96 Points, Green Arrows
    Triple Captain - GW34 - Lukaku TC, he got one goal after coming on in the second half. Almost a disaster, the rest of my team performed well. Top 200K in GW. Green Arrows
    Wildcard 2 Week 35 - Gearing up for the next DGW in 37. Salah, Jesus, Sterling, Lacazette, Monreal and Tomkins produced. Top 20K but suffered in GW37 because of this WC. Green Arrows
    Bench Boost - GW37 - A mere 9 extra points from Bench boost. 6 players blanked. 1 didn't play over 2 games. Got 9 points off my bench. Took a hit to bring in Tadic for Shaquiri and would have much better off staying put. Red Arrows

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Milivojevic: Cheap and Scores and many left him rotting on the bench for more expensive player.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Alonso: Fine for the start but from GW24 onwards he kept blanking, held onto him until GW34 or so. €7.2m rotting away when it could have been distributed better across the backline.

    Highlight of the Season:
    Gameweek 19: 100 Points, ranked in top 40K in the GW. Sterling, Gross, Salah, Kane and Aguero all get +13 pts with other good performances from Otamedi and Loftus.

    Lowlight of the Season:
    Gameweek 30: A mere 24 points from a full squad. 1 point from Captain Kane and -2 from my other striker. 20 Points below the average. Major setback

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    Have Salah, Make him Captain, Keep him Captain regardless of fixture. Often people move their armbands from top players when they have a tough away fixture but I find that's when these guys come to the fore and produce.

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019:
    I won't be able to commit as much as we've a baby on the way. My Friday night transfer will be swift and compulsive and i'll be caught out then with a skinny gameweek arises in March/April.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    An alert app that would notify me about anything Fantasy related during a game. Yellow cards, Assists, Bonuses. The "Park the Bus" chip sounds interesting.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,763 ✭✭✭Benimar

    Final Overall Ranking: 5,453

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 103.2 +0.9 = 104.1

    Total Transfers: 41

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC1 – GW6. I always play it early as a deliberate tactic. No massive immediate gains, but my team was much better set up with guaranteed starters and I ‘saved’ a lot of price drops.
    FH – GW10. I had a few injuries and both Kane & Aguero were injured (but likely to return in GW11). Got 71 points, but only ‘gained’ 16 points as some of the players I took out had unexpected hauls.
    TC – GW34. Lukaku gained me 8 points. Not great but the main TC options (Kane GW22, Kane, Jesus & Sterling GW37) all underperformed this season.
    WC – GW35. Having used my FH, I had to look at a different strategy to overcome the blanks in GW35. I wasn’t happy to use the WC in GW32 as I felt I didn’t have enough information regarding which teams would have something to play for at the end of the season. By holding off I was able to load up on Man City players. I fell 2,000 places between GW32 and 35 but I got 314 points in the last 4 GWS, moving from 35k to 5k.
    BB – GW37. I got 20 points from it, almost all due to Dubravka saving a penalty. I’d definitely consider using this chip in a SGW from now on.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Salah in on WC1, Ben Davies to start the season and Arnautovic. Had him for 7 games, he scored 54 points.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Richarlison – 18 games, 44 points, 0.6 loss in value. Special mention to Calum Wilson – 10 games, 18 points, never scored more than 2 points in a game.

    Highlight of the Season: 102 points in GW31.

    Lowlight of the Season: Sticking with 3-4-3 when there clearly wasn’t a cheap striker worthy of inclusion.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: It’s more a reinforcement of things I already knew. Be patient, explore all approaches to using your chips (there is no ‘right’ way) and trust your own judgement. I’ve had my ‘disasters’ like everyone else, but I’ve avoided a few bad signings by trusting myself and going against the ‘consensus’. Basically, play your own game.

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019: Having finished in the top 10k in 6 of the past 8 seasons, I’d like to make it 7 in 9. A 3rd top 5k finish would be the ‘dream’

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): Bonus points. Yes, I know the ‘man in the stand’ approach was awful, but the pure stats approach has serious flaws (or maybe just the weightings attached to things). Mo Salah had direct involvement in 44 goals, he was the players, fans and football writers player of the year, teams were terrified of him…and he got 26 bonus points all season.
    In GW36 Joe Gomez was literally THE worst player on the pitch v Stoke (every paper, article and podcast that referenced the game agreed) but he got 3 bonus. He was rewarded for actually doing nothing.
    Pure stats are too black and white. A player can lose out for being caught offside for example, but its because his team mate delayed the pass too long.
    I don’t have the ‘magic solution’ but the system definitely needs tweaking.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,894 ✭✭✭claw

