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PW Boards Draft 2018 - Official Evalution Thread

  • 05-02-2018 2:46pm
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    Welcome to the Boards Draft 2018 Evaluation Thread.

    For you new to the game, I strongly encourage you to check out last years thread to see what others have done. Some go the while hog and do many write ups and a PPV, others simply post their dream card from their available roster. Aim of the game is to at least write up a PPV.

    CHECK IT OUT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HERE!!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Below is a general outline of the rules and how it works.... PLEASE READ AS THEIR ARE CHANGES TO HOW THINGS HAVE WORKED PREVIOUSLY :
    - Posting is optional but highly encouraged. Participants don't have to write weekly shows for their rosters if they don't want to. Its up to them if they want to do shows, however usually those who do the weekly shows are more in the running to win the overall game.

    - There is a max to what you can post. This year after plenty of back and fourth on the issue, it was voted upon that there is to be a 4 post limit. You can use your 4 posts as you please, whether it be 4 posts totally devoted to a PPV, or 3 weekely shows and a PPV, or whatever your creative mind whats to do. The only requirement is that you have a PPV card for at least 1 post as that is what you will be judged on.

    - the deadline for submissions shall be 6 weeks after the final pick is made in the picks thread. THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS THIS YEAR SO PLEASE DONT ASK. 6 weeks should be plenty of time to get submissions of some kind in.

    - Once the submission deadline is passed, voting cards will be issued via PM. Players will have 1 week to read up on shows and submit their votes.

    You can commence your PPV build now. Good luck and have fun. As always please keep discussion of the game (feedback to show etc) in the discussion thread.
    New Werewolf game starting 26th of Nov, sign up now - HERE



  • Moderators, Social & Fun Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 50,606 Mod ✭✭✭✭Necro

    A year removed from one of the most shocking incidents in professional wrestling history, and the landscape in NCW has changed drastically.

    Following his cheap championship victory over Edge, Muhammad Hussan would reign supreme over the company as champion. With his Brotherhood behind him, and backed by enforcer Samoa Joe, no one could stop him…. Or so he thought.

    It would happen again. As predicted, the US President Donald Trump would get bored with his new toy, and the vast swathes of cash never arrived. Contracts were let expire or were terminated. Superstars would leave the company in their droves.

    Samoa Joe picked up a big money contract with Beyond Chaos Wrestling, the reigning defending Draft championship brand and on his last night with NCW, drove Hussan into the mat with a vicious Muscle Buster, before dumping the Rising Star Championship in the trash and leaving the company for good. The Dudley Boyz were next, Bully Ray signing with another rival in DPW.

    Hussan would continue on in the company, but his reign would be abruptly stopped one night in late November….

    Hussan: ‘You peons are not worthy of my talent! I have beaten the very best put in front of me, I am unstoppable - I am… The King of NCW! I am the Ultimate talent in professional…..

    Necrominus: “My God… It CANNOT be…?”

    Jiminy Billy Bob: “No way…”

    The crowd erupts as the Ultimate Warrior bursts through the curtains in typical fashion, sprinting towards the ring and running around it as the crowd is in amazement.

    Necrominus: “You’re sure? You want me to announce it? Right now? Ok... “

    Necrominus gets up from his announcers seat and has a mic in his hand as Warrior enters the ring and stares down a stunned Hussan.

    Necrominus: “ Ladies and Gentlemen, by order of management - this match is scheduled for one fall… and is for the NCW Heavyweight Championship!”

    The crowd roars as Hussan turns around in shock.

    Hussan: “NO! You can’t do this! I run this company, this is my title! I’m not dressed for a match, I’m not ready!!!”

    Necrominus shrugs and sits back down as a referee races to the ring… and calls for the bell.

    Hussan: “NO! I will not defend my title - you are not worthy! I am your King! BOW DOWN BEFORE…. AHHHH!”

    Warrior plants Hussan with a massive lariat! Hussan shakes his head in shock, trying to get back to his feet - Warrior clocks him again!

    Necrominus: “Hussan doesn’t know what has hit him! My God, the power of Warrior!”

    Hussan is almost motionless, Warrior hauls him to his feet - Scoop Slam! He hits the ropes… Warrior Splash! The cover…




    It’s over! Hussan has been beaten!

    Warrior gets to his feet and kicks Hussan from the ring as the referee presents him with the NCW Championship.

    Announcer: “Here is your winner…. And the…. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW NCW Heavyweight Champion… The…. Ultimate…. WARRRRRRRIOOOORRRRRR!”

    The crowd are awash with emotion as Warrior ascends the ropes, the title held aloft.


    Necrominus: “Almost two years of dominance - over in moments. Ladies and Gentlemen… welcome to the new era of NCW!”

    Following on from his embarassment at the hands of Warrior, Hussan would forego his rematch for the title and leave the company in shame. The self-proclaimed king of NCW, dethroned in moments by the power of one man. Funnily enough the NCW mainstay and longest reigning champion would follow Samoa Joe to Beyond Chaos.

    And it would truly be a new era, Out with the old, in with the new as hot properties began to join the company. First, Necrominus finally left his place behind the announcer’s desk to assume the Chairman of the Board role.

    In an interesting twist he signed the tag team duo of Enzo and Cass - but Enzo would shock the world in being announced as NCW’s General Manager for 2018.

    Enzo surprised everyone initially, with his marmite style proving to be a winner in the ratings.

    But… as we all know too often. Power corrupts.


    In a planned tournament to crown the new Tag Team Champions, Enzo made a shock announcement - seemingly to Big Cass as well. There were no other teams in the tournament, and Enzo and Cass would be crowned the 5th Tag Team Champions in NCW History.


    And the spiral began. Enzo would sign tag teams such as Authors of Pain, and the Bludgeon Brothers to the roster but continuously duck any attempts to defend the titles. Frustrated with being held back, Cass finally arranged a defence of his own - and would be stunned when Enzo never appeared for the match, allowing the Authors of Pain to dominate and destroy him, claiming the Tag Titles for their own.


    Big Cass sought answers the next night but Enzo was a step ahead and had paid a handsome sum of NCW funds to recruit some protection - in the form of longtime NCW enforcer, Monty Brown. Brown would attack Cass, leaving him laying like many before with a vicious Pounce followed by an Alpha Bomb onto the steel ramp as Enzo looked on smiling. A huge encounter is set for Natural Selection between the two, as Cass looks to redeem himself.

    The Authors of Pain, on the other hand have gone from strength to strength but like so many times before, eventually… the unstoppable force meets an immovable object. At Natural Selection, they will face their toughest test yet in the form of the brutality of the Bludgeon Brothers - Erick Rowan and Luke Harper.


    NCW continued to move from strength to strength however, under the stunningly astute management of Necrominus and Enzo. Rafts of signings continued.

    With Bayley signing a deal with PCW, The scramble for a new champion was on. And as Bayley was saying goodbye to her adoring NCW fans on her final night in the company….


    Chyna stunned the world in debuting and destroying the loveable Bayley, becoming the third ever NCW Women’s Champion. She has yet to be even knocked off her feet in a match as she continues to run roughshod over the NCW competition

    The next arrivals to the company were Jax Dane and his tag team partner Crimson, who initially would go their separate ways, or so it would seem. Dane, one of the longest reigning NWA champions of the past decade would unsuccessfully challenge Warrior for his NCW Championship.

    Dane felt cheated, and demanded a rematch citing his NWA reign as the most significant in history… but he would be answered by none other than the legendary Lou Thesz, one of the greatest of all time.

    A match was set, but Dane and Crimson reunited which led to Thesz bringing in one of his most famous students; another legend in Antonio Inoki. A tag team match was signed for the next PPV… and it would be a shocker.

    In stunning fashion, Thesz turned on Inoki mid match, laying waste to his former pupil and joining Crimson and Dane, becoming the leader of a new terrifying faction - known from this point on as The Uncorrupted; (signifying none of the three ever appearing in the WWE).

    They would continue to humiliate and embarrass Inoki in the ensuing weeks, until Inoki finally snapped. Enlisting the help of other legends in the formidable presence of Giant Haystacks, he laid down a challenge for Natural Selection.

    It would be Lou Thesz, taking on Inoki - in a Retirement Match. Whether there would be a stipulation added to this blockbuster is yet to be determined.

    Meanwhile Dane and Crimson will face off against Haystacks and an as yet un-named tag team partner, in a match that pits the current generation against one of many years ago. Haystacks has hinted for weeks at the identity of his partner... but so far, the mystery remains.

    Next was the new Hollywood A-Lister - Dave Bautista. He signed a one year contract with the company in the annual draft as their top choice. Batista, as he is known in the squared circle had this to say:


    ‘I came to NCW with one purpose, one goal. I conquered the WWE, I would have conquered the BWA if they gave me a shot. That title is on loan around Warrior’s waist. It’s coming to me - whenever I say I want it.

    Warrior could not be reached for a response, but we are sure the champion won’t take this lying down. In fact, next week - in the main event of our flagship show, Tuesday Night Destruction will be the contract signing for the main event of Natural Selection. Warrior and Batista will come face to face in the ring for the very first time.


    But that is not all. NCW also acquired one of the hottest properties in all of sports entertainment. The Monster Among Men - Braun Strowman.


    On his very first night in NCW, Strowman destroyed Crimson, to become the third NCW Rising Star Champion. Since then he has blazed an unstoppable trail through would be challengers, but will face his toughest test this coming Monday, the equally unstoppable Giant Haystacks, in what will be his fifth defence.

    With this dominant force now potentially holding the key to a title shot, Warrior has a number of challengers on the horizon.

    Can the dominance and will of Warrior and his millions of fans overcome the power and guile of Batista? The brute-strength and destructive force of Strowman? With Natural Selection, the pinnacle of the NCW looming right around the corner - how will the card shape up? Stay tuned to find out.

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    Almost 3 years ago the PCW closed its doors, the full roster leaving vacating all titles which have been on the office of the owner since. Over the years he has looked at the draft waiting for the moment to re emerge from his self imposed exile from the wrestling world.
    Over the past few months phone calls started to get made reaching out to superstars near and far to compete in the returning federation.


    And so we come to today nearly all members of the new roster are assembled (Vader, KO, Bayley, Lita, Emma, Dana Brooke, Mark Henry, Apollo Crews, MVP, Tye Dillinger, Mason Ryan,Akira Tozawa, Dragon Kid, earthquake and typhoon) in front of the awaiting press, as Burt Reynolds addresses the media
    Ladies and Gentlemen it was a surprise to me to get a call to be the general manager of this here federation, but as you go on in life it’s always good to get one last opportunity, for me it’s to try something new like this and expand in life or for the likes Vader here it’s to get one last shot at being a world champion, which has been promised to him by our owner.

    I dare say I don't know a lot about wrestling but I do know Hollywood, I know a star and I have made sure to reach out to people that have that something special,

    The Miz enters, Maryse on his arm, with Sandow dressed like him, Alex riley dressed in a suit next to him, and the Miztourage behind them,

    Reynolds continues
    As you see The Miz carries himself above others and is a true A list superstar but him and his crew are not the only people I have been able to sign, It’s my pleasure to introduce John Cena,

    John Cena enters the room in a suit as if he’s on the red carpet
    Now as he is in the public eye more now and his schedule has vastly changed I have also offered him a chance at the world championship belt as he would be a great ambassador for our company going forward
    So John Cena will face Vader at the wrestlemadness 2018, that is if Vader makes it

    The assembled roster look in shock as Vader steps forward

    Vader :What do you mean
    Reynolds: Well you may have been promised a shot but I am just adding in a few stipulation. So next week you will face the team of Damien Sandow and Alex riley, if you beat them you will face the miztourage, if on beating both these team you will face the Miz, if victorious you’re title shot will be honored,

    Vader reaches for Burt but the miztourage gets pushed in the way by John Cena and the Miz. as they whisk Burt out Vader throws Bo Dallas of the stage into the press and Curtis Axel gets a powerbomb through the table.

    As Burt leave he turns around and addresses the crowd
    Also the Intercontinental title, the womens title, and the PCW tag team title will be on the line at Wrestlemadness, over the next four weeks all will be revealed

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    The pyros flash and the crowd pop as we go live to the arena for a 2018 special of Tuesday Night Destruction.

    Jim Ross: “Welcome everyone to NCW, Tuesday Night Destruction – the 2018 edition! I am your host, Jim Ross, joined by my colleague Jiminy Billy-Bob – and boy am I excited to be here this year!

    Jiminy: “Necrominus decided he was too big for his boots and went and took a seat on the board! And still no promotion for me and I’m stuck here with you, JR! Anyways, folks – what a show we have in store for you tonight! First things first, there’s the HEEEEUGE! Contract signing between our NCW Champion, The Ultimate Warrior and his challenger in the main event at Natural Selection…. The Hollywood A-Lister, the MAN… the only… Batista.”

    JR: “That’s for sure, Jiminy! Fireworks in that confrontation, I’m sure everyone is expecting them!”

    Jiminy: “Well, let’s put it this way, Jim – when has a contract signing in any federation EVER passed off without incident?”

    JR: “I have to agree, Jiminy. But let’s not forget about the MEGA match we have this evening – The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman defends his Rising Star Championship for the fifth time – against the unrivalled power of Giant Haystacks.”

    Jiminy: “Yeah, thankfully, Necro shelled out a bucket load of cash on a specially reinforced ring for this year’s shows… shame he couldn’t have done the same when appointing a co announcer.”

    JR: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    Jiminy: “Nothing Jim! Anyways, Strowman has ploughed through all the competition set in front of him thus far, and could very well become the first man in history to activate the Rising Star Championship clause.”

    JR: “Yes, for those of you unaware the title was debuted last year, and upon five successful defences can be cashed in for a shot at the NCW Heavyweight Championship.”

    Jiminy: “But…. He’s gotta beat Haystacks first. And monster or nay…. That’s a tough ask.”

    JR: “For sure, Jiminy! Also we will finally have an answer as to who our dominant women’s champion’s opponent will be at Natural Selection tonight.”

    Jiminy: “Yep, Chyna, like Strowman has been unstoppable since debuting and crushing the hugger 5 months ago. Who can stop her? Maybe you, JR?”

    JR: “ Quite happy here thank you very much!”

    Jiminy: “A pity.”

    Jiminy: “Folks, looks like we’re gonna kick things off with a word or twenty from our General Manager for 2018 – Enzo Amore… oh and look. He’s got company.”

    JR: “He ALWAYS has company, Jiminy. Too scared of Cass if you ask me!”

    The crowd boos as Enzo comes to the stage dressed in a swag suit, Monty Brown behind him silently.


    He poses on the stage before making his way to the ring where he orders Brown to hold the ropes for him. Brown does so and both then enter the ring, as Enzo grabs a mic.

    Crowd: “Enzo sucks! Enzo sucks!”

    Enzo ignores the boos and begins to speak:

    Enzo: “My name – is Enzo Amore, and I am the certified GM, and a bonafide stud, and you Can’t. Teach. That!

    And this right here he is Monty Brown, the Impact playa, and he’s 6 ft 2… and you Can’t. Teach. That.”

    Crowd: “Shut the F up! Shut the F up!”

    Enzo: “Bada boom, realest GM in the room – how you doin?”

    Crowd: “Please shut up! Please shut up!”

    Enzo: “Hey Monty… seems like this crowd if full o’hatas? What’s the matter with you? Don’t like Enzo?”

    Crowd: “No! No! No!”

    Enzo smirks and slaps Brown on the back: “As I was sayin. Hatas all round, man. What’s a stud like Enzo gotta do to get some respect around these parts? After all, not only am I the GREATEST General Manager, in NCW history (crowd boos) – I’m also a former Tag Team Champion! (boos intensify)”

    JR: “Self awarded Tag Team Champion….”

    Jiminy: “Hush JR, our GM is speaking!”

    Enzo: “And now… haha, you’re all gonna love this. It’s time we introduce a fifth title to NCW…. How’s about that?”

    The crowd cheers a little bit.

    JR: “Fifth title? What? Could it be a Hardcore Title? Women’s Tag Team Titles?”

    Jiminy: “Shut up, Jim, let the man speak! This is history making!”

    Enzo: “Yeah, that’s more like it! So, let’s go through the titles… You all know how this goes!

    We got the… Women’s Title!

    Crowd: “How you doin’?”

    Enzo: “That’s it! We got the…. Tag Team Titles!”

    Crowd: “How you doin’?”

    Enzo: “Whaddya think, Monty B? Louder for the next? We got the…. Rising Star Championship!”

    Crowd: “HOW YOU DOIN’!”

    Enzo: “Oh, I’m likin’ this B-Dawg. And we got the…. NCW Heavyweight Title!”

    Crowd: “HOW YOU DOIN’! HOW YOU DOIN’!”

    The crowd continue to chant as Enzo does his chicken walk around the ring. Brown stands there, a look of disgust on his face.


    Enzo: “You see? I told ya B-Dawg! They love me! And now, for the fifth championship for NCW…. Enzo here is takin’ it upon himself… to introduce… The NCW CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!”

    The crowd erupts as Enzo takes a championship from a case Brown has been holding and shows it to the crowd.

