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Scór Sinsear 2018 questions

  • 16-04-2018 12:30pm
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    So, the annual GAA quiz took place this weekend in Sligo, and here are the questions, starting from Round 4, unless posters want some really stiff GAA testers.

    Round 4: Irish History

    1. In which city did Hugh O'Neill die?
    2. Which UK PM introduced direct rule to NI in 1972?
    3. Which author drafted the Irish Citizen Army constitution?
    4. From which English prison did De Valera escape?
    5. Which ship landed arms for the Ulster Volunteers?
    6. Which organisation did Charles Gavan Duffy and George Lucas found in 1850?
    7. In which year did Stormont open?
    8. Patrick Sarsfield died in which battle?

    Round 5: World History and Geography

    1. Which future US president fought in the 1815 Battle of New Orleans?
    2. Name the war fought between Argentina and the UK?
    3. John Balance (born Limavady) became PM where?
    4. Name the largest mountain in the Western Hemisphere?
    5. What was Rangoon renamed as in 1989?
    6. What code name was given to the Allied invasion of North Africa in WW2?
    7. The Friendly Islands are now known as?
    8. In which mountain range does the Rio Grande rise?

    Round 6: Irish Geography

    1. The Stacks of Broadhaven are in which county?
    2. The rivers Finn and Mourne join to form which larger river?
    3. Name the lake on the borders of Meath, Westmeath and Cavan?
    4. From which town would you get a ferry to Rathlin?
    5. The Ulster American Folk Museum is near which town?
    6. Shannon Harbour is on which canal?
    7. In which county is Helvic Head?
    8. Cúl an tSudaire is Irish for where, and in which county is it?

    Round 7: Irish Current Affairs

    1. Name the son of a Tipp hurler who represented Ireland at European figure-skating?
    2. What was the storm that hit Ireland in March?
    3. Name the new ferry between Cork and Santander?
    4. Who wrote the book "Letters to my Daughters"
    5. Nuala McAllister is Lord Mayor of?
    6. How many seats are there in the NI Assembly?
    7. Which Irishwoman received a third Oscar nomination for Costume Design?
    8. What age will Gerry Adams reach in October?

    Round 8: World Current Affairs

    1. Who is the UK Foreign Secretary?
    2. Enrique Pena Nieto is President of which country?
    3. Name the town where the Florida high school shooting occurred?
    4. How many Irish Cheltenham winners were there in 2018?
    5. Jacob Zuma was the President of which country?
    6. Who was known as "the preacher to presidents"?
    7. UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, is from where?
    8. Name the US Vice-President.

    Round 9: Irish Culture

    1. Which group named themselves after a James Joyce book?
    2. Who composed "The Brendan Voyage"?
    3. Brian Friel and Stephen Rae founded which theatre company?
    4. Charlie Parker was created by which author?
    5. Portora, attended by Wilde and Beckett, is in which town?
    6. Who wrote The Quiet Man short story?
    7. In the song, what was Phelim Brady known as?
    8. Name the Plantxy piper who died recently?

    Question 10: General Knowledge

    1. 2018 is the Chinese Year of the?
    2. Who flew the Spirit of St Louis?
    3. Steve Bullock and Thomas Francis Meagher were governors of which US state?
    4. Who is bringing his Homeward Bound tour to Dublin?
    5. Who was the first secretary (and founder) of the GAA?
    6. Name the President of the European Council?
    7. What was Nelson's flagship?
    8. The fourth Sunday of Lent is better known as what?


    4. Which Young Irelander and Canadian politician was assassinated?
    5. Who was the Spartan king at Thermopylae?
    6. Which town translates from Irish as "Four Lakes"?
    7. Name the Irishwoman currently in training at NASA?
    8. Name the current South African President?
    9. Who wrote the lyric "If ever you go to Dublin Town"?
    10. What is polyvinyl chloride commonly called?