    Final Overall Ranking: 536,182

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 103.7 + 0.3 = 104.0

    Total Transfers: 75

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC1 – GW4. An unmitigated disaster with only 35 points. Had Mane who got sent off against City. I had Ben Davies with 14 points. The less said of the rest of the team the better. Did untold damage to my season.
    WC2 – GW22. Only got 65 points but it set my team up for a few good weeks after it so I was happy enough with it.
    FH – GW10. 57 points from it. Used it cos the team was a mess for that particular week. Would liked to have had the option to have it for Week 22.
    TC – GW37. Jesus. Doesn't need any further explanation :)
    BB – GW36. Got 12 points from it which isn't great. Only Hennessey delivered from my bench.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Arnautovic, Shaqiri when he was chipping with useful points between GW11-15.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Alonso, Eriksen, Jesus, too many to mention. Always put them in at the wrong time only for them to do well when I take them out. Alonso I had for months in the 2nd half of the season and he did very little. Infuriating.

    Highlight of the Season: GW35-36 - had set up my team for 11 players in the small GW35 and it carried over to GW36. Glad I didn't have my free hit for GW35.

    Lowlight of the Season: WC1.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Made far too many transfers at the start of the season trying to correct mistakes only to make it worse. Just never got it together for the 1st half this season. Also persisting with players for too long, Alonso being the main culprit.

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019: Hope to finish at least in the top 100k next year. I always finish well, but never start great. The one year I did really well (last season) I finished just outside the top 2k because I had a reasonable start.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): I agree with the bonus points situation. How Salah got so few considering his achievements is ridiculous.

  • Registered Users Posts: 35,449 ✭✭✭✭SlickRic

    Final Overall Ranking:

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):
    0.8 in the bank

    Total Transfers:

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1 in GW5
    It's probably what cost me a higher placing in the end. didn't use it well. I didn't desperately need it, but got itchy. I went from 150k to 130k, then straight down to 400k in GW7. I took hits then to rectify it over the next couple of weeks, and got my team on track and back into the top 100k by GW12.

    FH in GW10
    I remember this vividly as i needed it to buy time during my slump. Injuries had killed me, I'd fúcked up my WC, and I needed a boost. I remember getting Lacazette and Kolasinac in as part of it, and the latter did brilliantly. I made 30 points on what I would have. I lost 20 points to those who had FH in GW35, and i made a lot of those back on City players I had for GW36. so the FH was probably a success.

    I then took another hit or 2 and I was ok, as aforementioned, from the following GW.

    WC2 in GW32
    Went well apart from Wes Morgan and Charlie Austin really. Was at 51k, and didn't go below 38k for the rest of the season, even without the FH in GW35.

    BB in GW34
    Gained a dozen points. Not brilliant. Will consider a SGW next season.

    TC in GW 37
    Went with Kane as I decided he'd get 180 minutes as opposed to Sterling's possible rotation. Glad I went conservative, as I'd been sure of Sterling getting it all week. A modest return from Kane, but in a situation where I was trying to overhaul a ML leader, who went with Sterling, I was delighted with this call.

    I'll likely still use this in a DGW next season.

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Had Salah from pretty much the start.
    I didn't have Harry Kane for all of August. Then brought him in as he started scoring. Bar fúcking me over on captaincies a few times, he's been brilliant for me.
    Arnie at the end of the season - helped cement my main league.
    Shaq as he went on his streak around Jan/Feb/March.
    Alonso - pretty much nailed my timings with him. had him for his brace against Spurs, and took him out before Chelsea's wretched form really started. i missed him in GW37, but can't complain.

    Honorable mentions to DCL, Son, Zaha, Wood, and even Vert and Tomkins at the end of the season.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Vardy. i hate him. i never, ever, ever, ever have him at the right times. Not during the Vardez season, and not during this.

    Wes Morgan. the worst signing in DGW history.

    Alvaro Morata. Got him in after he stopped scoring. an utter fúcking waste. Horrendous. Even captained him once. LOL.

    Highlight of the Season:
    Overhauling a 16 point deficit in my main league to win by 13. I felt (as you always do!) that I was getting harsh luck all season against him, but the luck turned in the last 2 GWs, as he TC'd Sterling (to my Kane), then I'd captained Salah and had Kane, while he had neither and captained Jesus. Half his team also didn't play.

    Lowlight of the Season:
    WC1 and plummeting to 400k when I was chugging along quite well.
    Not captaining Kane the week he mullered Southampton annoyed the fúck out of me too.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    Patience. I learn more lessons in patience every year.
    Take a hit if you need to, but be patient with it afterwards.
    Don't be afraid to load up on attacking juggernaut teams. 3 from City and 3 from Liverpool is sometimes essential (I'd have never normally gone so heavy on one or 2 teams in previous seasons, and it cost me).
    The game has changed. More teams get hammered than ever. You have to be on the likes of City, Liverpool and even Spurs occasionally to take advantage. Huge gains to be made.

