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Misophonia - Allergy to Sound and repetitive movement


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  • I would say I'm very sensitive to those things it that I have zero tolerance for them and they irritate me quickly, but not to any of the symptoms you describe by a long stretch. Breathing/eating noises in an open plan office are the worst, I have headphones on 90% of the time I'm at my desk to block it out, same for commuting. My 15sec google suggested it's a common thing and 20% of people suffer from it? It sounds like the sort of thing that for extreme sufferers is probably related to something else too...

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  • liketochat wrote: »
    Again, to ignore the ignorance above, i have a phobia and wanted to set-up a forum to speak with like minded people.

    i do not have an attitude , i have a phobia called Misophobia, an allergy to sound that now includes the sound of "......." posts!!So like what i always do i shall ignore because i cant control others peoples bad behavior.

    So would like to hear comments from others who understand and would like to help each other through what others see as A completely bonkers attitude...I and others who have this or maybe dont even know they have this, will understand and will never judge anyone for something they cannot control...

    Its good to talk and when you do speak to someone who understands the condition you will probably end up laughing at yourself which helps.

    Ignore above and try start again...

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    Hi liketochat
    While you’re welcome to use this forum support and advice, and I sympathise with the distress your phobia causes, you cannot launch a personal attack on other contributors who offer an opinion or advise that you don’t agree with, particularly when they have been polite and civil in their reply. You can question or contradict the content of the post but don’t personalise things and attack the poster.

    This is an open discussion forum and you cannot dictate who can and cannot reply to you on this thread.

    If you don’t like what another has to say then just don’t engage with them, if someone is aggressive or uncivil then use the report post function and let the moderators deal with it.

    If you have any questions re the above then reply to me via PM and not on this thread.


  • You probably may not read this, but like any kind of hypersensitivity, asking the people around you to moderate their behaviour is like expecting the sun not to shine when your eyes are sore. The answer to "How do you tell people to "Shut up and eat properly"", is "You don't and you can't".

    You have to learn coping mechanisms which remove you from the source of the anxiety rather than try to remove the source from everyday life. These are everyday sounds and actions for people, it would be unreasonable to expect them to remember to "tone it down" when in your presence. This is ambient noise, like birds chirping or trees blowing. You cannot expel it from your life.

    Step one is to get a referral to specialist in this area who can (a) give you a professional diagnosis, and (b) assist you in learning coping mechanisms.

    Armed with a professional diagnosis, you will then be able to approach your employer and ask their assistance in removing you from the source of the anxiety. For example, they could assign you a small office of your own, or make allowances for you to use earplugs/headphones if you need to remove yourself from the ambient noise for a while.