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Irish Twitch Streamers

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    Hi guys

    Just a quick post on behalf of my sister

    She currently works for a games development studio in Dublin and she has started a streaming on channel on Twitch.

    Currently she's playing a good mix of stuff - Sea of Thieves, PUBG, Fortnite and whatever new titles or content is available.

    She's streaming 4 or 5 days/nights a week work allowing at the moment - she's at EGX Rezzed in London this weekend so will be back online playing on Monday- but would love the opportunity to play and stream with more and more people.

    If you guys could give her a Twitch follow on her Twitch channel -

    or follow her on Twitter to see when she goes live

    Like I said, she's just looking to build a community to play with people :)

    Any support appreciated! :)