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Fibreglass boat needs to be gotten rid of

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    Hello everyone, hopefully somebody here can point me in the right direction. I'm a farmer and in our yard is an old boat belonging to a former family friend (who has since fled the country, please don't ask me the details) Any way it's a smallish recreational vessel that hasn't been moved or touched for a good ten years. No outboard motor on it and has been on a rusty trailer for quite some time. Honestly I have nothing to do with boats or any of that. I'd just like to be rid of this eye sore. If it's worth a bit of money great, if not I don't mind paying for it to be taken away.

    Of course I have no documents to prove I own it or anything but it's been on our property for many years now and was wondering does anyone know of like a 'squatters rights' type scenario here?