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My Latest Recipe... PPA (its a kit hack!)

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    So, I've not yet graduated from kit brewing although I think I've only ever done 2 that were exactly following the instructions. I'm pretty handy throwing flavors together and take this approach in brewing. I twice did a orange and cardamon pale ale which turned out a bit like a raddler.

    Anywho, my latest is what I am calling a Session Pacific Pale Ale (hopefully):
    based on a "UK Brew" Pale Ale kit.
    -steep and sparge 1/2c oats 30mins
    -500g medium DME
    -boil with 1/4c admiral 30mins + 1/4c admiral 10mins
    -add to kit + water to 20 litres (for kegging)
    -generic beer yeast (I'd run out of interesting ones)
    SG 1038

    I will have a sniff after a week and add Pacifica hops to finish.
    Quantity will be based on how it smells at the time. ;) but prolly about 1/2c

    Unfortunately I will be away when it finished fermenting so will have to leave it on the yeast til I get back.