    Enzo: “Yeah, yeah! You like how Enzo rolls. So… how do we determine the new champion? Well… we gotta roster fulla giants, monsters and warriors… all these guys are too big for the belt…”

    JR: “Oh man… I don’t like where this is going…”

    Enzo: “And there’s only… ONE man who has the skills, and props to rep NCW and our fancy new belt!”


    Enzo: “Who? No, no… that man is… ME! Enzo Amore… the NEW Cruiserweight Champion!”

    The crowd is apoplectic as Enzo has Brown place the championship around his waist.


    Crowd: “A**hole! A**hole!”

    Enzo: “Hey! You’re talkin’ to the NCW GM now! I played you all, played you like a fine tuned fiddle! How’s about that! Cos, there’s only ONE word to describe y’all… and I’m gonna…

    The crowd explode as Hurricane bursts through the curtains, striking his typical pose as Enzo looks on with rage from the ring.

    JR: “He’s here! It’s been talked about all month since he signed! NCW has a superhero!”

    Jiminy: “He might regret interrupting our new Cruiserweight Champ!”

    Hurricane makes his way to the ring and rolls in as Enzo steps behind Brown. Hurricane poses on the ropes as the crowd cheer him loudly. He is handed a mic and goes to speak – but is drowned out by the chanting crowd.

    JR: “What a reaction for Hurricane Helms here, NCW fans appreciating the arrival of our very own hero!”

    Jiminy: “Hero? He’s just a runt in a mask playing dress up!”

    Hurricane: “NCW – Hurricane Helms is here to save the day!”


    Hurricane: “And just in time too, it seems. Enzo, General Manager of NCW…. You have all the power. Yet you want to give yourself more?”

    Enzo: “Well… I…”

    Hurricane: “WHAT’S UP WITH DAT?”

    The crowd explodes as Enzo is left dumbstruck.

    Hurricane: “I have come to NCW, to save the fans from the tyranny of this villain. To make it once again a safe haven for all. And it appears your evilness knows no bounds, Enzopicus.”

    Jiminy: “Enzopicus? Is this guy on drugs?”

    Enzo: “Now listen here, Hamburglar! This is my show – and you… You ain’t nothin’ but a hata! How’s about you get out of my ring before I kick your ass all the way back to the insanity ward!”

    Hurricane: “Hamburglar? I’ll remind you Enzopicus, the last person to call me that ended up flat on their back and beaten – by the power – of the Hurricane!”

    Enzo: “Quit calling me Enzopicus! This isn’t a comedy sketch or a comic book, Helms. This is my house. And if you step inside my house – you have to beware of the dog! B-Dawg, get him!”

    Monty Brown steps forward into Hurricane’s face.

    Hurricane: “Monty Brown. Former NWA Champion. Reduced to a sidekick for the evil Enzopicus. Some things never change in NCW.

    Brown (speaking into Hurricane’s mic): “Watch your mouth you little midget.”

    Hurricane: “Another year, another group for Monty Brown… NCW truly needed a hero.”

    Enzo: “You have two choices, Hurri-joke. Leave this ring now, tuck your tail between your legs… or be squashed by B-Dawg there.”

    Hurricane: “Those are my options? What about door number 3 Enzopicus? The one where I, Hurricane Helms – challenge you to a match at Natural Selection… for the Cruiserweight Championship!”

    Enzo starts laughing. He puts a hand on Brown’s shoulder and Brown backs up a few steps.

    Enzo: “You – challenge me? They really forgot to give you your meds, huh? You’re nothing, Hurricane. Nothing. Arrived in NCW a wet week. You’re a joke, an upstart… you haven’t earned a title shot.”

    Hurricane: “It seems to me, that you didn’t earn that title, Enzopicus. Like all villains, you rewarded yourself for hiding behind hired help. And Hurricane has come to put an end to your reign!”

    Enzo: “Oh you have, have you? Well… ok. You want a match with me, for this? (Gestures to the title around his waist). I can do that.”

    The crowd pops loudly.

    Enzo: “IF….. you can beat B-Dawg here tonight, that is. How’s about it hero? Gonna risk it all against the brute force of B-Dawg?”

    Hurricane eyes up the much larger Brown: “I accept! Monty Brown, you are a giant about to be slayed by the power of… The Hurricane!”

    Brown smirks and looks at Enzo who nods. Brown grabs Hurricane and sends him flying out of the ring to the floor!

    Enzo: “Get a referee down here! We’re gonna do this right now!”

    Jiminy: “Look at that, Hurricane is a hero – he can fly! Hahahaha!”

    JR: “He may have bitten off a lot more than he can chew here tonight!”

    Commercial Break

    We come back to see Brown pounding on a grounded Hurricane, stomping on him relentlessly in the corner as a referee tries to force the break. Enzo has joined JR and Jiminy on commentary.

    JR: “We are joined by our General Manager for this our first match of the night.”

    Jiminy: “Forget that! I want to be the first to congratulate you on becoming the first EVER NCW Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo! Not only a GM but a Champion – again – as well!”

    Enzo: “Yeah, thanks Jiminy. It’s not easy bein’ this studly, but I try. Look at this freak try to match B-Dawg!”

    In the ring, Hurricane has dived at Brown, trying to force a takedown. Brown laughs and tosses Hurricane to the side. He runs across the ring and hits a diving knee drop on Hurricane, before dropping for the cover…

    1 – 2 – Hurricane kicks out!

    Enzo (laughing): “This chump thinks he’s a hero… well Monty made him fly alright. He’s gonna get a rough landing though.”

    JR: “Wouldn’t it make sense to defend your title against Hurricane on the grandest stage of Natural Selection though, Enzo. Prove your… haters… wrong?”

    Jiminy: “Enzo is a great champion, Jim! He doesn’t need to prove it to anyone!”

    Enzo: “Nah… and watch your tone, JR. You’re saying hatas, wrong. This guy swans into NCW and expects a match – with me – at Natural Selection? He’s loopier than that idiot of a former partner of mine, Cass.”

    JR: “Big Cass you mean?”

    Enzo: “He was Big… till Monty chopped him down to size! Hahaha you geddit!”

    Jiminy: “A champion, a GM, and a world class comedian. Is there anything you can’t do?”

    Brown is now stalking Hurricane, waiting for Hurricane to get to his feet, he hits the ropes looking for the Pounce - Hurricane leaps into the air - he takes Brown down to the mat with a flying head scissors!
    The crowd pops as Hurricane rolls to his feet, Brown looks stunned – Hurricane nails Brown with an Enziguiri!

    Jiminy: “What! Hurricane clearly cheated there!”
    Enzo: “Who does he think he is, it’s a disgrace Jiminy.”
    JR: “Pfft… look who’s talking!”

    Hurricane drops for the cover… 1 – 2 – Brown kicks out!

    Hurricane now stalks Brown as he tries to stumble to his feet, Hurricane catches him, looking for Eye of the Hurricane – Brown shoves him off!

    Hurricane, unfazed, runs the ropes – dives looking for a crossbody – Brown catches him and shakes his head – Fallaway Slam to Hurricane! Brown drops for the cover!

    1 – 2 – Hurricane drops his foot on the ropes!

    Brown gets up celebrating as he hears the third slap on the mat. The referee is trying to tell him that the match is still continuing….

    The crowd explodes as Cass comes to the stage, acknowledges the cheers and sprints towards the ring!

    Brown turns around, still oblivious to the referee’s protestations – he beckons Cass into the ring – Hurricane rolls up Brown from behind as Cass smirks on the outside

    3!!! Hurricane has done it! He’s beaten Monty Brown!

    The crowd are on their feet in joy as Hurricane’s music sounds, and he scarpers to the outside as an apoplectic Brown pops back to his feet and tries to give chase.

    Big Cass is in the ring – Big Cass nearly takes Brown’s head off with a Big Boot!

    Brown collapses to the canvas, motionless as Big Cass stands over the fallen man.

    ‘I’ll see you Sunday.”

    He grabs a mic as the crowd chant his name.

    Cass: “Enzo, ‘B-Dawg’ – I’m baaaackk! And there’s more of that to be expected on Sunday, Brown. My foot, your face – your head in the front row! And Enzo, when Hurricane beats your ass at Natural Selection… there will be only ONE WORD to describe you – and I’m gonna spell it out for ya…

    Cass drops the mic and the crowd pops huge as he celebrates . He heads to the back as Enzo creeps into the ring to check on Brown, rage contorting his face.

    JR: “Battle lines have been drawn for Natural Selection – Big Cass with a huge statement of intent tonight!”

    Jiminy: “Hurricane cheated! I demand a rematch! This is an outrage!”

    Commercial Break

    Back in the ring now, we have two local talents.

    Announcer: ‘The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the NCW Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, the challengers… from Totteringham, Sir Harold Lane & Delhi Belly!!’

    Mild applause from the crowd for the two men.

    Announcer: “And now, introducing the champions… weighing in at a combined weight of 620lbs… being accompanied to the ring by Paul Ellering…

    The crowd cheers as the dominant champions come to the stage, titles laced across their shoulders. Flanked by their longtime manager, they eye their opponents who seem incredibly nervous.

    JR: “Another year, another team of absolute destructive force! The Authors of Pain have yet to taste defeat within an NCW ring, and look super confident tonight!”

    Jiminy: “Yeah, Ellering has them tuned like a grand piano! These Totteringham lads don’t stand a chance!”

    Akam and Rezar stalk towards the ring menacingly, handing their championships to Ellering before entering the ring.

    Akam goes to his corner as Rezar gets ready to start the match against Lane… the referee calls for the bell!

    JR: “The biggest match in these two young men’s lives is about to begin!”
    Jiminy: “And shortest!”

    Rezar stalks towards Lane, who throws a right hand weakly at the imposing figure. Rezar eats it, and smiles! He grabs Lane, and tosses him halfway across the ring!

    Rezar turns and again moves towards the stunned Lane, who lies writhing in agony on the mat - Belly runs in and clubs Rezar from behind!

    Rezar turns, grabs Belly by his head, boots him in the stomach and nods as Akam has now entered and done the same with Lane.

    Both men are set - bumping into each other - SUPER COLLIDER!

    Both Delhi and Sir Harold are motionless! Rezar kicks Delhi from the ring as

    Akam hauls Lane to his feet again and sets him, Rezar hits the ropes - THE LAST CHAPTER!

    Rezar places a foot on Lane’s chest as the referee drops for the count
    3! Authors of Pain retain emphatically!

    Jiminy: “And to the surprise of absolutely no one… The Authors of Pain retain their championships tonight.”

    JR: “Yes, Lane and Delhi simply couldn’t match the power on display.”

    Ellering is in the ring now with a mic.

    Ellering: “And there you have it! The most dominant tag team again racking up another win! The Authors of Pain have no equal! Akam and Rezar fear no one….”

    JR: “Oh my! They’re here - the challengers are here!”

    Jiminy: “The Authors of Pain may not fear anyone, but I’m afraid of these guys! Hold me, JR!”

    JR: “Get off me you idiot!”

    Luke Harper and Erick Rowan come to the stage, Rowan holding their trademark mallet in hand. They eye the champions, before beginning a slow march down to the ring.

    Akam and Rezar look ready to fight!

    JR: “Business could be about to pick up here, if these four collide!”

    Ellering is trying to reason with Rezar and Akam as Harper and Rowan go to either side of the ring. They step up on the apron - and enter….

    The Authors of Pain and Ellering exit and back up the ramp!

    JR: “What? I thought they feared no one?”

    The crowd boo as Ellering smirks: “Not tonight, fellas! The champions do battle on our time!”

    Rezar and Akam look like they want to fight, but Ellering manages to keep them backing up the ramp as Harper and Rowan stand tall in the ring.

    Jiminy: “One thing is for sure, when those guys collide at Natural Selection, there’ll be no backing out then!”

    Commercial Break

    Announcer: “Ladies and Gentlemen, can you please welcome at this time… Lou Thesz!”

    The crowd boo as Lou Thesz is in the ring already with a mic.

    Thesz: “Get it out of your system, you ingrates. I have something to say.”

    Crowd: “You suck!”

    Thesz: “Unlike your partners, male or female around this backward town, I can categorically state - I do NOT suck…. at anything.”

    The crowd grow angrier as Thesz smirks.

    Thesz: “I am the GREATEST wrestler of all time. An inaugural member of COUNTLESS Hall of Fames. The LONGEST reigning NWA Champion in history, and I deserve more RESPECT than I am getting from everyone here!”

    Crowd: “Lou Thesz sucks! Lou Thesz sucks!”

    Thesz: “Chant all you like - I have a right to be angry, to act out like I do - not that I owe anyone a damn thing! I am the forgotten man of professional wrestling, an after-thought in the minds of most. I am an innovater, I trained countless legends you worship today! I deserve respect!

    But I don’t expect to get it from you filthy ingrates. You cheer for the likes of The Ultimate Warrior, a man who wouldn’t know a drop toe hold if it slapped him in the face!

    You laud the likes of certain Monsters Among Men, green behind the ear morons who couldn’t apply a chin lock much the same as they struggle to tie their laces.

    And then… THEN there is Antonio. Inoki. A legend in his home country. Loved by the fans. A damned politician! And you sit there and you cheer him, and you boo me - the man who trained him!

    You want to know why I beat the hell out of Inoki? Beat him to within an inch of his life? I’ll tell you. Inoki EMBARRASSED this profession with his ‘match of the century’ in Japan against a boxer.

    He was so terrified of taking a punch he spent 15 rounds on his back kicking at a boxer’s legs. He is a joke! And this has been a long time coming. I am going to retire Antonio Inoki on Sunday - not for Lou Thesz… no.

    But for the great sport of Wrestling - one that he made a mockery of in one fight! He could have proved to the world how dominant he was. But never mind. It all comes to an end on Sunday.

    Antonio Inoki - Natural Selection will be your last night in my business. I will uncorrupt you all, from following the false idols and jokes who ruin this great sport… and Sunday is only the beginning.”

    Thesz drops the mic and goes to leave, he walks up the ramp to a chorus of boos.

    He turns at the top, shaking his head in disgust at the crowd - Inoki bursts through the curtain! He runs at Thesz and the two begin trading blows!

    JR: “Inoki is here, and he’s not one for words!”

    Jiminy: “This is disgraceful, Lou Thesz was pouring his heart out and this thug attacks him!”

    Inoki backs Thesz down the ramp with punches, before performing a sweep on him and taking him down to the floor!

    Inoki quickly transitions into full mount, and continues beating on a helpless Thesz!

    Jiminy: “Come on, someone stop this! This isn’t the UFC or Inoki’s private dungeon!”

    Inoki opens up on Thesz with a few strikes before Thesz reaches up and jams him thumb into Inoki’s eye!

    Inoki clutches it in pain as Thesz squirms out, and knees Inoki in the temple!

    Thesz: “This is wrestling, you son of a bitch! I made this sport what it is!”

    Inoki slumps backwards, and Thesz now pins Inoki onto the floor, slapping at his face:

    Thesz: “I made you, and I will break you!”

    Thesz drives an elbow into Inoki’s head, drawing a gash across the forehead of Inoki! Referees and backstage personnel are now racing to ringside as Thesz is hauled off Inoki - Inoki shoots forward and takes Thesz down!

    The two men brawl again like animals on the floor as the crew at ringside join in to try and seperate them.

    JR: “The hatred between these two one time friends has boiled over here tonight!”

    Both men are finally restrained by about 8 men on either side, Thesz sporting a swelling under his eye now as blood drips down Inoki’s forehead.

    Necrominus is out with a mic.

    Necro: “Stop this madness! You two want to beat each other so bad? You’ve already got your match! But I’m going to raise the stakes a little bit.

    Who truly is the best - Lou Thesz (boos) or Antonio Inoki (loud cheers)?

    Well on Sunday - we will find out for definite. Because… not only will your match be a Retirement Match… it will truly test everything you both know about this great sport.

    At Natural Selection, it will be Antonio Inoki… VS Lou Thesz -

    Thesz and Inoki look at each other - Inoki is smiling! Thesz looks a little stunned, but nods back at Inoki.

    JR: “One of the most personal battles in NCW history comes to a head on Sunday! Two men enter - one man leaves with his career intact. The other… is forced to retire! Lou Thesz VS Antonio Inoki at Natural Selection - in an Iron Man Match!”

    Commercial Break

    Announcer: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall… and is for the NCW Rising Star Championship!”

    Strowman comes to the stage, the Rising Star Championship on his shoulder:

    Strowman: “BRAWN!”

    Strowman heads towards the ring with a focused look in his eyes.

    JR: “Tonight marks the fifth defense of Strowman’s championship here in NCW, and tonight will prove his toughest opponent yet!”

    Jiminy: “You can say that again, Jim!”

    JR: “Tonight marks….”

    Jiminy: “What the hell? Don’t take it literally!”

    Strowman is in the ring now staring straight up at the stage.

    Giant Haystacks comes to the stage, the hulking mass of humanity gazing down towards the ring where Strowman stands unmoved.

    JR: “The legendary Giant Haystacks has joined NCW - and he is here to claim that championship for his own!”

