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Charter - Read before posting Update 6th January 2021

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    There are some guidelines listed below that you must read before posting.

    This is a forum for discussion of Couriers. Local, national and international. Customs Clearance charges are a fact of life on non-EU imports. Usually from €10 for An Post, the others charge around 2.5%, with a minimum of €12-50-20.00.
    Check the couriers own website which should give you the going rate for Clearance or service charge. If you find someone who will do it for free, let us know, I’m sure we would all use them.

    Off topic posts and SPAM will be deleted.

    Flaming and abusive posts will be deleted.

    Commercial advertising is not permitted.
    The overt promotion of commercial activity and the use of the board as a vehicle for such are forbidden in accordance with the general rules of
    Please contact [email protected] if you would like to advertise

    The promotion of any illegal, including fraudulent or dishonest, activity will not be tolerated. eg- how to avoid VAT/Duty etc.
    This includes how to get around shipping prohibited articles.
    An Post cannot ship items containing lithium batteries, they are not approved to do so. Suggestions on doing so will received a ban.

    Textspeak is a bannable offence. You get one warning. Then a ban.

    Overall, Keeps things civil and amicable. Before posting please search recent posts and read the stickies to make sure there is no duplicity of discussion for the sake of us all.

    Do not post libellous/slanderous comments.
    Threads started by new members just to slag off companies will usually be deleted.

    If anybody has any input or feedback relating to the forum, feel free to pm a mod or post your ideas up here.

    Update 6th January 2021
    Allegations of theft will not be tolerated. If you want to do that take it up with the company in question or the Gardai. Immediate warnings, followed by ban.