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Veterinary Medicine Budapest 2018

  • 12-04-2018 4:59pm
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    I got accepted to veterinary medicine in Budapest starting this September. Just wondering if anyone else is thinking of going over? Would love to know a few people before it’s starts! Feel free to send me a pm :)


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    eterinary medicine unlike other profession is based on animals as well as humans. Farm animals are the backbone for human development , animals had been companion for several centuries and it's a never ending relationship. Given the backdrop of important of animals , thus the treatment and health care management for them become vital for any nation to take proper care of human population.

    The world is changing ,getting itself oriented to increased machinary involvement , which may be a threat to certain animal population but it also increasing its warm hug towards domesticated pets like companion animals dogs and cats , in any given place in world we can find a better relationship of humans with these companion animals.

    The veterinary medicine is basically not money based it's service based and one should understand that given in terms of service and prosperity ,it may takes some time for a vet to earn more compared to his human medicine peers but it's a strong and secure future for a vet.

    There's is no way the caretaker of animals gonna abandon all animals or all animals gets mutated In a way so that they get resistant to all health problems , so it's vital for vet to practice veterinary medicine .

    Next major thing for vets are wildlife , tough less interviened but a powerful source of backup for animal population lies in wild. Human intervention in to forest area and global warming may pose threat to them tough it's inevitable to share a common bed with, but in reality they do get epidemic and pandemics so it's a must for human intervention to save them and who else can be qualified for it rather than a veterinarian .

    Human society are pushing thier limits , waiting for next new plunge to revolutionise and give a proper way of living for humans and hence so many number of researches going on medical and veterinary labarotaries and industries. They are giants investing billion of money to get the work done and the better person to buffer up the research and development would be a veterinarian . And hence a new door opens for him always incase he wishes to take a peep.

    I would've covered only a tiny bit of existing veterinarians scopes but in short the fortune and future of veterinarian are always and will be secure. They are silent wheels helping to run the integration of human and animals . The veterinarian takes care of animals thus indirectly making sure the balance of human-animals are maintained.

    For scope of veterinary medicine Poornachandhar Indiran's answer to What are my career options if I study veterinary?