    Jiminy: “Oh man! I can’t pick a winner!”

    Braun waits as Haystacks enters the ring, before stepping nose to nose with the larger man.

    JR: “For the first time in his career Strowman is the smaller man - and then some! 2 inches shorter, and… more glaringly.. 300lbs lighter!”

    Jiminy: “I think this could be the problem for Braun, Jim. How on earth can he lift Haystacks up for a powerslam - or even knock him down?”

    JR: “I dunno, Jiminy… but I guess… we’re about to find out!”

    Announcer: “Introducing first, the challenger, standing 6 ft 11 inches tall…. weighing in at 685lbs… from London, England. He is the legendary - the ONLY…. GIIIIIAAAAAANNNNNTTTTT HAAAAYYYYYYYSTTTTTAAACKKKKKKKSSSSSS!”

    Announcer: “And now, introducing the champion. From Orlando Florida, standing 6 feet 8 inches tall, weighing in at 385lbs…. The Monster Among Men - BRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNN STROWWWWWWWWWWWMANNNNNNNNNNNNN!”

    The referee takes the championship from Strowman and displays it to the crowd. He hands it to the outside, calls for the bell - and this match is on!

    Both men stare across the ring at each other, unmoving for a moment. Strowman suddenly smiles at Haystacks - who returns the smile! The two men stalk towards each other - and lock up!

    Haystacks sheer weight pushes Strowman back two steps, but he steadies himself and forces Haystacks back to the centre. The two men keep themselves tied up and circle each other, both battling for dominance.

    Strowman forces Haystacks back on step - before Haystacks gathers some force and pushes Strowman all the way into the corner!

    The referee tries to force the break between the two monsters - Haystacks raises his fist and the ref runs half way across the ring in fear!

    Haystacks rakes Strowman’s eyes, grabs him by the head and drives his knee into his gut!

    JR: “Wow! This just got personal real fast!”

    Jiminy: “It’s for the championship, JR - that always causes friction!

    Braun doubles over in pain as Haystacks clubs him to one knee, backing up before looking to splash the recovering Strowman in the corner - he charges forward - Strowman moves!

    Haystacks smashes into the turnbuckles as Braun has already hit the ropes, Haystacks slowly turns around - Braun ploughs him to the mat with a shoulder!

    The crowd are in awe as Haystacks tries to scramble to his feet, Strowman drives a knee into the side of the giant’s head!

    Haystacks stumbles from the impact, but doesn’t go down - Strowman tries to lift Haystacks for a powerslam…. Haystacks fights back with punches!

    Haystacks flings Strowman against the ropes, Strowman comes back, ducks Haystacks lunging clothesline - rebounds again - and collides with a clothesline of his own!

    Haystacks falls back against the ropes, looking a little loopy - Braun pushes the advantage, knees Haystacks in the stomach…


    JR: “My God! My good God! That’s a 400 lb man Strowman just lifted over his shoulder!”

    It seems the entire arena has been shaken from the impact. Strowman makes the cover

    1 - 2 - 3!!! Strowman retains the championship!

    Announcer: “Here is your winner and STILL the NCW Rising Star Champion…. Braun Strowman!”

    Strowman grabs his championship from the referee and raises it in the air as the crowd cheer.

    JR: “Five defences - Five! Strowman again proving his worth tonight, he looks unstoppable!”

    Jiminy: “Sadly for Giant Haystacks he just met a bigger badder man!”

    Haystacks is staggering to his feet in the ring behind Braun. He roughly grabs his shoulder and spins him round!

    Jiminy: “Oh, fireworks!”

    Haystacks surveys the champion, who stares down his beaten opponent. Haystacks nods, pats Strowman on the shoulder - and raises his hand!

    JR: “What a show of respect from the legendary Haystacks, a passing of the torch if you will!”

    Jiminy: “I don’t understand why these guys shake hands after matches, JR. Just makes no sense!”

    JR: “How about respect, Jiminy? Braun Strowman just powerslammed Giant Haystacks. That alone deserves some measure of it!”

    Strowman smirks at Haystacks, nods - and heads for the back to the cheers of the crowd.

    Haystacks thanks the crowd for them cheering him, begins to exit the ring himself… and is attacked from behind by Jax Dane!

    Dane clubs the weakened Haystacks on the back and whips him against the ropes - Haystacks counters with a clothesline to Dane!

    Haystacks sets up a splash on Dane - and gets nailed in the back with a chair by Crimson!

    JR: “Oh, come on! This is ridiculous!”

    Jiminy: “The UnCorrupted are sending a message ahead of their massive match on Sunday!”

    Haystacks turns around, barely affected by the chair shot - he grabs the chair and wrests it from Crimson’s hands - but turns around into a huge Spear from Dane! Haystacks goes down!

    Crimson and Dane celebrate over the fallen Haystacks who is gasping for air on the mat - Crimson drags him up and sets him for the Red Sky, Dane assisting in lifting the massive man….

    JR: “My God, he’s here - the legendary partner of Giant Haystacks! It’s been talked about for months!”

    Jiminy: “Oh no… I thought Haystacks was making things up!”

    Big Daddy comes to the stage to rapturous applause from the audience. He points at Dane and Crimson and makes a beeline for the ring - Dane and Crimson bail as Big Daddy enters!

    The crowd boos the retreating villains as Big Daddy checks on Haystacks, and the two friends embrace in the ring! They then turn to face their opponents on Sunday, standing tall as Dane and Crimson back up the ramp!

    JR: “This is an intensely personal match on Sunday, Dane and Crimson saw to that!”

    Jiminy: “Puh-lease… these legendary giants are so over the hill! And The UnCorrupted will be the ones to finish them all off!”

    Commercial Break

    Backstage, Enzo is in a foul mood, ranting to Brown.

    Enzo: “It’s a joke B-Dawg! That Cass screwed you AND me! I have it down though Brown. You’re gonna face Cass in a real fight! Knock his ass out!"

    Brown nods, holding his jaw from where Cass laid him out earlier.

    In walks Necrominus, Chairman of the NCW Board.
    Necro: “What the hell are you playing at Enzo? Superstars running amok on NCW, this is not what I expected when I signed you as General Manager.”

    Enzo: “I know, I know boss man. It’s that Cass – he’s outta control! I think we should fire him!”

    Necro: “Fire him? You created this situation when you screwed him over two months ago! I should fire YOU! And just what are you on about, fight? This is Natural - Championship – WRESTLING! There’s no Akebonos or Big Shows here. No sumo, No MMA!”

    Enzo: “No no, that was only PART of the suggestion. I was gonna add… the match between Monty and Cass – is a street fight man! No rules to hold them back!

    Necro: “No. Singles match. Mano est Mano. And if you even think of getting involved, I’ll fire you faster than you can say Twitter scandal!”

    Enzo: “Not an issue. I promise – I’ll even pinky swear! I have enough to worry about defending my own title against that lunatic playing dress up!”

    Necro: “Hmmm. Yes. About that. What the hell were you thinking awarding yourself the new title? We talked about this after you did the same with the Tag belts. You are the General Manager dammit! But… never mind. Now that it’s done, and you agreed to it… the match goes ahead. And I have JUST the stipulation in mind.”

    Enzo: “Stipulation? No, no. Normal match, like Monty’s! I beat the punk one on one… with his hands tied behind his back.”

    Necrominus (frowning): “Nope, not happening. We need a match fitting for Natural Selection. A match that carries on the proud tradition of the company. In 2016, John Cena and Jeff Hardy competed in one of the greatest matches of all time with this stipulation. Then, last year, it was the ladies turn to raise the bar in the same match… albeit, with 6 opponents.

    This year, it will be your turn Enzo, to carry on the NCW tradition. You will defend your Cruiserweight Championship against Hurricane Helms… in a Ladder Match!”

    Enzo mouth drops open: “Um… what?”

    Necro: “Very good. Don’t let me down Enzo, I’m trusting you to put on one of the great NCW matches.”

    Necrominus turns and leaves before Enzo can gather himself to retort.

    Commercial Break

    Announcer: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome – the NCW Women’s Champion…. The 9th Wonder of the World…. CHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNA!”

    The crowd pops as the most dominant NCW Women’s Champion of all time comes to the stage, equipped with her pyro canon and the title strapped around her waist.


    She fires it off high into the arena, before dropping it and heading straight for the ring, rolling in, grabbing a mic and directing the back to cut her music.

    Chyna: “I’m not one for long speeches. I came here to dominate. And dominate I have done. And after Natural Selection, I will be the baddest b*tch NCW has ever seen. So whoever my challenger is, get out here. Know that you have no hope. You will simply be a bookmark as I roll through you and create the greatest reign NCW has ever seen!”

    Jiminy: “A super confident Chyna out here tonight, and no wonder. No one can touch her thus far! She embarrassed the former champion, obliterated her rivals till they ran screaming into the night. I cannot think of ANYONE who can stand a chance against her.”

    JR: “For once I agree, Jiminy. Chyna is simply the most dominant woman NCW has ever seen.”

    The crowd pops as Chyna looks ever so slightly uneasy.

    JR: “I may have spoken too soon – The Glamazon has arrived in NCW!”

    Jiminy: “Glamazon-Shmamazon. Chyna will run through her like the rest.”

    Beth Phoenix acknowledges the crowd and heads straight for the ring. She walks around it, surveying the champion in the ring before grabbing a mic and rolling in. Beth goes to speak – Chyna gets in her face!

    Chyna: “The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix. Admittedly, I’m impressed. Your reputation proceeds you. But you know, and I know you know – you can’t beat me. No one can.”

    Beth: “Chyna, with the greatest respect, get the hell out of my face!”

    The crowd cheers loudly as Chyna backs up a little, smirking.

    Beth: “I molded myself in your image, Chyna. I bet you didn’t know that. Women of our size – we usually get used in stupid angles… Mamacita, remember? And Glamarella of course. We never get the nod because of what we do in the ring. But that’s where the similarities end, of course. Because what you pioneered… I perfected. Royal Rumble appearance? Did it! Women’s Championship reigns up the gazoot? You bet I did it! I even had a piece of the Intercontinental Title through Santino. I helped him keep that title, time and time again. Without me – he was nothing.
    And on Sunday, at Natural Selection – I end your legacy. And continue my own.”

    Beth drops her mic now and steps straight into Chyna’s face.

    Chyna smirks: “Perfected? You were a forgotten face on Smackdown before you left WWE for your babies. I didn’t have a piece of the Intercontinental Title. It was mine. Twice! I won it, I defended it. You helped a jobber keep his belt. So what? I am still spoken about to this day, in the most popular era of all time in professional wrestling – The Attitude Era. You? You retired to have kids. You’re embarrassing yourself here Beth, and on Sunday – I’ll embarrass you even more.”

    Chyna now drops her mic and both stars go nose to nose in the centre of the ring.

    JR: “The tension is palpable here, it could overflow at any moment!”

    Jiminy: “Chyna told Beth exactly what we all think of her. Beth has no hope on Sunday!”

    Commercial Break

    The ring is set up with a table and usual chairs for the contract signing. Necrominus is in the ring.

    Necro: “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the first EVER encounter - between The Animal - Batista…. and the NCW Heavyweight Champion - The Ultimate Warrior!”

    The crowd cheers loudly.

    Necro continues: “Here in this very ring tonight, they will come face to face - and sign the contract that will set up a match at Natural Selection - the pinnacle in Sports Entertainment!

    And now… allow me to introduce… first - the man who will challenge for the NCW Heavyweight Championship at Natural Selection… from Washington DC, weighing in at 290lbs -

    he is a Hollywood A-Lister, a 2 time Royal Rumble winner, a 4 time Tag Team Champion… and a 6 time Heavyweight Champion. I present to you…. THE ANIMAL… BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATIIIIISSSSSSSSTAAAAAAAA!”

    The crowd come unglued as Batista comes to the stage, a wry smirk on his face. Dressed in jeans, a sleeveless shirt and sunglasses, he barely acknowledges the crowd as he sets off his pyros and makes his way to the ring.


    JR: “An… interesting entrance from Batista, the number 1 draft signing for NCW in 2018.”

    Jiminy: “Can you blame him Jim? These fickle fans turned on him last time he was in a wrestling ring, booed him out of the building!”

    JR: “There’s a little more to it than that now Jiminy….”

    Batista enters the ring and poses on the ropes, before pulling out one of the chairs, sitting down and placing his feet on the table.

    Necrominus: “And now…. introducing his opponent. From Parts Unknown.. weighing in at 280lbs -

    he is a 2 time Intercontinental Champion, a former WWE Champion, and the reigning, defending, undisputed NCW Heavyweight Champion… Please welcome… The ULLLLLLLTIMMMMMMATTTTTTTEE WARRRRRRRRIIIIOOOORRRRRRR!”

    The crowd explode as Warrior bursts through the curtains and onto the stage, barely stopping as the all action champion sprints for the ring! He is dressed in his traditional get up, with the title wrapped around his waist.


    JR: “What a reaction for our champion, it is deafening in here! Warrior has been on a tear ever since he dethroned the longest reigning champion in NCW history, and has looked unstoppable!”

    Jiminy: “Yeah… that’s until he meets a real man - Batista has this.”

    Warrior enters the ring and also poses on the ropes as Batista looks bored sitting at the table.

    Necrominus waits for the crowd’s cheering to die down a little before speaking again.

    Necro: “Well, here we are. A once in a lifetime meeting, and a clash for gold. Two superstars with very different rises to the pinnacle of our industry, but with much the same result. We can sign the contract momentarily, gentlemen… but first, would you like to address each other?”

    Necrominus steps back as Warrior stares down at Batista, who is lazily bouncing a mic off his chest. Batista smirks at the champion, before raising the mic.

    Batista: “Let that bitch speak first.”

    The crowd gasps as Warrior looks oddly at his challenger. Warrior is handed a mic by Necrominus.

    Warrior: “I have travelled the seventeen galaxies to arrive here, guided by all the little warriors out here tonight (cheers). Every heart beats as one, for the power and will of the Warrior is unbeatable!

    And when you gaze into the eyes of the Warrior, knowing he has passed through Neptune, through Saturn, through Venus, through the entire solar system and beyond with only one thought on his mind. The Ultimate Warrior will reign above all as Champion of the Universe!

    One day there will be a man to take the Warrior’s crown - but there is no man in this ring - there is only a wild animal!

    An animal can be tamed, can be controlled through the will of the Warrior, and all the little Warriors. And thus. The Ultimate Warrior has spoken, and will do battle on Sunday at Natural Selection - and there along with all of the warriors on the planet we will sail to yet new heights, new odysseys, and we will tame the savage beast together.

    Warrior will live on! (Snorts)

    The crowd are going wild as Warrior drops the mic.

    Batista however, is smirking. He now stands.

    Batista: “I see some time in the wilderness hasn’t changed you. Look at you, babbling on about all this nonsense that no one understands.

    And these (gesturing to the crowd) IDIOTS lap it up like they understand every word! (Boos) You’re a joke. Chump change from an era of dinosaurs.

    But. I idolised you. As a younger man, I wanted to get into professional wrestling to be like you. Become what you were…. as I said - WERE.

    I soon realised that becomng you would be ridiculous. Cos, look at you, with your stupid facepaint and your flowy tassles - you ain’t a star. You are a CLOWN.

    I am the star. I am the main event. I am the number 1 draft pick of this brand. Not you, not anyone else but Dave Bautista. You heard the accolades. 6 time champion, 4 time tag champ. You are nothing compared to me.

    An inkblot at a WrestleMania event is all you ever have been.

    You could have been ‘the’ guy. But you pissed it all away, and now you come back for one last moment in MY spotlight.

    At Natural Selection, Batista breaks the Warrior, and all his little warrior fans in half! Now, sign the damn contract, and I’ll close this out for you Jim.”

    Batista flips open the contract, signs it and gestures for Warrior to do the same.

    Warrior’s muscles are bulging with anger, he steps forward, looks at Batista, and signs the contract! The match is official!

    Batista shoves the table out of the way as Warrior throws a chair from the ring.
    Both men square up to each other in the centre………


    JR: “Oh. My. God. Is this the moment?”

    Jiminy: “Crikey… no way!”

    Braun Strowman, the NCW Rising Star Champion stalks towards the ring as the crowd go nuts.

    He enters the ring with purpose, stepping over the top rope as Necrominus looks dumbfounded.

    Braun takes the Rising Star Championship from his waist, stares at Warrior and Batista - smiles - then hands the championship to Necrominus…..



    JR: “He’s doing it, Bah Gawd he’s doing it! Braun Strowman has just cashed in his Rising Star Championship!”

    Jiminy: “And his shot will be in the main event at Natural Selection… What have we just witnessed!”

    Braun stalks to the centre of the ring where both Batista and Warrior look incredibly uneasy. The hulking Monster Among Men towers over both men, and smiles. He points to the sign again, and simply leaves as his music plays one more time.

    JR: “So it will be The Ultimate Warrior VS Batista…. VS Braun Strowman for the NCW Heavyweight Championship at Natural Selection! I cannot believe this is happening!”

    Jiminy: “Well believe it JR! The contract is already signed, Braun just added his guaranteed title shot to the equation!”

