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DVD player terrible picture quality using HDMI

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    I've had a Panasonic DVD recorder for a few years. I hadn't bothered with it for a while because of Netflix. I just decided to plug it in and try a HDMI cable I recently bought. The picture quality is absolutely terrible. It looks really pixelated and there are waves going across the screen. It looks like a worn out VHS tape.

    I plugged in a scart lead to see how that looked it and it looks decent enough although the colours are pretty dull. Scart was good enough for me years ago but now I'm used to HDTV. I could certainly watch it but I'd prefer to use HDMI if I could.

    Years ago I bought a HDMI cable from Tesco which didn't work too well either. I always thought it was the cable but now I'm fairly certain it's the DVD player. Is there anything I could do in the settings menu?

    Here's some of what's in the setup menu. I have no clue what most of these even mean. Is there anything I could change here that might improve the picture in HDMI? Or is it more likely the HDMI port of the DVD recorder is faulty?