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Applied Social Studies in Social Care


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    sammane wrote: »
    Does anyone know what you can exactly do after this degree? Can you work with the disabled people? The website for AIT is not very helpful in answering what you can do after it.

    Subjects covered on the course include social policy, psychology, sociology, personal and professional development and law.....it involves work experience and a lot of research....this is definitely not a mickey mouse course. It involves an awful lot of work academically and at a personal level it can really test patience and ability to work on ones innerself so as to help others in a variety of communities.

    When qualified it opens the possibility of work in childcare, social care and further education....

    note that a social studies degree at the end of the day enables one to practice as a social care worker......not a social worker and at least two more years at a masters level is required to progress to such a level. The money for social care workers is still quite fantastic, way above nursing and teaching. However it is quite a competitive field of work and often people concentrate on the youth work and child protection policies when there are plenty of other areas which can be considered.....eg. elderly care, disability and childcare.

    Hope this helps.

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