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Addiction studies with DBS

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    Addiction studies with Dublin Business School

    Has anyone here done this course?
    What was it like?
    Would you recommend it?
    What was the workload like?
    What is the deadline for the written assignment like?
    What did you do with the diploma?
    What can you do with the diploma?
    Would I be better off saving my money because it's possible in 4 years my BA will not allow me to work, thanks to new regulations?

    I'm asking because I want to do the counselling and psychotherapy BA with another college and I was wondering if I could do this in first year, as someone said the first year workload in counselling was not too heavy.

    The reason I ask this is that someone said when you first qualify as a counsellor there are mostly opportunities in counselling people struggling with addiction, which is something I'm very interested in anyway, and I was thinking this would make me better prepared and also mean I was more likely to have the opportunity. I don't mind if it's volunteering or paid work, although paid work would of course be better as it would allow me to quit my day job and focus on the counselling.

    The course is also so so affordable, at about 1,325. Are there better options? What about the QQI component course? What about an online or distance option? I have already looked at a lot of courses, but I don't know how seriously they'd be taken. I wish I had known about it already, a course just started in February!


  • Did you ever decide between these two courses?

    I am the same as you and love the sound of both courses.

  • Your qualification will be grand in 4 years, there will be a grandfathering system

    It's a 12 week '''''dipoma', meaning 30 hours, it's of no relevance and will give you little skill or knowledge

  • Thank you! I didn't think of that . 1,325 may be affordable, but for 30 hours it's a whopping 44 euro an hour. I think it's just an in for people who want to jump to an MA in Addiction studies.
    Just to give anyone reading this an idea or the price, a PCI certificate in counselling on the other hand, works out at around 10 euro an hour!

    Unless you actually need and can use the piece of paper that comes out of a course at the end, I think asking more than 10-15 Euro an hour for any course is mad.

    I might be better off just reading a book on addiction studies instead.

    30 hours for 370 euro and a QQI component level 5 (like a leaving cert subject) cert at the end Too far away from me, no way to get there without a car or 3 buses but might be good for someone reading this