    Braun backs up the ramp, laughing as Warrior stares at him from the ring. Warrior turns around to face Batista….


    Warrior is planted to the mat by Batista who now shakes the ropes in typical Warrior fashion as the crowd boo him feverishly.

    JR: “Oh come on! This isn’t right!”

    Jiminy: “Opportunity strikes for the Animal, and now he proves to the world how he will crush Warrior!”

    Batista smiles at the baying crowd…



    Jiminy: “What?”

    Batista stares in shock at Warrior who runs at Batista - cleaning his clock with a huge Lariat! Batista hits the mat hard!

    Warrior now starts to shake the ropes as Batista desperately struggles to get to his feet -

    Warrior turns around and goes for the splash - Batista rolls out of the ring!

    The crowd boo as Warrior stands in the ring and Batista is on the outside, clutching his neck.

    JR: “The power of the Warrior overcame the Animal tonight!”

    Jiminy: “Nah, Batista was just warming up!”

    Warrior takes the title from his waist and poses on the ropes as Batista looks on from the floor.

    The show closes with a grinning Braun Strowman watching the proceedings from the stage.


    NCW Natural Selection 3 Finalised PPV Card:

    Braun Strowman VS Batista VS The Ultimate Warrior (C) - Triple Threat Match for the NCW Heavyweight Championship.
    Authors Of Pain(C) VS Bludgeon Brothers - NCW Tag Team Championship
    Chyna (C) VS Beth Phoenix - NCW Women’s Championship
    Big Cass VS Monty Brown
    Enzo (C) VS Hurricane - Ladder Match for the NCW Cruiserweight Championship
    Antonio Inoki VS Lou Thesz - Retirement Iron Man Match
    Giant Haystacks & Big Daddy VS Veterans of War

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    NCW Natural Selection III:


    Pyros flash and the crowd roars as we go live to the arena for Natural Selection, the pinnacle of the NCW calendar year!


    JR: “Welcome one and all to NCW – Natural Selection III! On behalf of NCW, I, Good ol’ JR along with Jiminy Billy-Bob are delighted to be here with you all!”

    Jiminy: “Kiss-ass! What a night is in store folks! Championships will be defended, blood, sweat and tears will be shed inside this ring in one of the most historic nights in NCW history!”

    JR: “And let’s just quickly run down the card for those at home, we don’t want to keep you all from the action for too long! First up a very personal rivalry will come to a head tonight – Big Cass will look to gain a measure of retribution on Monty Brown for taking him out a couple of months ago!”

    Jiminy: “I dunno why Big Cass is so upset, it was just business! But interestingly, more incentive has been added to this match – it will now be for the NCW Rising Star Championship!”

    JR: “Oh, I dunno Jiminy… costing a man several months of his career seems pretty damn personal to me! And for the Rising Star Championship, this is gonna be a blockbuster!”

    Jiminy: “We’ve also got not one, but TWO gargantuan tag team match ups – the first quite literally! Giant Haystacks and long-time friend Big Daddy face the duo, members of The UnCorrupted… Jax Dane and Crimson.”

    JR: “Another match that has kicked up a notch since Tuesday, Jiminy – for weeks Haystacks had told us all Big Daddy would be here for Natural Selection – and he wasn’t telling us porkies! Big Daddy came to his aid after a brutal beatdown by Dane and Crimson!”

    Jiminy: “Legends and behemoths, it seems that’s all we have this year! The second tag team match is for the NCW Tag Team Championships… and this one will not be for the faint hearted, folks.”

    JR: “You can say that again! The dominance of The Authors of Pain will surely be put to the test by Erick Rowan and Luke Harper – the appropriately named…. Bludgeon Brothers.”

    Jiminy: “I know I generally root for one side or the other, but I genuinely cannot pick a winner here!” And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite – Chyna, the most dominant female some say of all time, comes up against Beth Phoenix tonight for the NCW Women’s Championship.”

    JR: “Beth was dominant in her day as well, I for one can’t wait for this one! Moving further up the card, we see our General Manager finally have to get his hands dirty when he defends his self-awarded Cruiserweight Championship against everybody’s favourite superhero, Hurricane Helms… in a LADDER match!”

    Jiminy: “He’s not my favourite, Jim. I think this is an abuse of power by our Chairman of the Board, that dastardly Necrominus. I always knew he was a bad ‘un.”

    JR: “You keep saying that, Jiminy – someday it might actually be true. And that’s not all… one of the most personal encounters in NCW history is also on the card tonight. One that will wind up being the final match for one of these legends. Lou Thesz VS Antonio Inoki… in an Iron Man Retirement Match!”
    Jiminy: “60 minutes of pain awaits both men – and agony at the end for one man! I can’t wait!”

    JR: “You’re a cruel man, Jiminy. And that leads in to our main event. A rocket buster of a match if there ever was one. The Ultimate Warrior will defend his NCW Heavyweight Championship… in a Triple Threat Match.”

    Jiminy: “Yeah, this was initially a one on one match, where the true star of NCW – Batista was set to take on Warrior. That alone is a WrestleMania worthy Main Event!”

    JR: “Agreed! But after the contracts were signed on Tuesday night, Braun Strowman announced his presence – cashing in his Rising Star Championship for a shot at the most prestigious belt in NCW!”

    Jiminy: “It’s not how I would have cashed in the belt… but after 5 gruelling defences, Strowman can name his match, and he did so! Booking his ticket to the main event of Natural Selection in the process.”

    JR: “And there’s our run-down – now let’s watch it play out!”

    Announcer: “The following contest is schedule for one fall – and is NOW for the NCW… Rising Star Championship!”

    The crowd erupts as Big Cass comes to the stage, looking incredibly focused.

    JR: “And we’re gonna kick off with a massive match folks, Big Cass looking great following his injury lay off!”

    Jiminy: “Great… but not great enough to stop Monty Brown, the ever present on NCW.”

    Cass makes his way to the ring, high fiving some of the fans before stepping over the top rope. He raises his arms in the air as the fans cheer loudly.

    Then he turns and with a lazer focus looks at the entrance way for his opponent.

    The crowd boo loudly as Brown makes his way out. He flips off the fans as he heads down the ramp, mouthing off at Cass in the ring.

    Jiminy: “Such disrespect for a veteran of NCW, Jim. This guy has been here since the beginning and he still can’t get any love!”

    JR: “Is it any wonder, Jiminy? He tied his cart to the Brotherhood, turned on his long-time friend and ended his NCW career last year, and now pops back up as bodyguard to Enzo! The fans are entitled to dislike him!”

    Brown enters the ring and steps straight into Cass’s face.

    Cass answers with a right hand and this match is on!

    Jiminy: “What? No title announcements? Cass should be disqualified!”

    The Beginning:

    Cass backs Brown up into the corner with right hands, Brown looking stunned from the early onslaught.

    He grabs the ropes as the referee gets in between the men to force the break – Brown kicks out at Cass’s bad knee!

    Cass grabs it in pain as Brown smirks and levels Cass with a clothesline!

    JR: “Ah come on! A cheap shot from Brown!”

    Jiminy: “Countering a cheap shot from Cass, you’re very biased you know Jim.”

    Brown dives down and hits an elbow drop on Cass’s knee. He gets to his feet and slams the same knee off the canvas twice!

    Brown then rolls to the outside, drags Cass by the legs to the ring post – and slams Cass’s bad knee off it twice!

    Cass rolls around in agony as Brown smirks at the referee who is gesturing at him.

    The Middle:

    Brown continues to work on Cass’s knee throughout the match, every time Cass tries to get some momentum, Brown kicks out at, or chop blocks the knee.

    Cass can barely stand at this point as Brown stands over him laughing.

    JR: “This is a joke. Brown is deliberately trying to re injure that knee, and it looks like it may have worked!”

    Jiminy: “What you call a joke, I call fantastic tactics! There’ll be no boot in Brown’s face if Cass can’t walk!”

    Brown now stalks Cass who is trying to get to his feet using the ropes.

    Cass hobbles around, Brown boots him in the stomach looking for the Alpha Bomb – Cass fights out with punches – but lands hard on the knee and stumbles – Brown hits the ropes… POUNCE! POUNCE TO BIG CASS!

    Cass crashes to the mat, but the momentum of the Pounce sends him rolling to the floor.

    Brown tries to grab him as he falls out of the ring but is too slow.

    Jiminy: “No! Brown has the match! He had it there!”

    JR: “When you say he has the match, I say it’s clever from Cass!”

    Jiminy: “I hate you sometimes, Jim. I really do.”

    Brown looks down at Cass in anger. He rolls to the outside and tries to haul Cass up and put him back in the ring – Cass is dead weight!

    Brown struggles with the bigger man, trying to throw him back into the ring. He manages to drag Cass to his knees and he lays prone holding the ring apron.

    Brown suddenly smirks. He backs up and takes aim at Cass who is starting to move… Brown charges forward looking for a second Pounce…


    He uses Brown’s momentum, whips him forward – Monty Brown collides head first with the ring post! Brown is out!

    Cass tries to stand but his knee gives him trouble again, he collapses back in a sitting position against the guard rail as Brown lies motionless on the floor.

    The referee halts the count, leaves the ring and starts motioning to the back for medical staff as he checks on Brown.

    The End:

    Cass has managed to roll back into the ring and is holding the ropes to stand as the medical staff help Brown to his feet.

    A stretcher is at ring side and they try to put Brown on it.

    Brown’s eyes are glassy, but he shakes his head! He staggers back into the ring, ready to face Cass who gets a burst of energy, charges forward –


    Cass collapses onto the mat, screaming in pain at the effort required from his knee. Brown looks completely and utterly motionless on the canvas.

    Cass squirms across the ring and drapes an arm across the unconscious Brown…

    3!! Cass has done it!

    Announcer: “Here is your winner… and the NEEEEEWWWWW NCW Rising Star Champion… BIGGGGGG CASSSSSSSSSSSS!”

    The crowd cheer loudly as Cass struggles to his feet, still showing the ill effects of the injured knee.

    The referee hands him the championship, and he limps to the ropes before raising it high in the air for the fans.

    Brown meanwhile is rolled from the ring and placed on a stretcher, still motionless.


    Jiminy: “No! Brown had this match! One mistake and now the opportunity is gone!”

    JR: “He risked it all to try and end Big Cass. Unfortunately it didn’t pay off and Cass is the champion!”

    Why I booked it this way: Cass had to get his revenge, but I wanted to make my NCW mainstay look strong even in defeat. Plenty of scope here for a rematch and Cass has the Rising Star belt to push him upwards into the Heavyweight Title picture after a slow build as well.

    Backstage, Batista is seen entering the arena, a scowl on his face. He ignores all people he passes, making a beeline for the Chairman’s office.


    He doesn’t even knock, nearly ripping the door off its hinges and stepping within.

    Inside, a game of Dungeons and Dragons is ongoing.


    Necrominus, dressed as a dwarf sits around a table with a stuffed Tigger toy, The Berzerker John Nord, a man in a warrior outfit with ‘Sk’ initialled on the the side of his armour, a person in full plate armour the other side playing a Banjo, and the dungeon master, face hooded with a Four emblazoned on it.

    The Berzerker and Necrominus are having a blazing row over his character in the game.

    Necro: “There is no Viking Class John. Pick Fighter and use a backstory!”

    Berserker: “No way! You always do this! The story always has to be about you! I quit!”

    The Berserker flips the table in anger and storms out of the room.

    Batista looks around in stunned silence.

    Batista: “What the hell is this? What kind of two bit promotion did I sign for? I was promised a title match, and again I get screwed over!”

    Necro: “What do you mean? You got your match! I have no control over what Strowman decides to do with a title shot he earned!”

    Batista: “I could beat the Warrior with a hand tied behind my back – but now I might not even be involved in a decision that costs me my opportunity. I swear, Necrominus. If I get screwed – there’s going to be hell to pay for you! My lawyers will shut this company down!”

    Batista storms out of the room as the others help Necrominus to set the table up again.

    Necro: “Now, where were we? Oh yes… I cast…”

    The cameras cut back to the arena.

    The crowd roar their approval as the giants come to the ring, bumping fists on the entrance way and entering.

    Jiminy: “A very physical match up next folks – even I don’t know how Dane and Crimson compete with the sheer mass of humanity they face!”

    JR: “Revenge is a dish best served squashed in my opinion, Jiminy – Dane and Crimson about to get what’s coming to them!”

    Dane and Crimson are out next, and tentatively make their way to the ring.
    The two big men are obviously wary of the giants that are staring angrily at them from the ring.

    Both men roll into the ring and the referee looks like a gnat standing between the four physical specimens.

    JR: “I sincerely hope the referee doesn’t plan to do anything here but count a fall or call for a submission… all four men look like they could eat him for breakfast!”

    Jiminy: “And crap him out for dinner! I’ve got a bad feeling about this one, JR…”

    Big Daddy backs off and takes his place on the apron whilst Crimson does the same.

    Haystacks stares down at Dane as the referee calls for the bell to start the match!

    The Beginning:

    Dane challenges Haystacks to a test of strength – the giant smirks at him and goes to lock up – Dane tries to kick out at Haystacks, who grabs his leg and and flings him across the ring!

    Dane looks up in shock as Haystacks advances, shaking his head and smiling.

    Dane tries to kick out at Haystacks again – Haystacks moves and stands on Dane’s leg!

    Dane roars in pain and grabs the ropes as the referee nicely asks Haystacks to remove the pressure on Dane’s leg.

    Jiminy: “Come on! That’s not a wrestling move! Haystacks could break Dane’s leg!”

    Haystacks backs up as Dane clutches his leg in agony. Haystacks advances – Dane rolls under a clothesline and tags in a bewildered Crimson!

    JR: “I think the UnCorrupted have bitten off more than they can chew here tonight!”

    The Middle:

    Haystacks continues to dominate both men, as Big Daddy cheers him on from the apron. Dane is back in the ring now, and gets levelled with a huge clothesline from the giant.

    Haystacks backs up, looking for the splash – Crimson grabs his leg on the outside!

    Haystacks easily shakes off Crimson and runs forward for the splash – Dane moves!

    Haystacks crashes into the mat with the force shaking the reinforced ring.

    Dane stumbles to his feet and stalks Haystacks –


    Dane makes the cover…

    1 – Haystacks powers out!

    Jiminy: “What? Dane hit Haystacks with the force of two trucks colliding and he kicks out at 1?”

    JR: “Haystacks is a beast!”

    Dane looks at the referee in shock and dives for another cover – Haystacks tosses him off before the referee can even count once!

    Dane rolls away and tags in Crimson as Haystacks is getting to his feet, Crimson runs across the ring and levels Haystacks with a big boot!

    He ascends the ropes – elbow drop to the heart of Giant Haystacks!

    Crimson now makes the cover as Big Daddy tries to enter the ring

    1 – 2 – Haystacks throws Crimson off him with force!

    The End:

    Crimson and Dane stare at each other, shaking their heads.

    Dane re enters the ring despite the referee’s protestations and the two men stalk Haystacks –

    Crimson and Dane try to lift Haystacks for the Red Sky… Haystacks shoves both men off!

    Dane and Crimson run at Haystacks, who blasts both men with a double clothesline!

    The fans are in awe of the power of Haystacks, who looks to his friend – he tags Big Daddy in!

    Big Daddy stalks Crimson as Dane struggles back to his feet – Haystacks goes to cut him off –


    JR: “What? What is he doing?”

    Haystacks staggers forwards as Big Daddy clubs on him – Haystacks turns and shoves Big Daddy off him

    Haystacks: “What ya doin, Shirley?”

    Big Daddy smirks as there is no time for reply as Dane crashes into Haystacks with a second Spear!

    Haystacks falls to the mat as the referee is about to call for the bell – Big Daddy grabs the referee’s arm!

    Big Daddy: “You ring that bell and I’ll wring your neck, you blighter!”

    The referee, terrified nods and Big Daddy lets him go.

    He backs up and hits a Daddy Splash…

    And a second…


    The three men drag Haystacks to his corner where Big Daddy puts the tag rope in his hand and tags Haystacks back into the match.

    Then the three men haul the motionless man to his feet, Crimson sets him as Big Daddy and Dane assist…

    Red Sky to Haystacks!

    Crimson makes the cover as Dane piles on and Big Daddy threatens the referee…


    JR: “This is a robbery. Why Big Daddy Why?”

    Jiminy: “There’s always an ace in the hole for the UnCorrupted – I should have known!”

    The crowd boo the three men angrily as they stand tall over the fallen Haystacks.

    Big Daddy shakes hands with Dane and Crimson and the three celebrate again before going to leave.

    Haystacks tries to stir in the ring as the men head up the ramp.

    Big Daddy turns back and sees Haystacks moving –

    he runs back to the ring and hits a fourth Daddy Splash!

    Haystacks lies motionless on the mat as Big Daddy puts his foot on his former friend and beats his chest.

    JR: “There’ll be hell to pay for Big Daddy when Haystacks recovers. This is only the beginning!”

    Jiminy: “Haystacks might as well leave NCW, he can’t hope to stand up to the UnCorrupted!”

