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  • 14-03-2018 12:01am
    Registered Users Posts: 6 PAULFRANCIS69

    Good evening all,

    I have just joined this forum this evening having finally decided to take action in seeking out a diagnosis of adult ADHD.

    From the outside looking in it might appear that I have lived a full if slightly alternative type of life, but privately almost every step I have take.has been painful, anxious, confusing, disorganised. It has been about surviving as much as living.

    I have read a great deal on ADHD and made a few tentative enquiries over the past few years. My challenge tends not to be so much around finishing things as GETTING STARTED. So I have made a firm commitment to myself to finally go forward and seek a clinical diagnosis with the hope of a better quality of life for the years that remain.

    It’s hard to remember a time since my earliest childhood memories when living was ‘easy’. I have existed in a state of almost permanent unease as a result of not being able to process all that is in front of me.

    With that in mind, I would be very grateful to hear of the experiences any of you who have gone ahead of me may have had with getting an adult diagnosis, and how it has effected the quality and variety of your life.

    At 49, I am well and truly into my middle years even though I look and act much younger, I think. I would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has experienced getting a diagnosis in their mature years. What was the process like?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.



  • Registered Users Posts: 65 ✭✭ dremo

    Hey Paul,

    Make sure you visit GP and ask for referral to hospital psychiatrist if needed. Keep up the good fight man.