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019:
    Get into the top 5k. But if I get top 10k, I'll be delighted. Need to soon start consistently being in that area.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):[/QUOTE]

    Bonus systems. Too much weight on missed chances, and even sideways passed by defenders.

    Also, someone mentioned going back to the old price change algorithm, and I'd go along with that.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,671 ✭✭✭ScummyMan

    Final Overall Ranking:
    58,526. Disappointing drop from 18k last year, but as my highest OR since GW15 I'll take it.

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):
    £102.2. More on this to come.

    Total Transfers:

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1 : GW11
    Quite happy with this, team was moving along nicely in the 150k range, this brought me down as low as 40k within a couple of weeks.

    TC : GW22
    3x3 = 9. Screw you Harry Kane.

    WC2: GW24
    Monster immediate return of 75 points, this halted a dramatic Christmas slide. Happy with this also.

    FH : GW35
    Returned a huge 71, good enough for a GW rank of 28k. Really propelled my end of season, and keeping this for a skinny GW is a tactic I will look to bring forward to next season, especially if I can avoid it hurting my team too much either side in terms of hits.

    BB : GW37
    Funny GW this, got an excellent return of 30 points off the bench, but an overall score of 96 was meh considering a potential of 26 games. Still a good result, and I will probably still play this in a DGW next year.

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Aaron Mooy was a nice bandwagon I caught onto right at the start, Zaha and Arnie also served me well throughout the season.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Maybe recency bias, but I don't think I've ever got a return from Willian.

    Highlight of the Season:
    Free Hit 35 was enjoyable. Also captain Aguero getting 4 goals against Leicester, at a point where I was considering throwing in the towel.

    Lowlight of the Season:
    Kane triple captain was a grim week or so.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    Pep. Don't believe his lies. Also I need to pay more attention to Team Value, I was severely handicapped on my second wildcard compared to most.

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019:
    Back to the top 20k hopefully.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    Get rid of the draft game, and pump the money and server space into getting the game updated quicker. Embarrassing really how long it takes compared to its counterparts in NFL etc.

  • Registered Users Posts: 929 ✭✭✭Markx

    Final Overall Ranking: 5505

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):105.5

    Total Transfers: 49

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC1 5: Good, was at 1.1M at the time and got a move on after that
    TC 22: 3 point Harry Kane - a really foolish move and i knew it at the time. Spurs being on TV twice unduly influenced me :pac:.
    WC2 32: Good, everything was under control; 2.4K after WK 33 until....
    FH 34: Crasshhhhhhh. Picked a really really bad team not taking how seriously teams would take the cup semi finals.
    BB 37: Good enough.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Overall getting Firmino in 17. He was great value delivering continuously. Getting Aurier in for 2 weeks where he got 20 points was nice.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Getting Martial for a hit in 37 and selling for a hit in 38 cost me all kinds of cash. Felt like I needed a punt at the time and as it turned out I didn't - the rest of my team came good. Came second in one league by 1 point and another league by 4 points.

    Highlight of the Season: Captain Hazard double on a Monday after Aguero and Salah who were captained by everybody had already done the biz.

    Lowlight of the Season: GW 34 just didn't go my way.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Learn the context of the season. Rarely would the teams in 2nd 3rd and 5th be prepared to sacrifice a late-season league game for a cup semi but due to the league being wrapped up they were.

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019:
    Aims: Top 10K finish. I've flirted with the top 10 in the FFS Live HOF. Would like to get in there in the Career HOF.
    Expectations: Angst

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    One?? Here's a few:
    Of course assists (suggestion: last player on scorers team to touch the ball gets it) and BPS need addressing(suggestion: use baseline points).
    I'd like to see players lose points for giving away penalties.
    I'd like to see chips restricted to regular game weeks.
    I'd like to see Ultimate FPL make a comeback too. It was great :o

  • Registered Users Posts: 11,589 ✭✭✭✭Necronomicon

    I started filling out the template but then decided that this would sum it up better:


  • Registered Users Posts: 7,527 ✭✭✭patmac

    I did this last year and learnt that if things aren’t going well to wildcard early. So I wildcarded in week 4 and things went badly wrong including getting rid of Aguero who promptly scored 20 points that week. I have to say a most unenjoyable experience for all the time I spent on this.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,041 ✭✭✭sicknotexi

    Final Overall Ranking: 22,716

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 103M with 0.1m itb

    Total Transfers: 60

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    - WC1 GW 10, It took a few weeks to kick in but I was 50k at the end of gw 13 from 325k. Success.
    - FH GW 34, small green
    - WC2 GW 36,
    - BB GW 37, 110 points and a 65k gw rank when all my mini league rivals flopped with their TC.
    - TC GW 38, Easy decision to TC Salah and I really should have scored more than my 33points.