    Why I booked it this way: Haystacks and Big Daddy were a famous tag team in the UK, and I decided to give nostalgia one last ride. Big Daddy turning on Haystacks makes this a bigger deal, given the four involved than it probably should be and plenty of opportunities going forward for Haystacks to feud with Big Daddy. Dane and Crimson get a huge win and establish themselves as a credible team in the tag division as well.

    Backstage, NCW’s newest announcer, Stephanie King is standing by.

    Stephanie: “My guest at this time… the former Rising Star Champion, who cashed in the title for a main event match here tonight for the NCW Heavyweight Championship… Braun Strowman.”


    The crowd pops as the Monster Among Men towers over the interviewer.

    Braun: “I heard him talking earlier. Batista. The Hollywood phony. All he does is cry. Well I’ll make him cry tonight when I leave him broken and battered in MY ring. And as for the champion… (laughs) Warriors don’t stand up to Monsters. Warriors get CRUSHED by Monsters. I earned my shot. I will NOT waste it. I will be… the CHAMPION…. Among Men.”

    Braun goes to leave but notices two men watching him – Luke Harper and Erick Rowan!

    The three exchange a glance as Strowman stares at them briefly and walks off. Stephanie runs the other direction as the Bludgeon Brothers stare into the camera.


    Announcer: “The following contest – is a Ladder Match! (crowd pops) And is for – the NCW Cruiserweight Championship!”

    JR: “Here we go, Enzo about to get his just desserts!”

    Jiminy: “Don’t be so sure, Enzo has Hurricane scouted – I’m sure of it!”

    Announcer: “Introducing the Challenger, weighing in at 215lbs – Hurricane Helms!”

    The crowd cheer loudly as Hurricane comes to the stage in typical fashion.

    They cheer even louder when Hurricane leaps into the air and flies to the ring!

    JR: “Wow! Hurricane IS a superhero! This is amazing!”

    Jiminy: “Ah come on, I can see the damn cables attached – this is too far!”

    JR: “Where’s your sense of fun, Jiminy – suspension of reality? You always were a spoilsport!”

    Jiminy: “……”

    Hurricane takes off his cloak in the ring and does his trademark pose as the crowd chant his name.

    He points at the Cruiserweight Championship suspended above the ring for another loud cheer.

    Announcer: “And now, introducing the champion. He is also the General Manager of NCW – weighing in at 200lbs… Enzo Amore!”

    Enzo comes to the stage and the arena erupts in boos. He has a mic in hand.

    Enzo: “Cut my music. Cut it! My name is…”

    The boos are so loud they nearly drown out Enzo speaking.

    Enzo: “Shut up! I will be heard! MY NAME IS ENZO AMORE – AND I AM A CERTIFIED G AND YOUR GM – And you Can’t Teach That!”

    Crowd: “Hurricane! Hurricane!”

    Enzo: “I’ll get to the costumed freak in a minute. And that over the ring – is My Cruiserweight Championship… and you Can’t Teach That!

    Bada Boom, realest GM in the room – How You Doin?”

    Crowd: “Shut the F up! Shut the F up!”

    Enzo: “You’re all nothing’ but hatas!
    Hatas everywhere I look!
    (He points to the side) Hatas!
    (To the other side) Hatas!
    (To the kids in the front rows) Hatas!
    (And finally to Hurricane) And you… you ain’t a hata… You’re a joke!”

    Hurricane leaves the ring at this point to cheers and runs up the ramp after Enzo! Enzo backs up.

    Enzo: “Woah! This match is in the ring – get back in there!”

    Hurricane shakes his head and advances – Enzo tries to hit Hurricane with the mic again – Hurricane ducks and takes Enzo down!

    The crowd erupt as Hurricane pounds on Enzo on the ramp – Enzo slips out and runs down to ringside – Hurricane flips up and gives chase!

    The Beginning:

    Enzo runs around the ring and tries to slide underneath it.

    Hurricane catches up and grabs Enzo by the legs, pulling him back out – Enzo brings a chair with him, and swings with hard – connecting with the top of Hurricane’s head!

    The crowd boo as Hurricane falls to the ground, dazed by the force of the chair shot. Enzo climbs to his feet, and drives the chair into Hurricane’s gut!

    Enzo tosses the chair to one side, and searches under the ring, pulling out a ladder.

    He throws it into the ring and stomps on Hurricane a few times before climbing in himself.

    Jiminy: “I told you, JR. Superheroes don’t exist… well, apart from Enzo of course.”

    JR: “Another sneaky act from our GM – but what do we expect these days!”

    Enzo sets up the ladder as Hurricane tries to get to his feet.

    Enzo notices and hits a baseball slide, sending Hurricane flying backwards into announce table.

    He shakes his head and exits the ring again, again looking under the ring. This time he pulls out a table!

    JR: “What is he doing with that? This isn’t a TLC match?”

    Jiminy: “As you tell me all the time – there are no rules here. The GM does whatever he damn well wants!”

    Enzo sets up the table at the ring apron.

    He stomps on Hurricane another couple of times, before hauling him up and setting him for a suplex –

    Hurricane counters! Suplex onto the announce table!

    Enzo bounces off the table and falls onto the floor as Hurricane staggers towards the ring!

    JR: “Uh oh, Enzo’s plan backfired!”

    Jiminy: “Now that can’t be legal – is Enzo ok?”

    The Middle:

    Hurricane rolls into the ring and looks down at Enzo who is writhing in pain on the floor.

    Hurricane points to the championship and begins to climb as the crowd cheer loudly!

    JR: “This is it – Hurricane has it!”

    Jiminy: “Come on Enzo, get up!”

    Hurricane climbs the ladder slowly, wincing at the pain in his back.

    Enzo crawls back into the ring and hauls himself up using the ropes – he runs over as Hurricane is about to grasp the title, climbs up a few rungs and delivers a low blow!

    JR: “NO! Ah come on, even you can’t support that!”

    Jiminy: “Brilliant, absolutely brilliant by Enzo!”

    Hurricane slumps on the ladder, clutching his nether regions as Enzo places Hurricane on his shoulders… he falls backwards off the ladder –


    Both men crash to the mat, Hurricane absorbing most of the damage.

    The End:

    Enzo begins to stir, and again using the ropes gets to his feet.

    He smirks at Hurricane who has still not moved on the mat.

    The crowd boo Enzo as he climbs the ladder facing the fallen Hurricane, and stops at the top to wave goodbye to the superhero!

    Jiminy: “Yes! Enzo is the real hero! Buh-bye Hurri-joke!”

    JR: “You really are a douche, you know that Jiminy?”

    Enzo begins to unstrap the championship… Hurricane pops up!

    The crowd cheer wildly as Hurricane tears up the ladder – and hits Enzo with a forearm!

    Jiminy: “Wait, no – that’s not in the script…”

    Enzo staggers backwards and nearly falls, he tries to return a punch towards Hurricane – who catches his arm and shakes his head.

    Hurricane sets Enzo –


    JR: “My God! Hurricane putting life and limb on the line to stop Enzo here!”

    Jiminy: “That’s assault! Someone call the cops!”

    Both men lie motionless on the mat as the crowd chant:

    “This is Awesome! This is Awesome!”

    Eventually, Hurricane begins to stir and rolls towards the ropes. He begins to slowly pull himself to his feet…. Enzo is stirring!

    Enzo and Hurricane get to their feet at the same time!

    Both men exchange blows that nearly knock each other down…

    Crowd: “Boo! Yeah! Boo! Yeah!”

    Enzo knees Hurricane in the gut suddenly, and spies the table below them – he steps out onto the apron again looking for the suplex…


    Hurricane smiles as Enzo shakes his head at the superhero….


    The crowd roar with excitement as Enzo crashes through the table to the floor, lying in a broken mess there.

    JR: “This is it – Enzo has been slain!”

    Jiminy: “No… someone get the medics! Poor Enzo…”

    Hurricane turns, half falling as he heads for the ladder.

    He drags himself up, rung by rung to the top.

    Finally he reaches up, and with a final look back over his shoulder at the motionless Enzo –

    Unstraps the Title!

    The bell sounds as Hurricane’s music plays.


    The crowd are cheering with joy as an exhausted Hurricane holds the title high above his head atop the ladder.

    JR: “You were saying about superheroes, Jiminy?”

    Jiminy: “This is a travesty!”

    Why I booked it this way: I wanted Enzo (Enzopicus) as a dastardly sneaky heel GM, and needed someone not so gigantic to take him down a peg or two. Hurricane was perfect for the role. Enzo still looks relatively strong in defeat, and we can all expect a world of hurt for Hurricane as retribution as Enzo exacts revenge from his position of power.

    Backstage, Stephanie is with Beth Phoenix.

    Stephanie: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the challenger for the NCW Women’s Championship… Beth Phoenix!
    Beth, how are you planning on combatting the thus far unstoppable force of Chyna here in NCW?”

    Beth looks at Stephanie with anger: “What do you mean? Chyna has faced has-beens and never-were’s in NCW thus far. Her only competition so far was leaving the company and unprepared. I am neither leaving the company, a has-been, or a never-was. I am a legit Hall of Famer, dominant in my own era like none other.

    Tonight Chyna comes face to face with the Glamazon. She wants to make glib comments about me deciding to have a family?
    How about her life choices to stick as things in as many holes as possible?

    I am a woman of integrity, and I am happy with my decision to leave wrestling behind. But now I’m back.

    And Chyna – you stand in my way.

    Tonight you feel the full force of the Glamazon… and to quote my husband for a moment – it will be Rated R.”

    Beth Phoenix walks off screen.

    Announcer: “The following tag team contest – is for the NCW Tag Team Championships!”

    The crowd cheer as Erick Rowan and Luke Harper come to the stage, and begin to stalk towards the ring.

    JR: “Whatever came before this, nothing compares to the hard hitting war this is going to be!”

    Jiminy: “Bludgeon Brothers and Authors of Pain in the same ring, at the same time. One guarantee – this will be epic!”

    Harper and Rowan stare vacantly at the stage as they await their opponents.

    The crowd boo the arrival of Paul Ellering and his charges, Akam and Rezar.

    JR: “Interesting reaction here for The Authors of Pain – I can’t help but think it’s down to their spokesperson.”

    Jiminy: “Nonsense, Jim! Paul Ellering is a man of integrity, why would they boo him? Shame on these fans!”

    Akam and Rezar head straight for the ring, enter and step straight into Rowan and Harper’s faces.

    JR: “Not an ounce of fear or backing down from the young champions, this truly is a sight!”

    Jiminy: “Both are former NXT Tag Team Champions, dominant in their own right. The Authors of Pain have owned the Tag Division here in NCW since their arrival – but this surely is their greatest test yet.”

    The referee holds the titles up for both teams to see, but neither team break their gaze on the other.

    The crowd pop a little as Necrominus, Chairman of NCW comes to the stage!

    Jiminy: “What the heck does this guy want? And look, he’s still dressed as a dwarf!”

    There is a mini “Dungeons & Dragons” chant directed at Necrominus as he speaks:

    Necro: “This match is truly a hard hitting contest… and I see no reason to limit it by one man from each team in the ring. Ladies and Gentlemen, this match will now be…

    A Tornado Tag Team match!

    The crowd roars its approval as Necro leaves the stage. In the ring, both teams are smiling and nodding at one another!

    Ellering looks a little apprehensive on the outside however.

    JR: “Oh Yes! What a decision by Necro! This match just got more physical if that’s even possible!”

    Jiminy: “Damn Necro wanting to hog the spotlight. He could have at least changed his attire!”

    The referee hands the titles to the outside – and calls for the bell – this match is on!

    The Beginning:

    Akam and Rezar.

    Harper and Rowan.

    Both teams stand across from each other almost as if in a trance even after the bell rings.

    Suddenly it seems to slowly break – and all four men begin trading blows in the centre of the ring!

    The crowd cheer for all four men as none of the four back down, going blow for blow with each other.

    Finally Rezar starts to back Rowan up towards the corner – Harper meanwhile whips Akam against the ropes and he comes back both men collide shoulder to shoulder!

    Neither man moves an inch!

    Rowan is in the corner now, but counters Rezar’s assault with an elbow to the temple, Rezar staggers a bit, seeing stars – Rowan whips him over the ropes to the floor!

    He runs across the ring and nails Akam in the back of the head – Harper catches him and delivers a flapjack!

    Akam rolls out of the ring on the other side as both of the Authors of Pain are now on the outside.

    The Bludgeon Brothers stand tall as Akam and Rezar look a little frustrated!

    Rowan and Harper don’t rest long however, both men leave the ring after the AOP in different directions.

    Harper bounces off the ropes, running towards Akam – and dives through the middle rope taking the himself and Akam to the floor!

    Rowan leaves via the other side, but Rezar grabs his leg and pulls it from under him. Rowan bounces off the apron and falls to the floor.

    Rezar runs around the other side as Harper is getting to his feet – Rezar runs up the steps, and dives at Harper, taking him to the floor with a clothesline!

    Rezar now helps Akam to his feet and both men roll into the ring as Harper and Rowan are climbing to their feet on the outside –

    The fans cheer as now the roles are reversed with AOP staring at the challengers on the outside from the ring!

    The Middle:

    Both teams have continued their war for quite a while now.

    With games of one upsmanship aside, Rezar and Akam have managed to take Harper down on the outside and are now focusing a two on one attack on Rowan in the ring.

    Rowan is staggering to his feet as AOP are poised for their finisher…

    LAST… NO!

    Harper pulls Akam from the ring and whips him into the steps!

    Rezar tries to follow up – Rowan pulls him back – Harper rolls in the ring –

    Superkick from Harper! Full Nelson slam by Rowan!

    Harper drops for the cover…

    NO! Rezar just kicks out!

    Both Bludgeon Brothers get to their feet and set Rezar for The Bludgeoning to finish the match –

    Akam rolls back in and breaks it up!

    Simultaenously, both AOP boot Rowan and Harper in the stomach and hoist them high – bouncing either man off each other


    The champs drop down for stereo covers…

    NO! Both Harper and Rowan JUST kick out!

    The End:

    Akam and Rezar slap the mat in frustration.

    They kick Rowan from the ring and await Harper getting to his feet, setting him for The Last Chapter…

    Harper ducks and Rezar hits Akam with the Lariat!

    Rezar stares down in shock at Akam as Harper climbs to his feet and Rowan rolls back in –

    Rowan catches Rezar as Harper sets him –


    Harper with the cover from the sitout powerbomb…

    JR: “They are mortal! The Authors of Pain have been beaten!”

    Jiminy: “Oh man… Rezar made a big error there and Harper and Rowan made him pay dearly!”

    Announcer: “Here are your winners…. And the NEWWWWWWWWWWW NCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper – The Bludgeon Brothers!”

    The crowd are on their feet after an amazingly hard hitting contest. Harper and Rowan hold their titles aloft as Akam and Rezar are helped from the ring by Ellering.


    JR: “I hope this isn’t the last of this battle, that was simply awesome!”

    Jiminy: “No chance. Next time the Authors of Pain will be more prepared – and win!”

    Why I booked it this way: I wanted a hard hitting, all action tag team title match and with these two teams you would certainly get that. I really, really wanted to give AOP the win here but if seeing as this is only a beginning of a feud, it’s no harm to have The Bludgeon Brothers grab the titles for now. Both teams come out looking strong with a simple error from Rezar costing the AOP the match. Going forward I’d consider using Ellering as a Paul Bearer type and have him switch allegiances on the AOP, turning them face for their eventual redemption and regaining of the titles.


    Stay tuned for Part 2...

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    We are now backstage with the NCW Champion… The Ultimate Warrior.


    Stephanie: “Warrior it must have come as a shock to you to find out that now you must face not one, but two opponents in tonights main event?”

    Warrior: “Balls of gas burning millions of miles away.

    Asteroids are about to collide.
    The Warrior has again descended from the heavens to do battle with giants on the planes of NCW. And it is no different.
    Animals, and Monsters will all fall to the power of the Warrior aided by the millions of little Warriors around the world.
    United together as one, under one barrier, I will represent and destroy on their behalf.

    Warrior is the NCW Champion – thus it was written, and it shall stay the same. (SNORTS).”

    Warrior stares into the screen as a perplexed Stephanie looks on.


    Announcer: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is an Iron Man Match – where the loser will be forced to retire.”

    Lou Thesz appears on the stage without music, and makes his way to the ring. The fans boo him loudly.

    He is sporting a large black eye from his tussle with Inoki last week.

    JR: “Following the brawl last week on Tuesday Night Destruction, you can see the aftermath on Thesz. Antonio Inoki required 7 staples in his head after the elbow Thesz gave him as well!”

    Jiminy: “And that’s what you get when you mess with Thesz. This isn’t going to be a wrestling match, JR. This will be a straight up, 60 minute fight with whoever blinks first losing!”

    JR: “Quite. Two legitimate guys who could each stake a claim to the best ever. But this has got so personal, I think any wrestling purists had better understand what this is going to be – a Slobberknocker!”

    Thesz doesn’t want to get in the ring, he is waiting on the floor for Inoki to appear but the referee remonstrates with him that the match must start in the ring.

