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It Takes a Village - Cork

  • 11-04-2018 10:34am
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    Is anyone going this weekend - I thought a thread would have gone up re. this weeks ago - so wondering is it the best kept secret in the South :D

    A great line up of home grown talent and I won't get soaked as it's all under cover (nice change) and a proper bed to sleep in (bliss) - actually I will get very wet now that I think about it - "pool parties" (no mud) - I can't wait, so excited.

    But beginning to think I'm the only Boardsie going :confused:

    So................ who's going....................


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    Young Fathers on Saturday.

    So. Damn. Excited. :D:D:D:D

    Friday line-up looks great, too. Really good mix of Irish talent - **** Robot, Talos, Bitch Falcon, Altered Hours...

    Should be great. I hope it's a success. I think the price point was a little bit of a surprise for a lot of people but when it includes accommodation and amenities, it's well worth it.

    Would like to see this grow over the next few years.

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    Well Bull there's you and I so far - come on Boardsies - where are you.......... I can't wait for Brian Deady , Lankum and Saint Sister - and Julie Goo - heard her at the Midsummer Festival Last year - wow - what a way with words, she's my new Hero. And I could listen to Kevin Barry all day long - but won't have the time to devote the whole day to him - as so much happening.

    I'm going to EP too but having this on my door step - and Wellies not being essential - but a swimsuit being packed - what more could a girl want. :)

    Also the fact that we can do our own catering - we're already planning our menu and making pots of curry and meat balls to bring with us - as we won't have to walk miles from car to chalet. No carrying sleeping bags and pillows etc. but we can take as much as we like with us - because the trips to/from car a lot shorter and I can't emphasise enough - we're in a chalet.

    I feel "proper cool and grown up" going to this Festival :D:D:D

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    Friday: Lankum, the Jimmy Cake, Talos, Bitch Falcon, the Altered Hours and **** Robot

    Saturday: Ye Vagabonds, Brian Deady, Fujiya & Miyagi, Young Fathers -- or head over to Bad Bones and Bantum before circling back to Young Fathers... It's a tough call!

    Sunday: Shookrah, Cian Finn, Sunday Times, Saint Caoilian, Elaine Malone, Books Brass...

    There's actually so much going on. It'll be hard to keep up with all of it!! And that's without even mentioning the 5-a-side football and that sort of thing.

    But, above all, no mud, no wellies. :D

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    Any feedback on this folks? Looking at Instagram on twitter it doesn’t look like there’s many there. I really like the concept though so hope it does well enough to be Bashkirs next year.

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    Easy Rod it was the best weekend. (well I think it was)

    There was such a lovely chilled, friendly atmosphere. All under cover - you could walk from your house/events - within a min or two.

    Amenities like swimming pool, beautiful walks, mini golf etc. being able to go back to your house have a nap in a proper bed in a bedroom - and have a shower, sit on the sofa and relax an hour or so, change and stroll to next event. Kind of dreading EP now - and being back to the mud bath.

    I'm too tired now to list the wonderfulness of the weekend - will get back on later :)

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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 3,746 ✭✭✭ BullBlackNova

    Have to agree with all of that - lovely vibe, really relaxed. Great amenities (being able to cook your own food was a big bonus) and a nice crowd too. All 25, 26+ so it was a lot more chilled than a lot of gigs in this country.

    Music was great - Young Fathers, Bad Bones, Bantum all particularly good on Saturday, for e.g. Had no issues heading away for a pint or some food and then strolling right back to a decent spot near the front.

    All in, would definitely go again next year if the bands were to my taste. Venue and amenities were excellent.

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    YES YES YES - they announced yesterday - it's back next year - so everyone get on the Facebook Site for It Takes a Village and you'll see pics to give you an idea of what happened - I for one cannot wait.

    So we were all Guinea Pigs last weekend - wondering - what will this new Festival be like - will it work - is it too local - etc. But it was just brill and I'm still trying to recover. I reckon that in years to come we'll be saying "I remember being at that first ITAV festival and seeing ................ :D

    Highlights - Young Fathers, Brian Deady, Talos, Saint Sister, Spoken Word Julie and Cormac, Kevin Barry reading being accompanied by the Musical Genius that is Roger Doyle - who played a set before that - which left me lost in music and floating on a cloud.

