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User experience task test on social welfare website

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    I'm doing a small user experience design by setting out three user task test as part of my college project to see how easy to find information on social welfare website. I would be grateful for your input as below:

    Task 1: Find out your Jobseekers entitlement.
    You’re looking for a more information about Jobseeker’s Benefit or Jobseeker's Allowance and you will need to find out what is your entitlements. Take a look at website and find out if it is possible to find what you need on one visit. Please try to find out is your weekly allowance and where to apply? If you need further help regarding to information from the website. What would you do?

    Task 2: Mobile and web
    You are looking for some information from and stumbled upon this site from your mobile phone Internet. Are you still able to continue to browse the from your smartphone even though screen size will be about approximately 4-inches vertically.

    Please take a look at this site and find an article about redundancy payments. Quickly read through that article and try to apply Redundancy Claim Online.

    Task 3: Design Consistency
    Please take a look at this and what’s the first thing you notice about website design? Why?
    Are you able to make page mobile-friendly? Are you able to continue reading after setting your page mobile-friendly?