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Can someone suggest some questions for me for Computer Science?

  • 08-04-2018 7:45pm
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    I have my interview on Tuesday and believe that I've covered most questions they could ask. I'm just wondering if there is anyone here that has been interviewed for a CS course and know if they ask anything specific?

    For example my friend had an interview for History at TCD and they asked him how he would go about finding how old a certain coin is.



  • Registered Users Posts: 8,352 ✭✭✭AllForIt

    Was the answer look at the date on the coin?

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    AllForIt wrote: »
    Was the answer look at the date on the coin?

    Nope. It wasn't a trick question. There's some method that Historians use to figure out how certain things are.

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    You could ask about your final year project and what it entails? What it's worth percentage wise of final year marks? I doubt you'll be asked any esoteric questions like the one you mentioned and if you were and you couldn't answer it I'd doubt that would be of much consequence. Just try to get your enthusiasm for the subject across as best you can.

    Good luck with it.

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    What questions have you go so far OP?

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    Pelvis wrote: »
    What questions have you go so far OP?

    What have you been up to since you finished school in (insert year you
    completed/left school here)?
    • How will you support yourself?
    • What made you decide to do this course?
    • Why did you choose (insert college you applied for here)?
    • Did you look at other colleges?
    • What's your most proudest achievement since leaving School?
    • Where do you see yourself, if in 2/3/4/5 years after you graduate?
    • How does this course relate to what you are doing now, or does it?
    • What has changed since you applied and left this course? (a question for
    those who have already been to college, didn't complete their degree and are
    now re-applying as mature students)
    • How would you get along with attending classes with 18 year olds?
    Or another variation of the same question:
    • How do you think you will cope with many students in the class a lot younger than you?

    • What do you know about the profession that you will be working in if you
    complete the course?
    - Most mature students have some life experience that they can bring to the challenges of the course. What challenges have you overcome that would demonstrate your own motivation and persistence?

    Sorry for the late reply. The questions I have above are taken from other mature student forums. I made a google docs and wrote my own personal reply to all of these questions. I would say it helped in the interview.

    One thing I suggest is that you know the course very well. They asked me quite a bit about the course. I made sure to know the course inside out before going into my interview, which helped a lot.

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