    I went from 75k at the end of gw34 to 22k so I was satisfied with my strategy and I ended up pegging back a 40 point deficit to win my mini league. I had my best rank of the season after GW38 so that was also nice.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Otamendi and Jones early on. Dubrovka and Sane for the final few GW's.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Depoitre was a terrible one, Pogba and Wilson( I should have got him at the time I went for Depoitre). Eriksen was very disappointing in the last 4 games(1 measly assist, 0bp)

    Highlight of the Season: Very few I can think of, was more a grind. Sane's treble assist in GW37, Son double and assist when I was thinking of taking him out was nice. Winning my ML.

    Lowlight of the Season: Everton's 97th minute equaliser versus Southampton in GW37, cost me 12 points and I felt sick. I genuinely thought it cost me my mini league.
    January and February were tough and I could get nothing going, bringing in Pogba and D.Silva as a differential midfield backfired and cost me. Also not taking a hit to bring in Aguero before the Newcastle or Leicester games. His hat-trick and 4 goal hauls hurt my OR.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Don't pick players unless they're nailed. Punt a little less.

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019: Aim for top 10k and win my mini league.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): Tweak the bps, defenders get way to much for passing side to side. Maybe bring back the WC by the end of January rule for the 2nd WC.

  • Registered Users Posts: 594 ✭✭✭CSWS101

    Final Overall Ranking: 172, 074
    Final Team Value: 101.4 + 1.1 itb
    Total Transfers: 45
    WC1 - Played in GW13. Actually had quite a good start, I was inside the top 100K after GW11 but think I was too late to pull the trigger on the WC. Stupidly got Hazard in on my WC and captained him (3 weeks in a row!!) which killed me, bar one 15 point haul he did nothing for him and lingered in my team for far far too long. Took me until GW24 to get him out. 
    WC2 - GW32. Played this at the right time to prepare myself for the two DGWs. However, I kept some useless players in my team for far too long to have them for the skinny GW 31. Walcott & Shaqiri literally stunk the place out. Saw some nice green arrows after the WC. 
    BB - DGW34, 100 points. Worked nicely.
    FH - Skinny GW35, was OK - scoring 63.
    TC - Kane in GW37. Very average. 

    Your Best Transfer(s): Having Salah in from my original draft was very nice, DDG also. Arnautovic in the last few GWs really helped me across the line winning my MLs. Robertson in GW28 was also a god send. 

    Your Worst Transfers(s): Lingard was fkn abysmal, not sure what I was thinking there. Willian for Zaha in GW32 was another ballache, especially after the run Zaha went on. Jesus in the last few weeks instead of Auba, that was a shocker. Walcott & Hazard. David Silva in GW36 too, he played one game after that was very frustrating. 

    Highlight of the Season: Having Salah from the first GW really helped. Resisting the urge to TC Kane in his early DGW or to FH in GW31. Bertrand being subbed off with 10 mins to go, then Jesus coming off the bench (on my team) to score the winner was a lovely point swing in my direction. Owning Arnautovic was a lot of fun, wish I got him earlier. 

    Lowlight of the Season: Transferring out Salah in GW22 and then getting him back for GW24. That really killed my TV and was a terrible move, considering I had him from the start I lost all the value gained on him. Owning Hazard, Lingard & Willian. Christmas period really killed me as I was too afraid to make hits and change it up so the problems festered. Constantly thinking Salah can't really score again next week and refusing to captain him, had him since GW1 and it took me until GW20 to captain him. Ridiculous. Didn't have enough city coverage either as I was scared with Pep's rotation. 

    What Have You Learned from this Season: If things aren't going right, change it. Waited too long to WC/take points hits. Left out of form players in my team for too long, form over fixtures every day. Captain Salah. 

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019: Think it will be a lot harder next year due to the growth of the game this season, especially with all the twitter accounts etc I think we will see a lot of template teams. Aiming for top 100K.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season: BPS is a joke, that needs to be adjusted. Goals/assists/chances created needs to weighted more heavily. Some assists were a bit ropey as well. Price algorithm. One thing that really frustrated me was that teams created in that GW always won the highest score of the GW, imo that shouldn't be allowed. Takes the fun out of it. Should be a two weeks grace period before you can compete for those prizes.

  • Registered Users Posts: 16,304 ✭✭✭✭Mr.Prodston

    Final Overall Ranking: 204,374 :o

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 100.0 + 0.3

    Total Transfers: 47

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1 - Used in GW14 when I was 787k and after an initial rise to 666k (yup I know) I was down to my second lowest rank of 1.017M by GW17.

    TC - Used in GW22 - The unfit Harry Kane 2 games in 3 games extravaganza. 9 points in total. Considering he'd just gone on a run to do the 2017 record, it was probably unwise to expect him to keep that up. Especially after about 749 matches over December. I panicked after my traditionally God awful Winter months which was exacerbated by an even worse start.