    The set that Cian Finn did was fab and added a lot of sunshine to an otherwise greyish day.

    I'm still gob smacked over "Oh Pep" OMG they were truly amazing - they are going to be huge.

    I'm too excited for words and booking 2019 a.s.a.p. - I'm telling all my friends but at the same time I don't want them to beat me to the best houses with sea views. :)

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    It looks deadly. I tried to go this year but it seemed a bit tricky to organise people for it.

    What's the story with houses etc? Do you have to book a full house plus tickets etc separately? It can add up to being quite expensive

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    Hey JohnnyS - the ticket price is for "festival and accommodation" - so if for example you book a house for 6 of you - you are a resident for the weekend - so it's all included. You pay for the house to accommodate 6 and whatever the total is just divide between the 6 of you. You don't need to carry sleeping bags, pillows and the likes, you are staying in a house with beds made up. The only thing I needed to bring was towels. (Plus usual clothes/toiletries/ food as it's self catering). As I stated in a previous post we brought some big pots of food ready cooked with us, so just had to put on a bit of pasta one day and rice another. Coming downstairs on the Sunday to the smell of a fry up (my wonderful friend is an early riser and had cooked for us all)........ And did I mention the houses are in little enclosures surrounded by trees, so I could hear the sound of birds in the morning.

    You get use of all the facilities there - you're under cover, so if it's pouring with rain it doesn't matter, you just walk up short path from wherever your house is based to the main square which is where the different venues are i.e. restaurant/bar/club - pop up stage in middle of square with DJs etc.

    There are also food stalls there, as well as a Fast Food Cafe/Restaurant/Costa Coffee. The Swimming Pool is also within this main square - there were DJs doing sets at the pool. I didn't venture in myself - but sitting in the square sipping my coffee and watching groups of people walking by in their shorts carrying their towel, it was a bit surreal. (In a good way) :)

    As much as I look forward to EP - after this Festival I'm dreading the carrying of stuff miles from carpark to my little Festihut, muddy boots, getting soaked, trying to dry stuff off and the young ones everywhere.

    I cannot wait until next year - and it's going to be May vs April - so even warmer. It's just the perfect Adult Festival for those who enjoy being entertained, mingling and clean!!!

    Best of luck - might bump into you at a set next year :D

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    Definitely interested in going to this next year - just wasn't able to pull it off this year.

    Were there any kids at the festival at all?

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    No and I think everyone was very relaxed because there wasn't. The amount of couples there - especially on the Sunday - day pass - who left the kids behind and were looking forward to a few hours on their own - without them - to just enjoy the music and vibe and get in their cars/bus a few hours later. The residents were just more at ease too. They were able to stroll around, go to pool, sit in bar, sit in square, go for walks around the grounds, beaches, just sit and stare at the sea. And I loved the idea of the house party/gig, intimate, special.

    Even the parking was great - from the main car park it was about a 3 - 5 minute walk to main area for day trippers on the Sunday. (And they had a few buses laid on from Cork City return Trabolgan that day) The residents, parking next to their house. It was all so well laid out. Forgot to say, they also have an area for Camper Vans - no tents - just proper Camper Vans.

    I know there will be parents out there wanting to bring their kids - but think about EP it went from family event to 'young ones' (teenagers) sneaking in pretending they're over 18 - when anyone/everyone knows they aren't - and they just take over - push/shove/collapse/drink too much/puke/scream/I'll stop now. :mad:

    This was just so calm and chilled and friendly. I think being able to have a good night's sleep on a clean bed, a proper shower and sit on a real toilet - flop onto a sofa and turn the tv on for an hour to get away from it all, aaahhh luxury. :D Check out their Facebook site - see the pics - pick up on the vibe - and the amount of 5 Star recommendations - :D

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    Extra tickets have been released for this, due to easing of restrictions: