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No network connections available message

  • 18-02-2018 11:36am
    Registered Users Posts: 88 ✭✭✭ crytoadvice

    I am getting a no network connections available message from the network icon on My HP G6 Laptop when using Windows 10.
    I am trying to use a Huaweei Modem to connect by WiFi. It was working until last night.

    Apart from resetting I have tried the following:
    1 Ran the troubleshooter. It says Ethernet cable missing/broken.

    2 Uninstalled and reinstalled the network adapter.

    3 tried to roll back the driver but option is greyed out.

    4 I have factory reset my Laptop and the problem remains.

    5 When I boot using Linux I can connect to the Wifi modem as long as I connect the modem by USB. The modem does not connect if the USB cable isnt used

    Can anyone help. Thank you