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Girlfriend gets excited about seeing her ex

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    My girlfriend of just over 2 years is pregnant and lives with me which is great on all counts...
    But I seem to have a problem with the way she is with her ex, they have been split up for around 6 or 7 years, they have a son that is 12 (that also lives with me) and I get on great with him most of the time... what is really getting to me is that whenever comparisons are made by her between him and I he always seems to come out on top in her opinion!! Also when she has to meet him every second weekend for him to take their son for the weekend she seems in really great form for the day of them meeting but after she gets home from the meet it's like all of her spirit has vanished and is very quiet and often spends time just staring into space, when I ask her how she is, she says things like "I've just faded and feel really tired" I understand that she is pregnant of course but she's not like this every other day, so I explain what I notice and tell her how I feel then we end up having an argument or there's bad feelings with us...
    Am I just being paranoid here??


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