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How to play full forward (Hurling)

  • 26-02-2018 9:30pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 399 ✭✭ leestone

    Question follow hurling all my life but yet don’t know how to play full forward. I’m 6ft 1 and my strength is my trump card. Always make runs for the ball and try and create space but yet the ball never seems to reach me and either my marker and keeper gets it in acres of space.
    I’m I being too naive running from the goal or should I stay on the edge of the square all game

    So basically what should I be doing lol


  • Registered Users Posts: 237 ✭✭ Radiant Cool Crazy Nightmare

    Depends a lot on the rest of the lads on the team. If they are constantly stitching points from midfield/ half forward then I'd say keep making your runs from inside the 21 and look for the hard and low ball into you, which will only come if the point isn't on or they're under pressure.
    If however there is a lot of ball dropping short or else into the keepers lamh then stay at the edge of the square and try pull on or catch the ball coming in. Bear in mind that playing forwards in any sport you are going to be making a lot of runs anyway which may not result in you even getting a pass but the backs love marking a static forward. If you are staying at the edge of the square and the lads are soloing through, move off to one side, which will either force the fb to go with you opening up the goal for the man coming through, or else he will go to meet the man, leaving you to take the easy pass and shot.
    It can get frustrating not getting any ball in but you have to keep your discipline and stay in around the square to 21 whilst always moving would be my advice, as there is nothing worse than the keeper collecting handy ball with the ff nowhere near him, which could also result in the manager looking to change it up on the inside forward line, I.e your off. Best of luck.