    He shakes his head angrily and eventually complies.

    Jiminy: “I don’t know how any referee is going to keep a lid on this, JR!”

    Finally, as the fans chant for Inoki, he also comes out to no music and makes a beeline for the ring!

    Inoki rolls in, Thesz charges – Inoki takes him down – and this Iron Man Match is on!

    0-10 mins:

    Both men brawl to start the contest but eventually get separated by the referee.

    Technical prowess is displayed by both men but Thesz continues to get the upperhand on Inoki to start things off.

    A near fall occurs when Inoki breaks out of a pinning position, pops up and lays out Thesz with an Enziguiri!

    Inoki drops for the cover
    Thesz kicks out!

    Inoki starts to seize the initiative as we move into the teen minutes:

    10-20 mins:

    Inoki pushes Thesz to the limit now, wrapping him up in all kinds of MMA style holds and pounding on him.

    The swelling on Thesz’s eye is now turning a shade of purple as the blood bruise is reopened beneath the skin.

    Thesz eventually fights back, fighting to his feet and flooring Inoki with a stiff looking elbow.

    Inoki’s cut reopens and the blood begins to flow down his head.
    Thesz sets Inoki for a powerbomb, but Inoki counters, rolling over and catching Thesz’s legs!

    He quickly wraps them up and applies an Indian deathlock!

    The crowd are baying at Thesz to tap as Inoki cinches the hold, and Thesz screams in agony, dragging and clawing at the mat trying to pull himself to the ropes.

    Thesz gets within two inches, Inoki sits up, drags Thesz back to the centre and cinches the hold again!

    Thesz tries again to reach the ropes, but the pain is just too much –



    The crowd roars as the referee forces Inoki to break the hold. Thesz clutches his right leg in agony as Inoki gets back to his feet and honourably observes the 30 second rest period between the falls.

    Thesz tries to get to his feet, but his leg gives out on him! He looks at Inoki, some worry on his face now.

    20 – 25 mins:

    Inoki continues to work over Thesz’s injured leg, but he manages to scramble to the ropes each time before Inoki can apply another submission.

    Thesz tries to fight back and hit a suplex, Inoki slips out and around the back –

    Thesz draws his leg up and hits a low blow!

    Inoki crumbles to the mat in agony – the referee was out of position! Thesz drops for the cover…

    Inoki gets the shoulder up!

    Thesz limps to his feet and hauls Inoki up, again looking for a powerbomb… He sets Inoki and tries to lift him –

    His leg buckles from the earlier damage!

    Thesz drops to one knee as Inoki struggles to his feet –

    Inoki hits ANOTHER Enziguiri and dives for a cover…


    Inoki drags Thesz to the centre of the ring, looking to apply the deathlock again…

    and gets attacked from behind by Jax Dane and Crimson!

    JR: “What? That’s not legal!”

    The referee calls for the bell as Dane lifts Inoki to Crimson –


    The referee has disqualified Thesz:


    Security flood the ring as the beatdown on Inoki continues and eventually order is restored – but the damage has been done!

    25 – 30 mins:

    Thesz again limps to his feet, at first looking a bit shocked at Inoki motionless on the canvas.

    He quickly breaks the illusion by smiling and gesturing to his own head as the fans boo him viciously.

    Thesz limps to the outside of the ring as the referee shouts at him to return to the ring.

    He shoves the time keeper violently off his chair, grabs it, folds it up and rolls back in as Inoki is now trying to pull himself to his feet.

    The referee tries to pull the chair from Thesz, who swings him round and sends the ref to the mat.

    Inoki staggers around – Thesz blasts him full force in the head!

    The chair shot sounds like a gun went off as Inoki collapses motionless on the mat.

    The referee calling for the bell is barely registered by a smiling Thesz.


    Thesz now discards the chair, and ignores the 30 second rest period to the protestations of the ref.

    He hauls a basically defenceless Inoki to his feet with brute force, sets him – and finally hits a huge Powerbomb.

    Thesz drops for the cover clutching his knee a little bit, but the damage seems to be wearing off



    The ref tries to drag Thesz off Inoki for the rest period, he shoves him back – and immediately locks in an STF!

    Inoki barely responds to the hold, the referee is yelling at Thesz but is powerless to do anything but lift Inoki’s arm…

    It drops 3 times, Inoki is totally out.


    30-40 mins:

    Thesz continues his total domination since the interference, first drawing level with Inoki via a thesz Press where Inoki basically fell to the mat anyways, then going ahead after another vicious powerbomb.

    The score is now
    4 – 3 TO LOU THESZ

    But Thesz kicks Inoki from the ring at this point, forcing the referee to count Inoki out as he leans back against the ropes, utterly exhausted from the battle.

    Inoki doesn’t seem to move at all, until the 8 count, when he somehow finds the will to pull himself up using the apron…

    but goes back down to a knee, still barely moving….

    9 – Inoki is back on his feet…

    TE… He rolls into the ring! Inoki makes the count!

    Thesz looks at Inoki in disgust.

    40 – 50 mins:

    Thesz and Inoki are both on their feet, Thesz blasting Inoki with a hard kick to the stomach.

    He sets Inoki for a third powerbomb, this one will surely end all hope…

    Inoki starts fighting back!

    He catches Thesz’s arm – and rolls through, locking in an armbar in the centre of the ring!

    Thesz roars in pain as Inoki leans back with all his strength on the arm –



    The referee breaks the hold after the submission, and both men are simply exhausted and unmoving on the canvas.

    Thesz clutches his arm but is otherwise still, as Inoki simply looks like that drained any bit of energy remaining in him. The referee begins a double count out.

    Both men somehow answer at 9, and stare wearily across the ring at each other.

    Thesz clutches his arm as both men again press forward and begin trading blows to the joy of the fans!

    50 – 55 mins:

    Both men battle for domination, neither one giving an inch as the match reaches the final ten minutes.

    Inoki slips another attempted suplex – kicks out at Thesz’s injured leg.

    He drops to one knee as Inoki backs up for the ENZIG…


    Inoki falls to the mat as Thesz is already up with a burst of energy. Inoki scrambles back to his feet..


    Thesz rolls into a cover…


    The crowd is in amazement as Thesz looks down in shock at Inoki.

    55 – 59 mins:

    Thesz tries for another Press, Inoki catches him mid-air! He swivels Thesz around – and hits a fallway slam – and bridges it!


    Both men, absolutely shattered stare at each other determinedly again. Thesz tries to roll away onto the ropes, Inoki pops up –


    Thesz collapses to the mat…

    2 – Thesz puts his foot on the ropes!
    3!!! Inoki moves ahead!


    The crowd are on their feet as the referee suddenly realises Thesz has his foot on the rope – he calls over the timekeeper as Inoki looks up, not knowing what is going on…

    Announcer: “Ladies and Gentlemen – the referee has REVERSED his decision on the last fall – the score remains at 4 falls each.”

    Angered by the decision, Inoki argues with the referee, claiming Thesz put his foot up after three – the referee shakes his head.

    Thesz rolls to his feet behind Inoki… and rolls him up!

    The ref dives for the count..

    2 - Thesz grabs Inoki’s tights!

    5 – 4 TO LOU THESZ!!!

    Thesz smirks and rolls out of the ring with the clock ticking as Inoki climbs to his feet in anger.

    He gives chase to the outside to Thesz – Thesz rolls back in and out the other side!

    JR: “It can’t end like this – Thesz used the referee distraction AND grabbed the tights to gain ANOTHER cheap pin!”

    Thesz smirks on the outside as Inoki rages inside the ring, the clock ticks to under 2 minutes!

    Desperation in his mind, Inoki dives over the ropes – and catches Thesz with a clothesline! Both men go down!

    Inoki scrambles to his feet, weary from battle and manages to haul Thesz up and roll him in the ring.

    He drops for the cover at 1 min 30 secs left…


    Inoki holds onto Thesz though, and flips over – he has it cinched!


    59th minute:

    Thesz screams in pain as Inoki extends the armbar to a full lock, and cranks back.

    Thesz is clawing at the mat, trying to close the distance to the ropes –

    Inoki now grapevines and pins Thesz’s other arm to the mat! Thesz is stranded! 40 seconds remain!


    Thesz roars in pain and agony, as both competitors stare up at the clock.

    The referee is beside Thesz now, asking him does he want to submit.

    Thesz grits his teeth and shakes his head!

    Inoki releases the grapevine at 30 seconds left, sitting back fully on the armbar – Thesz’s arm looks like it’s about to snap!

    The referee is shouting at Thesz now, looking worriedly at the arm – Thesz grabs him with his free arm and shakes his head again!

    Inoki pulls back a bit further, Thesz starts to scream again – he releases the referee and throws a few weak punches at Inoki’s thigh as the clock hits 10 seconds.

    Thesz looks at the clock and looks back at Inoki, shouting at him:


    Inoki, with fire in his eyes – leans back completely –

    a sickening crack can be heard and then a scream –

    Thesz goes limp with 2 seconds remaining! The referee drops his good arm


    TWICE (1 second)


    Inoki is in tears on the mat, his decades long career at an end –

    Thesz, broken arm and all somehow survived the armbar for nearly 2 minutes!

    JR: “Not this way! Thesz cheated his way to all 5 of his falls. This is a disgrace!”

    Medical staff come down to ringside and load Thesz onto a stretcher.

    He has passed out from the pain of the broken arm.

    They go to help Inoki, who is covered in his own blood.

    He shrugs them off, sitting dejected in the centre of the ring.

    Jiminy: “Usually I’d be lauding Thesz’s victory, but this time…”

    JR: “Exactly! This is no way to have your career end. Snuffed out by cheating!”

    Inoki struggles to compose himself as the fans chant his name. He staggers to his feet and raises his arms as the loudest cheer of the night is heard:

    “Thank You Inoki!”

    Inoki applauds the fans and slowly makes his way to the back for the very last time.


    Why I booked it this way: As much as it made sense for Inoki to overcome the odds and retire Thesz, the new faction has more scope for continuing on in NCW. Thesz would be a huge heel now, having cheated to retire Inoki and it catapults the UnCorrupted to the top of the card in a huge way. As well as that, if Inoki were to win, there’s not massive scope for development outside a title challenge.

    Announcer: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall – and is for the NCW Women’s Championship! Introducing first – from Buffalo, New York – The Glamazon… Beth Phoenix!”

    Beth comes to the stage to huge cheers from the audience.

    JR: “After the dramatic ending to the last match – this one should perk us all right up! The first ever meeting between two of the most dominant females to ever grace a ring. Beth Phoenix – The Glamazon, and Chyna – The Ninth Wonder of the World.”

    Jiminy: “Beth doesn’t stand a chance. No one has been able to stop Chyna’s rampage through our women’s divison!”

    Announcer: And now, introducing the Champion – from Londonderry, New Hampshire – she is the undefeated, undisputed NCW Women’s Champion… The Ninth Wonder of the World… CHYNA!”

    Chyna fires off her pyro cannon as the crowd cheer for her as well.


    She dumps it on the ground, unstraps the championship from her waist and makes a beeline for the ring.

    Sliding in, she gets straight in Beth’s face pointing at her title:

    “This is mine! You can’t beat me!”

    The referee steps between the two and both back up slightly, not breaking eye contact.

    The referee calls for the bell!

    The Beginning:

    Chyna and Beth circle each other, neither wanting to make the first move.

    Chyna finally steps in – Beth slides around and fireman carries her to the mat!

    Beth proceeds to top control on Chyna, manoeuvring around and slapping her face before rolling off to the far corner and smiling!

    JR: “For all Chyna’s power, she seems to have totally discounted the wrestling acumen of Beth Phoenix! This could be an Achilles heel!”

    Jiminy: “Nah – Chyna is just a little rusty from throwing women around in every match. Beth is tough – Chyna is tougher.”

    Chyna climbs to her feet, angered at Beth who is still smiling in the corner.

    She charges forward, looking for a clothesline – Beth step aside and shoves Chyna chest first into the turnbuckles!

    Chyna bounces off them, a little winded – Beth grabs her and hits a back-breaker! Chyna goes down again!

    JR: “Well this isn’t going as expected. Chyna can’t lay a glove on Beth so far!”

    The Middle:

    Beth continues her dominance of Chyna, the crowd in awe of her technical expertise.

    Chyna tries to power out of a number of holds – Beth simply shifts her weight and keeps her grounded.

    Chyna does burst up and try to unleash a flurry of strikes – Beth slips the first blow, slides around and knees Chyna in the back, before locking in a dragon sleeper!

    Beth leans back on the hold as Chyna struggles, in shock at the sheer dominance Beth has inflicted thus far.

    Chyna however after only a few moments powers up!

    She has Beth on her shoulder and runs at the turnbuckles –

    Snake Eyes to Beth!

    Beth staggers backwards, Chyna boots her in the stomach looking to end this with the Pedigree –

    Beth reverses into a back body drop!

    Chyna goes down hard – Beth turns around quickly and locks in the Glam Clutch!

    She grapevines around Chyna, who is stranded in the centre of the ring!

    JR: “This could be it – Beth has the hold in tight!”

    Jiminy: “Come on Chyna, you can get out of this!”

    With amazing strength, Chyna begins to climb to her feet with Beth wrapped around and the hold in tight – she backs up into a corner as quickly as possible, winding Beth and releasing the hold –

    Chyna flips Beth off her, grabs her by the head – Sleeper Slam! She drops for the cover

    Beth kicks out!

    The End:

    Chyna is back on her feet now, but clearly gasping for air after the pace of the match thus far.

    Beth is trying to get back to her feet and Chyna rushes, looking for a clothesline – Beth ducks and lifts Chyna using her momentum – guillotine on the top rope!

    Beth quickly launches the dazed Chyna into the corner where she slumps down trying to catch some air –

    Beth charges and drives her hip full force into Chyna’s head!

    Beth drags Chyna up, looking for the Glam Slam –

    Chyna counters – boot to the stomach –


    The cover…

    Jiminy and JR: “What?”

    Chyna looks down at Beth in shock, shaking her head in anger now.

    She drags Phoenix to her feet, and looks to press her military style –

    Beth slides out the back –



    The fans are on their feet again at the resilience of both women.

    Beth is quicker to her feet as Chyna looks absolutely gassed.

    Chyna lunges at Beth, who boots Chyna in the stomach –


    Beth drops for the cover –
    3! Beth has just won the Championship – she’s beaten Chyna!

    JR: “With Chyna’s own move, Beth Phoenix defeats the 9th Wonder of the World. This is amazing!”

    Jiminy: “I really can’t believe it JR. What a display from Beth – I will happily admit I was wrong!”

    The announcer declares Beth Phoenix as the new champion as the referee raises her arm.


    Chyna is sitting in the corner, staring dejectedly at the mat as Beth has her arm raised.

    Beth looks down at Chyna, and offers her a hand up!

    Chyna tentatively takes Beth’s arm – and Beth pulls her sharply into her face!

    JR: “Oh boy Jiminy, this might not be over here yet!”

    The crowd grow silent as Beth’s music stops and she can be heard saying to Chyna:

    “You were a pioneer for us. I am honoured to have faced you.”

    Beth embraces Chyna!

    Chyna looks a bit shocked for a moment – and returns the embrace!

    The fans chant for both women as Chyna raises Beth’s arm before leaving and allowing the new champion her moment.

    Why I booked it this way: I’m a fan of both women and their careers, but looking back – Chyna was rather limited in the ring while Beth is vastly under-rated (some even thinking her undeserving of a HOF place). I always felt Beth was under-utilised by WWE, she was a ten times better version of what they try and push Natalya as. Beth putting on a clinic rather than using her power against the stronger Chyna makes sense and the ending being a close run thing keeps Chyna fresh and possibly a rematch down the line.

    Announcer: “The following contest is the Main Event – and is for – The NCW – World. Heavyweight. Championship!”

    The crowd explode as the former Rising Star Champion, Braun Strowman comes to the stage and roars.

    JR: “Here we go, the main event! And first out is the most intimidating man I’ve ever seen – and we are in a land of giants!

    Braun Strowman became the first in history to cash in his Rising Star Championship for a shot at the NCW Heavyweight Championship.

    Having been so dominant and destructive thus far, the only real question that remains is… can he win the big one here tonight?”

    Jiminy: “I’d like to second your intimidating comment Jim. I know we have some big dudes here this year but Braun is exactly what he says he is… The Monster Among Men!

    And I’m definitely not going to argue with him regardless!”

    Braun is in the ring as the fans chant his name.

    JR: “Laser focus from Strowman tonight – he knows this is an opportunity he can’t afford to let slip!”

    The crowd boo loudly as Batista comes to the stage, staring at Strowman down in the ring. He points at him and yells, before setting off his pyros.

    JR: “And the number 1 contender, and number 1 NCW Draft Pick is here! Batista certainly should not be discounted here tonight!”

    Jiminy: “Before Strowman stuck his big oversized body in this match, Batista was my pick to finally silence that raving mad man of a champ! Now, I’m not so sure… but Batista has fought bigger and won!”

    Batista rolls into the ring and poses on the ropes.