    FH - GW34 - 79 points. Served as a good way to cover the DGW and kept the WC intact. Had a great GW35 skinny week considering it was a late change of plan to not WC in 34 and then FH in 35. It was the start of my late season rally.

    WC2 - GW36 - Setting up DGW37 but rose significantly at the same time.

    BB - GW37 - 101 Points. I always bench the players I wouldn't start if I could only field 11 in a BB for reasons like this. I had 35 points on my bench. Although PVA was on my bench and maybe I'd have started him ahead of Naughton who got me 2. It's an example of BB working in a DGW after a WC the week before.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Patrick Van Aanholt. In his last 10 games he scored 5 goals, got 1 assist and 4 clean sheets. Took him out for his 1 pointer in the FH of GW34 too. How everyone doesn't own him all the time is the one thing I don't understand, the points potential is mind blowing.

    I enjoyed owning Rondon too :pac: Think he'd be a perfect bench player for a top 6 team in actual football.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): I've blanked most of the season from memory. I really don't know, and I'm not inclined to go back and figure it out. I was slow to get Salah, sticking with Mane longer than I should have but I didn't do a Mr.P and ignore him. Until the last few weeks when I made a conscious decision to go without and try and chase. Apart from GW38 it proved wise.

    Perhaps Jese instead of Richarlison very early in the season. I think it was an either/or but I rectified that a few weeks later, while he was still hot property. Possibly held onto him too long then too.

    Highlight of the Season: PVA's late glut. It's the only thing I'm confident I got right this season, and that was all part of the old Mr. P coming out again, after a year and a half of playing by the numbers

    Lowlight of the Season: Everything up to GW34.

    Oh and relegation from League 1 when I'd have stayed up if Jesus hadn't scored that 94th minute winner on the final day. Instead of possibly finishing 16th I ended 19th. That hurts. Hoping to stay up by default or I'll be gutted.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Not a lot. Apart from losing interest for a while mid-season due to getting so much wrong, I really don't know how I did quite so badly. Probably an over-reliance on Kane as captain.

    Actually I know that was the case. While Salah was getting a goal a game, Kane held that mystique of a hat-trick every week.

    Last year I finished at 5k playing it by the books. This year I was at 500k in what I thought was playing it safe and only by free-wheeling it did I get back down to 200k.

    Which way will I play it next season? I've got no idea. Learn to trust my instinct more again. After the final run of games I feel like I've got a bit of mojo back though and looking forward to next season after enjoying the world cup :)

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019: Aim is to win it. I expect to do a lot better than this omnishambles of a season

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):

    I enjoy the chips. But I'd get rid.

    Also I'd like to see FPL clamp down on teams that set up new accounts every week to try and get the weekly scores. It distorts the GW ranking. Perhaps it's simply a reflection of my horror show by I had 0 weeks where I had a GW rank in 5 figures, let alone 4. Usually there's always at least one or two.

    It's more in reflection for rewarding players who adhere to the rules and reward them for managing to set up for a week so well, or get lucky.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,377 ✭✭✭FastFullBack

    Final Overall Ranking: 8,012

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): £105.00

    Total Transfers: 44

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC1 - GW6 to fix early season issues and align to template team.
    WC2 - GW36 to get ready for DGW37. Worked ok, but I think I might be better using it earlier when rotation isnt a problem
    TC - Harry Kane's DGW over Christmas/New Year - Disaster
    FH - Skinny GW 33 - Worked very well, 80+ points
    BB - GW37 - Worked well but because of rotation I think I'll try to use earlier next year

    Your Best Transfer(s): Robertson on GW38 instead of Firmino, it was a last minute decision by me.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):

    Highlight of the Season: Finishing 3rd in FSA Qualifying League and finally making it into the Major Leagues

    Lowlight of the Season: Mane Red card against City as captain and Southamptons 96th minute clean sheet wipeout against Everton

    What Have You Learned from this Season: I dont like taking points hits and I'm pretty conservative with my fantasy approach. I'm happy to stick with the same players and go with template type team. (e.g. I held Salah, Kane, GroB, Sterling nearly all season long. Had Aguero/Firmino also for long periods). I dont like to take major punts of huge differential players. This approach has worked well for me along with getting the captain picks right. I had a great run from Christmas to April with captains picks that really helped.

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019: Promotion from FSA League 2

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    Split the clean sheet bonus across 2 half's; half the points for the first 45, 2nd half of the points for full 90. It's killer losing them all late on. I know it's a fun part of the game in a way, but if your player has nothing to do with the goal concession, it's frigging annoying

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,829 ✭✭✭shineon23

    KevIRL wrote: »
    $hit. Worst season ever.

