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Survey for Group Health Classes

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    Going to be setting up an either weekly/bi-weekly group class about diet and health somewhere in Dublin – looking for some feedback as to how to best structure the class to suit the most people.
    If this would interest you or would have any kind of opinion on it I'd really appreciate you fill in this survey – about 3 minutes long, 18 questions, mostly multiple choice.

    Thanks for you time for anyone that does do it.


  • Hi. Got your PM, but have had site access problems until just moments ago. Yes, you may post your survey link here. Let me know if you get any replies. If not, I can contact some of our health sciences mods to see if they may help too. Let me know.

  • Hey
    I see you sent me a PM today. Unfortunately I am having site access problems and cannot open PM or reply to them. I am working with HQ, and hopefully it will be fixed shortly. I can read and post to the Researcher forum, so if you have something to request that is not confidential, you can post it here. If I cannot address it, I can ask one of my fellow mods to do so.

    Black Swan

  • Hey Black Swan,

    Ah ok, no problem – sorry to hear about your issues.
    I was just following up on your above comment – I haven't quite gotten enough responses to the survey to notice any clear trends to work off of, so if you indeed think that someone from the health sciences mods could help that would be great.

  • I'm still limping along with site and Legacy access but may have discovered a workaround that I will experiment with this weekend. Thanks for your patience.