    Strowman stares daggers at him, but Batista ignores him, gesturing that he will be the next champion.

    Finally The Animal comes down off the ropes and regards Strowman – they square up in the centre of the ring!


    The crowd go bananas at the sounding of Warrior’s theme, and he comes to the stage with the championship wrapped around his waist.

    He looks hyper focused, and regards his opponents briefly before sprinting to the ring!

    JR: “And the champion is out last, as it should be!

    Warrior has been so dominant, like some of our other champions this year, but he truly has been on top of his game. This tonight, however…. Will be his greatest EVER test.”

    Jiminy: “Yeah, even I have to say that galaxy travelling mad man has been a superb champion inside the ring – but he’s not dealing with normal men in either case tonight.

    Even a one on one match would be tough against either opponent… but in a Triple Threat, where the champion doesn’t even have to be involved in the decision… Warrior’s number is up!”

    The three men are in different corners as the announcer enters the ring.

    Announcer: “And introducing the first challenger – he is the Former Rising Star Champion, cashing in his championship for a guaranteed NCW Heavyweight Title Match!

    Standing 6 Feet, 8 inches tall…. Weighing in at 385 pounds…. He is the Monster Among Men…. BRRRRRRAAAAUNNNNNNNN STRRRRROOOOOOWWWMMANNNNNNN!”

    The crowd pop wildly as Strowman roars and steps to the centre of the ring.

    The announcer backs up just a little bit in fear.

    Announcer: “And – he is the Number 1 Draft Pick for NCW in 2018 – and Number 1 Contender for the NCW Heavyweight Championship! From Washington DC, weighing in at 290 pounds…


    Batista wastes no time, he steps straight into the middle and resumes his stare off with Strowman.

    Announcer: “And now… Introducing the Champion… He is the man who ended a 2 year streak of dominance in 1 minute, 38 seconds…
    From Parts Unknown, weighing in at 280 pounds…


    The crowd cheer again as Warrior unstraps his championship from his waist, steps to the centre of the ring and holds the title in front of his two challengers.

    The referee then takes the championship, as all three men stare around at each other.

    JR: “What a big fight feel! Three men at the top of their games, multiple world championships between two. And then there’s Strowman, looking for his first ever World Title!”

    Jiminy: “Absolutely no intimidation from any of the three. This is gonna be epic!”

    The referee hands the championship to the outside as none of the men back down an inch, never breaking gaze with one or the other of their opponents.

    The crowd are already chanting

    ‘This Is Awesome’

    Before the bell is finally sounded to start the match!

    Warrior goes straight after Strowman, trying to back him up with blows – Strowman grabs Warrior and tosses him across the ring!

    Then it is Batista’s turn to go after the Monster Among Men – Strowman answers with a right hand – a knee to the gut – Batista is now swatted aside!

    JR: “Strowman is just an unnatural freak of nature! Warrior and Batista tossed around like children – and both weigh nearly 300 pounds each!”

    Warrior is back up and runs at Strowman, who takes him down to the mat with a flick of his shoulder!

    Batista rolls forward, trying to use his MMA background to take Strowman down – Strowman clubs him on the back and flings him to the side again!

    Batista and Warrior look at each other, then look at Strowman who stands in the centre of the ring – Strowman roars and the crowd go nuts!

    Jiminy: “I’ve never seen dominance like Strowman’s inside a ring – these guys need to team up to take him out!”

    JR: “Yes, but can their egos allow a partnership? I very much doubt it!”

    Batista and Warrior stand as Strowman holds his ground – they briefly nod at each other and the crowd cheers…. Batista and Warrior advance on Strowman together!

    But only for a moment – Batista shoves Warrior headlong into Strowman, and rolls to the outside smirking!

    The crowd boo Batista as both men look down on him from the ring, he beckons for them to continue and points to his head.

    Back in the ring, Warrior and Strowman lock up! Strowman forces Warrior back a number of steps – before Warrior starts shaking his head and holds his ground!

    JR: “The power of Warrior is unrivalled! This is amazing!”

    Warrior stares at Strowman, who looks a little unnerved by Warrior.

    Warrior focuses his strength and begins to push back on Strowman – the Monster Among Men is forced back a step!

    The crowd are chanting for Warrior now as Braun looks at him with a stunned look on his face –

    Warrior forces Braun back another three steps!

    Jiminy: “How is he doing that? What power from The Ultimate Warrior!”

    Braun suddenly snaps out of his shock as Warrior starts to gain momentum. He allows Warrior to force him back again –

    Braun drives his knee into Warrior’s stomach!

    Warrior doubles over, Braun seizes the moment, lifts Warrior –


    He drops for the cover as Batista rolls back in…

    TW – Batista breaks up the count!

    Strowman shoves Batista backwards as he gets to his feet – Batista tries to dive in for the takedown –

    Strowman again just hurls Batista across the ring! Strowman advances on Batista in the corner –

    Warrior is back up! Warrior turns Strowman around, nailing him with a flurry of huge rights, staggering the giant –

    Batista jumps to his feet and closes in –


    The crowd pop a little as Strowman rolls to the outside, Batista turns around – into a Lariat from Warrior!

    This draws a massive cheer which only increases as Warrior goes to the ropes and starts shaking them!!

    He turns around….


    Batista with the cover…


    Batista climbs to his feet, smirking at Warrior.

    ‘You’re nothing! I’m the main event!’

    Batista starts shaking the ropes to loud boos. He looks up and smiles at the baying crowd.

    Strowman pulls Batista out of the ring!

    Strowman rams Batista into the barricade shoulder first.

    As Batista struggles to get to his feet Strowman backs up – runs forward – and hits a huge clothesline sending The Animal into the front row of ringside!

    Strowman turns to re-enter the ring….


    Both men crash to the mat, but Warrior is on his feet in a flash! He climbs back onto the apron –


    The crowd are going wild as Warrior again gets back up, and begins to rip apart the announce table

    Jiminy: “Hey, stop that now! That’s a criminal act!”

    JR: “I DARE you to go and tell him, Jiminy.”

    Warrior has pulled everything off the announce table and turns around, just as Strowman is getting back up!

    Warrior runs at Strowman and hits a Lariat, staggering the giant.

    He whips Strowman into the table with all his strength, Strowman crashes into it, almost knocking it over –

    Warrior runs forward again and clotheslines Strowman flat onto the table!

    Warrior seizes the opportunity as Strowman lies prone, he ascends the other announce table as the fans chant his name…


    JR: “WOW! Warrior just took out Strowman!”

    Warrior is a bit slower to get to his feet this time, the force of the move clearly having an effect on him as well.

    He staggers to his feet and pulls himself from the wreckage….


    Batista clambers to his feet as he looks down at Warrior who is barely moving.

    Batista also surveys Strowman who hasn’t moved since going through the table.

    He smirks again, to loud boos, drags Warrior up and rolls him in the ring.

    Batista keeps an eye on Strowman who is still motionless.

    Then he shakes the ropes again and turns…


    He boots Warrior in the stomach –


    He holds for the cover



    Batista looks down in shock as the crowd erupt, chanting for Warrior.

    He shakes his head in anger, and grabs for Warrior, looking for a second Batista Bomb –

    Warrior counters with a Power Slam! He pops to his feet and shakes the ropes, turns around…


    The cover, to retain the championship..




    Jiminy: “Oh jeez! He’s baaaaack!”

    Warrior looks up at Strowman in stunned disbelief but there is no time to counter, Strowman, with amazing strength swings Warrior onto his shoulder…


    Releasing Warrior now who is lying prone on the mat, Strowman turns and sees Batista somehow trying to get to his feet.

    He stalks over, lifts Batista…


    Batista rolls from the ring to the floor from the force of the slam.

    Strowman turns back around – he looks down at Warrior – and shakes his head.

    He drags Warrior up again….


    Strowman drops for the cover on the lifeless Warrior….


    JR: “New Champion! Bah Gawd we have a new Champion! Strowman has by God done it! He has pinned The Ultimate Warrior!”

    Jiminy: “I can’t believe the strength of Strowman. What a match – what a show!”

    Announcer: “Here is your winner…. And the NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Undisputed NCW Heavyweight Champion…

    The referee hands Strowman the title and he holds it aloft in one hand to rapturous cheers from the audience.


    Jiminy: “Well, there you have it folks, NCW has a new Champion – one I’m not sure can even be beaten!”

    JR: “Yes indeed, Jiminy, and what a rollercoaster of a night we’ve had! From all of us here at NCW….”

    Jiminy: “Em… you might want to hold off a few minutes, JR…”

    The crowd roars as Erick Rowan and Luke Harper make a beeline for the ring, the tag championships over their shoulders!

    JR: “My God, what are they doing out here – we know the connection, but why now?”

    Rowan and Harper enter the ring as Strowman looks at them warily. Harper reaches into the hood of his outfit – and pulls out the black sheep mask!

    JR: “Strowman used to wear that as a part of the Wyatt Family… but what is Harper doing?”

    Rowan also pulls his lamb’s mask out of his hood – and puts it on. Harper then steps towards Strowman – both men drop to a knee and Harper extends his arm with the mask!

    Jiminy: “Oh no… Uh oh… This ain’t good for anyone concerned, JR!”

    Strowman looks down oddly at the two men who are kneeling before him. He pauses for a second – then takes the mask and puts it on!


    Harper and Rowan rise and take a place either side of Strowman – the three champions celebrate in the ring as the crowd goes absolutely nuts!

    JR: “They have reunited – with Strowman as leader and NCW Champion – what does this mean?”

    Jiminy: “One word, JR. Pain!”

    The show closes with the three former Wyatt brothers standing reunited with their championships.
    Why I booked it this way: Strowman had to win, a main event match for the championship against two guys of the calibre of Warrior and Batista immediately launches him as a megastar. Both Warrior and Batista still look strong, it taking 4 Powerslams, 2 Spears and a Batista Bomb to keep Warrior down, and Batista has room to complain as he wasn't involved in the decision. Initially it would be a Batista/Strowman feud for the title, with Strowman going over the Animal before he heads off for Hollywood. A rematch with Warrior then on the cards before we move into the Wyatt family/UnCorrupted feud when Thesz recovers from his broken arm.

    Thank you for reading folks, hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun putting it together.

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    ***KWK Promotion Introduction***

    Kolido Promotions are proud to bring to you, the next big thing in sports entertainment.


    Brief introduction by chairman, Mr. Kolido

    Welcome ladies and gentlemen, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you, a new force in professional wrestling, Kolido Wrestling Kingdom.
    KWK have scouted the world for talent, both current and legends of the business. We have struck deals with superstars from promotions, which we now will compete with to become the top draw in pro wrestling.
    Our aim is to bring to you, the greatest attraction in sports entertainment. So, without further ado, please let me introduce to you, the man who will spearhead our product and the General Manager of tv programing, ladies and gentlemen, John Laurinaitis.
    John Laurinaitis takes to the stage.

    Good evening distinguished guests and others, my name is John Laurinaitis and I have been hired to bring to you, for the next 3 weeks, the best shows in pro wrestling. As our chairman said, we have been scouting for weeks, even months, to bring to you superstars who will not only entertain, but entertain with flair. No, no, I don't mean that flair, no room for OAPs here, I mean excitement, jazazz, vavoom.

    Now before I introduce the ranks we have signed for KWK, let me assure you that all the actions I take as GM, will be for the fans, a little movement I like to refer to as PEOPLE POWER.

    The camera pans around the guests in attendance who don’t look one bit amused.

    Okay, so let’s begin with what we, at KWK, will bring the fans each week.

    We will have 2 upcoming weekly shows, Friday Knight Fire. Here you will get a closer look at our superstars in action. Episode 1 will kick off out tag team tournament, with the 2 semi-final winners going on to contest for the tag team title at Kingdomkalling But that’s not all, we will have a No. 1 contender match for the World Heavyweight title with the winner going on the face a superstar of my choosing at Kingdomkalling

    The audience rise to their feet in excitement.

    Now, who are the superstars I hear you ask who will wow our fans over the next few weeks, well let’s take a look at our title contenders.
    We have 3 of the original NWO members, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac. These guys have come to raise hell and have some unfinished business to settle. No doubt they will have each other’s backs and will be vying for some gold.
    Another trio who are back together and will also have gold on their minds are The Brood, Edge, Christian, and Gangrel. These, now fan favourites, have not been in the ring together for a long time but I have no doubt they will be a force to be reckoned with.
    Rounding off the singles division, we have acquired the services of some exciting talent. Sycho Sid, the master and ruler of the world, will no doubt have some questions to ask when it comes to the heavyweight title. Shane Douglas and David Otunga, generations apart, will no be taking thing lightly when it comes to competition. Heath Slater will want to prove his critics wrong and show he is not just a comedy act. Another superstar who will be asking questions when it comes to competition,
    is the Perle River Powerhouse Ahmed Johnson

    Suddenly a gentleman in the audience takes to his feet. On second glance, it's none other than Sycho Sid

    Sid: Hey Johnny, which man do I have to break for the World title?
    John: Mr. Sid, I didn't realise you were her, shouldn't you be down the gym getting ready?
    Sid: Answer the damn question!
    John: Nothing is decided yet but, yes, you will be in the World title scene.

    Sid throws some chairs at the wall and walks out.

    John: hmmm...what a delightful gentleman.

    The tag team scene is just as hot as the singles, first up we have multiple tag team champions, members of DX, The New Age Outlaws This team has been together for a long time and have one eye on the title belts. First teaming up in the 80's and now back for one last run, we bring you The Dream Team, Beefcake and Valentine. Finally, we can't overlook The Prime Time Players, Titus and Darren would love nothing more than to get their hands on some gold.
    Moving on the the ladies division, we have high flying Kelly Kelly and former partner Eve Torres. There will be no love lost when these 2 meet. Coming out of retirement, Wendi Richter will have a lot to prove when she steps into the ring with the younger generation.
    Ladies and gentlemen, we will reveal the Championships everyone will be eager to win, World Heavyweight Championship will be the main title for the elite. Next to that, we have The Kingdom Championship, another title many will be eager to win. Rounding of the gold will be The Tag Team Championship and the The Ladies Championship.

    Another first I am proud to announce, we will invoke a Freebirds rule for all titles. This means that more than one superstar can hold any singles title at the same time, with either of them going on the defend it.
    Another announcement we can confirm now, we are delighted, well the board are, to reveal are special host for Kingdomkalling, will be none other than Hollywood legend, Chuck Norris.
    Suddenly 3 men rush through the press room door and approach the podium.

    John: Excuse me gentlemen, what are you doing here, we did not invite any talent to take the stage at this press conference.
    Kevin Nash: Shut up Johnny, you asked us to come here, now step aside and be quiet. We are the apex of KWK, if anyone thinks differently, they can come talk to us. That goes especially for you Edge, you are where the men play now, you can stand behind your brood buddies, but don’t think you’re anything here while I’m here.
    Scott Hall: Hey know who we are, you know why we’re here, and you definitely know what we want.
    X-Pac: Hey Brood, you think we can’t cut the mustard, you bring what you’ve got and more, then we will see who’s yard this is.

    Security usher NWO from the stage.

    John: So there you have it, roster is complete and we have a great few weeks to look forward to. I will see you at Friday Knight Fire. As always, I don't have time to answer any questions, you can email my assistant. Good night everyone


    Next show

    Friday Knight Fire - Episode 1

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    Welcome to BWA Raw!
    Live from Gotham City

    Dusty Rhodes: Welcome to this BWA Raw special baby, American dream in the house here with my boys Nigel McGuinness and Jesse "The Body" Ventura
    Jess Ventura: That's right dream, we are coming to you live tonight from Gotham City for one special reason guys and gals, it's the pre-draft "State of the BWA" press conference!
    Nigel McGuinness: Well everyone it looks like we aren't going to have to wait long for things to get started, here comes the representative of the board BWA's own Bounty Hunter headed to the ring.

    **Reporters surround the ring on most sides, on one side BWA officials now joined by BH gather with microphones etc are set up to prep people to enter the ring**

    Bounty Hunter: Before I get into the business of the press conference and introducing the BWA roster for 2018's draft season the board of directors has asked me to deliver this message to our very talented announce team.
    He then turns and addresses them directly as the camera catches their surprised responses.

    Bounty Hunter: All three of you have been cleared for in ring action for some time now and as a result the board have decided that as of today you will all return to the talent pool as part of the active roster!

    Ventura: Yes, I've been itching for a fight for months now!
    McGuinness: Are you feeling okay old timer? You really think your ready to take on the best of today?
    Dusty: Ohh Yeah! I thought the Dream had died last night baby but you can't keep a good thing down, I'm back baby!
    You BWA Faithful of course are aware that Dusty is referring to how he faced off against Roman Reigns at last night's PPV after the Big Dog had been irked by some of Dusty's commentary about him and challenged him to back up his actions and face him in the ring. Although Reigns did put his BWA World title on the line, as the Dream's comments tonight indicate it wasn't his night and a Superman punch and a Spear saw to that.