    Have to admit I was expecting the following;


    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    GW . 1 : Free Hit
    GW . 2 : Free Hit
    GW . 3 : Free Hit
    GW . 4 : Free Hit
    GW . 5 : Free Hit
    GW . 6 : Free Hit
    GW . 7 : Free Hit
    GW . 8 : Free Hit
    GW . 9 : Free Hit
    GW . 10 : Free Hit
    GW . 11 : Free Hit
    GW . 12 : Free Hit
    GW . 13 : Free Hit
    GW . 14 : Free Hit
    GW . 15 : Free Hit
    GW . 16 : Free Hit
    GW . 17 : Free Hit
    GW . 18 : Free Hit
    GW . 19 : Free Hit
    GW . 20 : Free Hit
    GW . 21 : Free Hit
    GW . 22 : Free Hit
    GW . 23 : Free Hit
    GW . 24 : Free Hit
    GW . 25 : Free Hit
    GW . 26 : Free Hit
    GW . 27 : Free Hit
    GW . 28 : Free Hit
    GW . 29 : Free Hit
    GW . 30 : Free Hit
    GW . 31 : Free Hit
    GW . 32 : Free Hit
    GW . 33 : Free Hit
    GW . 34 : Free Hit
    GW . 35 : Free Hit
    GW . 36 : Free Hit
    GW . 37 : Free Hit
    GW . 38 : Free Hit


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,577 ✭✭✭NoviGlitzko

    Final Overall Ranking:

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):

    Total Transfers:

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    Wildcard - GW3 - Didn't work out well. Played it far too early however I was drunk at the Fleadh Cheoil in Ennis and thought it was a great idea at the time.

    Wildcard - GW25 - Worked out really well and made me pick up a lot of points just after it. Who says early WC's don't work?

    Free Hit - GW31 - 102 points. Was happy with that.

    Triple Captain - GW34 - 30 points from Kane. Not great.

    Bench Boost - GW37 - Disaster. 72 points and everyone made ground on me in my money leagues.

    Your Best Transfer(s):

    Had Salah from GW1. Had Shaqiri for his streaky run. Brought in Sterling when Sane was the flavour of the month. Doubling up on Coutinho and Salah was a great move.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):

    Lingard. Morata. Trippier! - whenever I had him he never played. The only times he did he scored nothing. Can't say Kane, but... I never had Kane for any of his hatricks despite him being my most captained. Makes me dislike him and I can't help it.

    Highlight of the Season:

    GW27. Jumped 120k places to OR124k. Winning two of my money leagues. Being 2M OR around GW12 and managing to finish OR35k. My friends wrote me off at the start and I ended up outscoring them.

    Lowlight of the Season:
    Had a truly shambolic start to the season. In what I thought was freakishly bad luck none of my defenders scored any attacking points apart from Bailly in GW2 until Lowton in like GW28 or something when I had a premium defence. Biggest disappointment was the last GW. Lost my money league by 1 point after KDB grabbed an assist in the last second for the other guy. That really hurt.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    When you have plenty of strikers firing like they were at the start of the season (Morata, Lukaku, Aguero, Kane), stick with whichever ones you have and stop chopping and changing like I did. It cost me an enormous amount of points at the start as I'd take someone out for someone who would repeatedly score less.

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019:
    Finish in the top 10k with some luck.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    Like many of you I think the BPS needed to be adjusted.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,022 ✭✭✭✭Iused2likebusts

    Overall rank[B70492[/B]

    Team value103.6

    Total transfers50

    ChipsWildcard 1. I played it after Gw7 when I was 124K and it went well initially. I jumped to 43k for gw8 my season high. One of my moves on wildcard was to get in hazard more on that later.
    Wildcard 2 A huge success. I played this in gw 22 the spurs/Wh DGW so start of Jan.I had a mothly rank of 1.5k for Jan and won a few monthly prizes. I went from 430K to 75k in 4 gws. I never believe in the hold onto wildcard at all costs strategy.
    FH DGW 34 This was a horror show. 59 pts and a gw rank of 3.5 million. Basically anything that could have went wrong went wrong. I wouldnt rule out going with this strategy again I just was on all the wrong players and got hit by a lot of bad luck. My pre FH team that would have had 7 less players ended up outscoring my FH team. Most people gained on FH atleast 20 pts I lost 10 so a fairly big swing. I dropped from 90K to 140K in this week which shouldnt happen when you play a FH.
    BB Gw 36 This got me 20 pts which was a great return for a sgw. Slightly lucky that ryan got 10pts against burnley. I was hopeful of a CS but not 10 pts. Offset a bit by kenedy hitting the post which would have given me a nice return for him.
    TC Jesus 4pts. Dissappointing return but no problem with that he started both games and I think he was a great option.
    Overall I think I played my chips well although may have to consider FH in a BGW next season as you are sort of guaranteed a boost that way

