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So, I've started running again...

  • 31-03-2018 12:39pm
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    Decided in early February 2016 that I would quit running cold turkey. Yep, just woke up one morning thought I have had enough and never ran on the road again (weird but true). Prior to this I was running decent mileage and was my times were improving majorly (sub 19 5k, 66.x 10 mile, targeting sub 65) etc. and I was really starting to pick things up.

    Anyhow, around 1 week ago I went out on the road and started jogging again. Felt quite good. Standing in the shower with endophoins pumping through your veins is quite addictive :) So now I am planning an all out assault to get back to where I left off, or somewhere close enough :) I am not coming off a complete lack of fitness as I was active through other sports. Right now, I can still hit a good level of speed if sprinting etc as long as its a short burst <1k, Cant hold any type of intensity for a prolonged time so speed endurance is the area where I lost most fitness and will target here primarily. Will throw in some long runs (10-13 miles) soon enough as well just to help with endurance in general

    First target on my list is a sub 20 5k. Ran a parkrun 5k this morning and came an eye-opening 24.00 mins (although I started at the back on a narrow track and was held up a lot in the first mile). Kinda picked it up too much and almost blew up in last mile but overall probably capable of 22.xx 5k right now, so it will be interesting to see how long this takes, muscle memory and all that craic. Probably going to target a 5K in June to see if I can break 20 mins, don't have a clue if this is feasible or not but sure thats what the craic is about...