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Novice Runner - Shoulder pain?

  • 07-04-2018 10:51am
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    Hey guys, have started doing a few 5ks recently and would be of reasonable fitness however I've noticed that I seem to suffer quite a bit of shoulder pain during my run. It feels like a dull pain across both shoulders and kind of feels like they're being weighed down???

    Guessing it's sometime fairly simple to do with poor technique but any insight would be much appreciated :)


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    Sounds like you are becoming tense in the shoulders. Consciously try and relax them. Lift your arms over your head from time to time, just to make sure you're not tensing up.

    Just to point out the obvious, running doesn't tax the shoulders.

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    I'm not a runner but I get something similar during football training sometimes. Left shoulder starts to hurt with a dull pain followed sometimes by pins and needles in the left shoulder and numbness in the fingers (both hands). Always wondered what it was as it's fairly random.

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    May not be related but I used to get this a lot when I started. It was down to my hands. I used to have them in a fist when I ran. I have been told since that they should not be in a fist and not fully relaxed either. It was described to me as follows. Cup your hands like you holding an egg enough not to break it. Shoulder pain then went away then for me. Also if I had to ever carry anything like a bottle, keys etc when I ran my shoulder would lock up.

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    I used to get the same and found I was making fists which would make me tense.

    Now when I run from time to time i put my thumb through my fingers to rest on my ring fingers, it stops me from making a fist

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