    Best transferKarius I got in for the last 8 or 9 games he outscored DDG in that time which was good. I also got wilson in over xmas time before his run of scoring and alli before a 26 pt haul in 2 gws when he was previously on a poor run:

    Worst transferHazard:mad::

    Season highlightI won manager of the month in august in that elite 64 league and was top for a while. It all went downhill after that. Beating my 8 yr old son on the final day by 3 pts. He had been leading me for most of the season due to him captaining salah every gw. Sometimes it can help to play FF with your heart over your head

    Season lowlightEden hazard. Destroyed my season well I did by getting him in. I made a great start this year much better than usual and was very well placed early. I got in hazard on gw7 wildcard he got me 21 pts in 4 gws which was fine. I then sold him between gw 12-15 and he got 41 pts in those 4 gws. For gw 16 I got him back but sold sterling and alonso to fund it. Over the next 6 gws Hazard got 17 pts. Alonso got 46 pts and sterling got 48 pts. Getting hazard in meant I didnt captain the previous planned salah who of course got a double digit score. My rank went from 128K to 440K in 4 weeks. I couldnt have picked a worse time to make all the moves I did with hazard in and out and selling sterling and alonso just as they went on their biggest purple patch of the season.

    What have I learnedDont buy hazard. Possibly BB in Gw 1. Consider the FH in gw 38. The FH can cost you points the week after you play it. It haapened in gw 22 when the west ham and spurs lads scored well in 23 and FH lads didnt have and happened in 36 with city as FH35 lads didnt have

    Aims and expectationsTop 10K

  • Registered Users Posts: 11,065 ✭✭✭✭Father Hernandez

    Final Overall Ranking: 226k

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 102.5 + 0.3

    Total Transfers: 52

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC1: GW6 - Was at 1.6mil at this stage and up to 400k in 9GW's, was a good move
    WC2: GW32 - Was a bit meh, liked my team for too long without really going anywhere and stayed around the 200k mark
    BB: GW34 - Was a DGW and got 23 points from it, successful I suppose
    FH: GW35 - One of the biggest successes of my season. GW rank of 3,664 jumping 130k places
    TC: GW37 - Kane scored only 8 so TC got 24. Disappointing really but a lot in the same boat

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Sterling in GW 8 for hugely consistent points
    Brought Salah in GW6
    Bringing Kolasinac in for 5 GW's and 28 points

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Brought Mendy in on WC just before he got his season long injury
    Buying Courtois at his price for a series of 2's, few 6's then more 2's

    Highlight of the Season:
    Free Hit Chip on GW35, 3.5k GW rank - 80 points
    Getting 114 points in GW15 & 10k GW rank, all players scoring points bar Crouchy

    Lowlight of the Season:
    GW35 - 20 points. 5.269mil GW rank, 2 injuries
    After getting the 114 points, all seemed well but slowly downhill from there

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    Changing jobs and not being able to focus on FPL properly kills a season
    Started new job at 79k, 220k finish

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019:
    Being able to devote more time to it and finish in the top 100k
    Be smart and go with head over heart

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    BPS to be changed, some returns are a joke

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,370 ✭✭✭2nd Row Donkey

    Final Overall Ranking:


    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank)

    No idea and not really interested.

    Total Transfers
    : 49

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:


    Played it in gw5. Im a devil for playing it in gw2-3 so this year I promised myself id wait until at least gw5. I was 6k OR and has absolutely no need to pay it but I did and it made little difference in the short - med term.


    Gw32 with the DGW in mind, it went well had been in a slump of 50-70k and got back up to 27k with it.

    BB, dgw34. OK. 16 points with a fodder non playing Gk.

    dgw 37 Kane. Could have been worse (i.e. Salah or jesus)

    FH, sgw 36. okay. 74 points and rose 4k to 23k OR

    Your Best Transfer(s)

    Bavies and DDG in the early weeks, also held on Kane in August and Brought him in from Sept onwards.

    Arnie towards the end and Son during his purple spell.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):

    Brought in Jones and kept him too long while injured

    Highlight of the Season:

    387th in the world in gw4, staying in top 10K for about 15 weeks

    Lowlight of the Season:

    Terrible final day, limped over the line in a few ML but dropped from 26k to 41k OR

    What Have You Learned from this Season:

    Don't buy Kane until he starts scoring.

    Only invest in tried and tested players for gw 1-4 - don't try to be too clever with gambles on guys who've never played in the the EPL before or who are lighting up in pre season friendlies. Instead just stick with boring but proven players.

    In the final weeks concentrate on fielding a team with players who have something to actually play for and don't be afraid of bringing in players from teams fighting relegation.

