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Crash Course: Mixing & Mastering Bootcamp - May 19

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    Hi everyone

    We are organising a Mixing & Mastering Bootcamp on May 19th, a 1 day intensive course in finishing tracks. It is designed to give attendees the technical skills to finish their tracks and have them ready to send them to labels and road test in clubs.

    Through years of research we have learned that there are key technical aspects to mixing that make a loud and effective mix down for club music regardless of genre. From EQ, to in depth compression, balance and using FX to add a completely new dimension to your tracks.

    We also found it helpful to have a basic understanding of mastering, for the purpose of testing your tracks in clubs and help better understand the challenges that mastering engineers face.

    We have condensed a 4 week course into a one day intensive workshop. It is delivered in Ableton live using standard plugins, proving that you don’t need the latest plugins to get amazing results.

    How to get in contact:
    Places are limited, as we teach in small groups. To secure your place now or to enquire about our other artist development programs email [email protected]

    Website: https://willkinsella.com/artist-development/


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