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019:

    Top 5k OR

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):

    More chips, like a vc chip where you get double points for your vc one week.

    More points for defenders

    Reward non attacking midfielders with a better Bps system.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,262 ✭✭✭iroced

    Final Overall Ranking: 33,473

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): £104.8 (£0.0 ITB)

    Total Transfers: 53

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC1: GW5
    Worked OK. Got a 3 GWs nice boost but did not capitalise well on it and hit a bad streak that kinda lead me up to my GW31 FH...

    FH: GW31
    Thought it worked fantastic at the time (114 pts). But mostly due to Salah (C). And the fact a couple of the players I ditched out performed well dampered it. Gained 14 net pts though (would have been around 30 without Mili & Choupo perf at that time).

    WC2: GW32
    Worked pretty well. Hard to isolate it from GW33-34 and beyond though. Plan worked pretty well globally. GW33 was a bit meh but 34 was great and made my choices good overall.

    BB: GW34
    My best ever BB. 24 net points and not too much damage beforehand and afterwards for building it.

    TC: GW37
    An almost disaster. Kane 8 pointer. Had I gone with my gut (Sané) it'd have been a close to perfection usage of the chips.

    Anyhow, despite a few mistakes (though I'd probably do the same ; e.g. Burnley double def that backfired), my usage of the chips made me go from 350k in GW30 to 33k in GW38. Speaks for itself!

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Milivojevic. A cheap enabler who got me so many unexpected points.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Hard to pick one. 3rd attacker was never a lasting success (Diouf, Abraham, Calvert-Lewin, Wilson, Barnes & J. Ayew).
    Maybe when I got Gomez in ('Pool def) instead of either TAA or Robertson who both went for a hot streak afterwards.

    Highlight of the Season:
    GW31-38. GW31 114 pointer & GW34 116 pointer.

    Lowlight of the Season:
    GW10-30. No momentum. Nothing exciting happening. Average 350-400k.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    Nothing more than in previous ones. Kinda got the confirmation again that with the current system chasing team value is close to pointless...

    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019:
    Always the same. Top1k. Top10k. Top1%. If none of these is achieved, season is crap.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    I'm not a big fan of the chips (though there's no words to tell how huge an improvement the FH is from the AOA) but if it's to go on like that I'd like the game not to change for several seasons. Choping and changing is not always a great idea.

    Oh and I know it's a vain wish but make the price change system fully transparent.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,041 ✭✭✭the whole year inn

    Final Overall Ranking: 576,084

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): £103.4
    Total Transfers: 60

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC1: GW4
    Not great droped Salah ,still made alot of changes after and really messed up this half of the season.

    FH: GW31 Went really well, double game week I crushed but the following game week Spurs went on a run again and I was without those players.

    WC2: GW23
    Went very well,I turned the season around somewhat but the damage was done,espically when I missed a Friday deadline where both Aguero and Kane got massive points and I had Lukaku who got nothing.

    BB: GW38
    Useless had to take a -12 for a hail mary.

    TC: GW34
    Put it on Lukaku,the lost at home to West Brom and then he didnt even play for most of the second game but scored one goal ,a full blown disaster

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    When I got Arnie in ,I was happy to have him when he got 2 and no one had him.Also when Aguero got 4 and had him captain.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    I rolled the dice so much on Hazard.I had him in and captained him and he was doing nothing.He is such a great player I couldn't believe how he wasn't scoring.I didn't have Alonso but brought him in on the 2nd WC and he was ok for for about 2 weeks and rest of the season he done nothing and didn't even play sometimes.VVD was a bad one aswell never got any bonus points never scored or assisted and was worth 5.5 while the likes of Roberson and Trent where destroying him and far cheaper.
    Highlight of the Season:
    Aguero getting 4 goals.

    Lowlight of the Season:
    First half of the season,everything I done seem to back fire.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    Need some sort of Bench espically a defender,If De Gea is there next season,he will be my only keeper,None of this rotation stuff.
    Aims and Expectations for 2018/2019:
    Top 10/20k

    Def the bonus points system.I remeber one game week Gross didnt score any points and there was goal scorers in the game and he got the full 3 points.Updating of the game aswell its so slow.And as someone else pointed out points for defenders for each half theirs a clean sheet.Clarity what makes a striker a striker and a mid fielders mid fielder,there seems to be uncertainty what position they actually are.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,829 ✭✭✭shineon23

    I started filling out the template but then decided that this would sum it up better:


    Similar feeling.

    I wasn't sure how many people would want to read the ramblings of a mad man who has already been thinking of ways to mess with his rivals for next season.

    Although I don't care about OR, it was real kick in the Van Djik to see that this season was by far my worst ever. But not to worry, it was the world that was out to get me all along.

    I'll do a season review this week when these irrelevant non-FPL international matches start taking place