    **Ventura looks annoyed at McGuinness (something which had been common during commentary) as the 3 men depart the announce table and look to be heading to the back after BH announces they will be replaced by the BWA's announce team from last years BWA WrestlePalooza**
    Bounty Hunter: And yes the board would like to also acknowledge that some announcements have been already leaked before today's press conference including two high profile returns to the company and the reason we are currently right here in Gotham City (Cheap Pop!).
    ---He is of course refering to a TMZ report that went viral where new BWA investor Bruce Wayne was spotted dining out with a number of BWA high ranking officials and multi time former BWA Stars Mitsuharu Misawa and Kenta Kobashi---

    Bounty Hunter: It is true Bruce Wayne will be here a little later on! (big pop!) but trust me that is not the only surprise lined up for you!
    Just then he is interrupted by the unmistakable music of Roman Reigns

    **Reigns emerges to quite a mixed but loud response from the crowd and intrigued reporters in attendance and can be seen mouthing the words "Big Dog big dog big Dog" to his own theme tune as he makes his way out to the ring area and grabs a mic**
    Roman Reigns: Do I need to remind you to respect the champ and don't be a chump? I told you i'd announce their arrival myself in my own time and your starting to get on my nerves little man... you don't tug on superman's cape if you can't handle the consequences.

    BH: umm I think there has been a misunderstanding Mr Reigns I was referring to returning superstars...
    *BH starts whispering something to Reigns who begins to look more annoyed than his previous jovial approach had shown*

    Roman Reigns: Mitsubishi? Kenta, you mean that small fellah from NXT! whose this friend of theirs your talking about! biggest name in the Industry...damn boy you know your looking at the champ right, you know your standing in my yard right!

    BH: *GULP*

    BH: umm Roman I think your taking this the wrong way, of course we had planned to have the world champ on the press conference

    Roman Reigns: nah you wanted to see a new tag team debut Bounty and you know what you have the biggest dog in the yard right here...
    **Roman starts shoving BH who backs into the center of the ring to get away from him**

    Reigns:.... and I am happy to oblige and inform you that the BWA, this here big Dog's yard, is situated adjacent to that there ring or as I know it...The Uso Penitentiary!
    **Suddenly the Usos appear out of nowhere in the ring and hit a double superkick on BH**


    slowly as BH starts to get back to his feet the Big Dog Roman Reigns then slingshots himself off the ring ropes and BOOM! Spear!
    **BH looks like he is knocked out completely in the center of the ring as roman stand over him and with both Usos either side of him, one of them pass Roman a Microphone**

    Roman Reigns: I don't care who the BWA have signed, I don't care where they come from, or what they have done in the past. I am Roman Reigns, the world champion and this, this is my yard and my family, and nothing can stop us!
    **Reigns drops the mic and the 3 leave together as abruptly as they had arrived while the ringside reporters go crazy, Reign's even leaving his title behind**


    **BWA officials at ringside scramble to work out how to continue the press conference broadcast but in the time being we get this**


    Around 30 seconds later the feed returns with Dusty Rhodes stood microphone in hand in the center of the ring.
    Dusty: I may be part of the broadcast team no longer baby, but I gotta wish my boy BH a speedy recovery and as they say in the biz with all that glitz and glamour, The show must go on Baby so now the American Dream is going to guide you through the rest of this press conference. First up we have a native son to these here...

    uh Oh! here we go again - Roman Reigns' music hits again!

    Roman Reigns, the big Dog, comes down to the ring re-enters it and walks right up to the man he defeated in last nights PPV main event (Dusty Rhodes) the two have a momentary staredown before Roman mouths something about his world title and looks to head to opposite side of the ring to collect it... instead however he catches everyone including Dusty off guard by charging the ropes before returning at speed to catch Rhodes with an almighty Spear!!

    Reigns picks up Dusty's Mic, looks at his fallen foe then looks around at the booing crowd with a smirk before addressing them
    Reigns: The American Dream is dead! I killed it!

    that is all he says before dropping the mic and leaving this time with his title in toe. The Camera lingers on Dusty laid out in the ring for a moment while BWA officials once again scramble for what to do next.
    **they quickly cut the feed again but this time it is only for a matter of moments when we return it's to a video highlighting the last few months in BWA's tag division **

    it mostly highlights how Val Venis & The Godfather had become tag champions.
    It's 2018 and the Godfather has gotten with the times. No longer does he refer to women as Hos, nor himself as a pimp, but has all that much changed since he teamed up with Val Venis to put a slightly cleaner image on his facade? Now he has a group of Model's escort him to the ring, ladies he has under contract to his and Val's production company. These models however have been accused of not being the classiest of ladies and the video highlights how members of the BWA's womens division have not taken to well to their appearances in the company...

    Suddenly the video cuts out as we return to the press conference, now standing in the ring is Nick Bockwinkel
    Nick Bockwinkel: Welcome back grappling aficionados, this is the segment of the show where civility is returned as a new element of class comes to the BWA in the form of me Nick Bockwinkel and before I get too far ahead of myself I'd like to be the first to comment on that impactful statement by Roman Reign's and The Usos. It takes a true champion (shows off the AWA belt he carries with him) to recognize a true champion and Roman, you have my respect.
    **The crowd seem ready to turn on this long time roster member of one of the BWA's biggest rivals**

    Bockwinkel: Now now, I know you see me and you think, handsome, charismatic, talented, in ring genius but there is so much more to the only ever Draft Hall of Famer than that. You see the reason I have this ring (close up on his HOF ring) is that I have done it all in this industry, I have reached the very peaks this industry has to offer and forgotten more about wrestling than most of you will ever know.
    **He has never even competed in the BWA before and the crowd know it and begin to boo everything he says**

    Bockwinkel: I know I know, you guys aren't the best but it's okay because you have me now, the BWA board have decided to appoint me as their new on air representative in Bounty Hunter's stead. Hey don't boo Bounty Hunter, I know he got in the champs way but that guy was the reason we came to this dump (Gotham City). Speaking of which I've been told to placate you all after after BH's mistake and introduce our next guest, one of your own, except you know rich so better than you all...Bruce Wayne

    Gotham's favorite son gets a huge response from the press and fans in attendance when he comes out but he does not seem to be as pleased with the man who just called him out

    Bruce Wayne: I don't know what your playing at here Bockwinkel, you know I've invested in this company and if you want to be the boards representative here you'd better cut out what I would describe as some of your more dastardly nay dare I say heelish ways.

    Bockwinkel: I'm just speaking the truth like only a true Draft Hall of Famer can man.

    Bruce Wayne: Your such a rapscallion, you know that ring means nothing here in the BWA but I don't have the time to deal with you, this company won't be in Gotham next week but right now I have my cities press here and a message to give so please...
    **Bockwinkel looks annoyed but backs out of the ring**

    Wayne: You see Gotham, I got a call from the man that cleaned up our city, that's right THE BATMAN! and he told me that he had sources telling him that some of his rogues had been hiding out right here in the BWA! Now I don't know if it's The Penguin, That Riddle loving fellow or even The Joker but he cited some guy called Dave Meltzer as stating he was sure at least one of them had been masquerading as a wrestler recently.

    Wayne: The BWAs next PPV and a lot of the TV building to it emanates out of Quohog Rhode Island where the Mayor is a close personal friend of mine. We people of Gotham cannot allow our bad eggs to infest other fine cities like his and for that reason I am gifting him this
    **He unveils a big spotlight with the bat symbol across it**

    Wayne: If Gotham's Villainy rears it's disingenuous head here in the BWA... Batman will be ready!
    **The Crowd Pop big for the mere mention of Batman**

    Wayne: Speaking of said Villainy, I know you have also been approached by people associated with Organized crime with regards investment, even tonight I see Don Corleone's man Luca Brasi sat here at ringside
    **The camera focuses on the former columbo family enforcer in the front row of the crowd**

    Wayne: But I want it to be known that If Don Falcone or any member of Gotham's criminal element get involved with the company, the BWA will lose my backing. Unfortunately however bat fans we are running a little bit behind schedule with this State of the BWA address so without further adieu It is my great pleasure to introduce a man that represents a simpler time, when all pro wrestlers could be admired...George Hackenscmidht

    Hackenscmidht and Bruce Wayne look like old friends as they embrace each other as the man who helped usher in the Golden Age of professional wrestling replaces him in the ring and on the mic.

    He has brought something with him too as the announcers point out his book "The Way To Live: In Health and Physical Fitness "
    George Hackenschmidt: Did you hear that people? how the announcers introduced me... as part of the Golden Age of professional wrestling? Now Look, I know i'm shilling my book here people but the Golden Age sounds like it was when the wrestlers were probably at their peak so you can't blame the BWA for promoting wrestlers being healthy and physically fit. In my day Wrestling was the most popular sport world wide and it can be again but the wrestlers need to take the sport seriously.

    **As soon as he said that there is a loud POP noise **

    From this point onwards his Microphone starts to act up - at first he is heard with a helium style funny squeaky voice

    Hackenschmidt: Too many wrestlers don't treat this industry with the gravitas it deserves... hey! what's going on!
    **Carnival music begins to play as everyone seems to be snickering at the legend**

    Now annoyed his voice continues to be distorted now in a comical almost slow mo style

    Hackenschmidt: This is not a laughing matter!
    **As he said that he slammed the mic down on the podium he had in front of him and Puff a load of smoke accompanies a loud BANG from the impact**

    When the smoke dissipates a small single red balloon can be seen floating above the podium, attached to it via a small piece of string is a floating note which George cannot help but reach out, unfurl and read aloud
    Why So Serious? This is just a joke :)

    Before anyone could even contemplate what this means however everyone's attention is diverted away from the front of the ring where the podium was set up and the smoke and balloon had been, to the back of the ring where seemingly out of nowhere a huge (6Ft4) figure emerged dressed in full Doink! regalia!

    Completely unaware Hackenschmidt was caught with a hellacious Lariat from the big clown who then proceeded to stomp on the fallen legend until
    the several extra BWA security personal, who had been brought in after the earlier incidents rushed the ring and together were eventually able to force to big man outside the ring and usher him to the back while the broadcast suddenly cut back to Nick Bockwinkel at the opposite side of the ring.

    Bockwinkel: umm... I guess that is what you could call an unexpected look into what may be coming our way in the BWA over the draft season there, but now while we get our in ring press conference area back in order why don't we look forward to something the BWA audience know they have coming their way this year and... the return of El Santo!

    We are then shown a short video highlighting the career of El Santo, including his previous stint in the BWA. It mostly showcases how much of a hero to the people of Mexico he is. How "the Saint" El Santo was a folk hero and a symbol for justice. A point punctuated by the great man himself when the video culminated with him talking to the fans
    El Santo: Talk of Villainy in the BWA has reached the shores of my homeland but I want to assure all of mes amigos out there this has not gone unnoticed. I have finished filming my Pixar Coco spin off movie and from next week anyone acting heelish in the BWA will have El Santo to answer to!
    We are then treated to a first look trailer at the BWA Films/Pixar joint

    We return to the ring and D-Lo Brown is stood in the ring with a microphone
    D'Lo: I am supposed to introduce to you a video showing the strength of the BWA's womens division but I am sorry ladies, this is the first time this company has given me a mic since I was drafted to this show and I have something to say!

    D'Lo: I've wrestled all around the world and been a success, whether that was with the WWE where I won the European and Intercontinental titles, TNA where I won tag titles, or when I was in ROH or Japan. If you don't want me here then trade me! I was the longest active member of the Nation of Domination... i'd be far better off back by Farooq and cos side than here sitting on the sidelines!
    **He drops the Mic and walks off before the video about the BWA women plays anyway**

    The video focuses firstly focuses on the Woman who wrestled for the BWA last year and how two former team mates had been feuding for the past year over the womans title in the form of Aja Kong and former champion Manami Toyota. Toyota has been shown to have earned Kong's respect after their last bout but Aja says her quest for the BWA womens title is not over. Similarily to our previous video however this one ends with a pre-taped interview from the BWA's newest female star...Naomi!
    Naomi: Aja, Manami... be warned! I'm coming to be like, like my family, i'm coming to be the best, im coming to be...The Champ! and I have one simple question for you... Are you ready to feel the Glow?!

    When we return from that we are unusually backstage, Why? because something else has gone wrong! D-Lo Brown Is shown lying in a pool of blood on the floor. The cameraman pans around to show a number of reporters asking assembled superstars what happened including Nigel McGuiness and Jimmy Snuka whom on later viewing people pointed out he had blood on his hands. Snuka's response to questions however was that he could not remember what happened.

    We then return to ringside for the final part of the show and what many have speculated on social media Bounty Hunter was actual going to announce at the top of the show as BWA veterans Kenta Kobashi & Mitsuahru Misawa are called out to the ring to a great response from everyone especially because as they are being announced it is said that these two men who have spent more time in the BWA than any team have spent on any one draft promotion and this year will both become the first inductees into the BWA hall of Fame
    **Nick Bockwinkel looks disgusted as he has to announce this**

    They continue to run down both mens accomplishments in the business from the amount of 5* matches they had to how they had had massive singles success in the draft in the past (like how Misawa is a former MNG world champion), until the two men actually take microphones and stop them themselves. However when they then speak up it is not on their own behalf but instead on behalf of another, and speak they do, in both fluent Japanese and English after spending so much time in the promotion.
    Kobashi: Thank you all for this incredible honor but tonight it is us who plan to honor all of you. We have brought you the best wrestler either of us have ever seen . Those announcers spoke about all of our supposed 5* matches well in that case this here is a 6 and 1 quarter star man.


    Kobashi: The current IWGP World Champion, who has held the belt for an astonishing 600+ days....Kazuchika Okada!
    Misawa: 今日のIWGPワールドチャンピオンは、600日以上の驚異的な出来高を誇っています....Kazuchika Okada!

    **At this point Kobashi/Misawa start taking turns translating Okada into English for the audience**

    Okada: 私の名前は岡田和子です。私はプロレスラーです。私は自分の母国でできる人は誰も敗北させ、日本で最高だったことを証明しました... IWGP世界選手権での私の主張を放棄しました。それは今私にとって過去にありました。日本だけではなく、世界最高!

    My name is Kazuchika Okada and I am a Professional wrestler. I defeated everyone I could in my native land and proved I was the best there was in Japan... I now relinquish my claim on the IWGP world championship, that is in the past for me now, I have come here to prove that I am not just the best in Japan but the best in the World!
    **The final shot of the press conference is him handing over his title to a NJPW official at ringside and pointing out a big mock up of a BWA world title on a wrestlepalooza sign in the crowd to his two compatriots**

    It is clear what he wants in his future but what about the current holder I doubt he will take too kindly to this intrusion in his yard as we kick off the draft season.
    BWA Roster 2018
    Roman Reigns
    Dusty Rhodes
    Kazuchika Okada
    Kenta Kobashi
    Mitsuharu Misawa
    Jimmy Snuka
    Jimmy Uso
    Jey Uso
    Manami Toyota
    Aja Kong
    Jesse Ventura
    Nigel McGuinness
    Nick Bockwinkle
    El Santo
    Val Venis
    The Godfather
    Adam "Batman" West
    George Hackenschmidt
    Robert "Bane" Swensen
    Lenny "luca Brasi" Montana

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    Beyond Chaos Year 5


    Disclaimer : The following story is fictional and takes place in a world where Chris Benoit did not end his life after his cowardly act in 2008, he was sent to prison to pay for his crimes. This story does not represent beakerjoes feelings on real life events.

    What a difference a year makes……….

    We begin our tale of 2018 with a mention of how year 4 ended in Beyond Chaos. 12 months ago Beyond Chaos Wrestling was basking in the success of winning a second consecutive ratings war. Against all the odds, Gorilla Monsoon somehow steered the company towards success over bitter rivals Monday Night Grappling and BWA, as well as new yet popular upstart promotion NPW. While the Ultimate Chaos PPV was a success, the aftermath of the show was the beginning of the end for Beyond Chaos.

    Without a Champion as Randy Savage rode off into the sunset with his darling wife, Beyond Chaos faced many harsh realities. With Savage gone and Kevin Owens beaten into embarrassment and leaving the company, the company had a void of top talent. Gorilla Monsoon struggled to sign replacements and as a results business began to nosedive. Live attendances dropped, tv ratings fell and talent began to show their disapproval.

    Unhappy with Monsoons performance following The Ultimate Chaos PPV, the board of BCW decided his time was up and relieved Monsoon of his duties. Top talent that remained soon left. Former Tag Champs Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson soon jumped ship to the revived WCWF, and others like Brian Pillman, Matt Riddle and Asuka all left soon after. In a desperate attempt to turn the company’s fortunes around, a big money offer to sign a new main event level talent was made and soon accepted. That man was Bret The Hitman Hart.

    Brets arrival was a shot in the arm for the company initially, but it the mass exodus of talent hindered the promotion. Despite Bret winning the vacant championship in June of last year, business remained down. With business on the downturn, coupled with Brets excessive contract, Beyond Chaos was hemorrhaging money at an alarming rate. The board soon made the decision to sell up to the highest bidder.

    The boards valuation was fairly high for the fledgling company and there was minimal interest in buying a company with very little assets and expressive liabilities. But an offer was received on September of last year and despite it being way off the boards valuation, the board accepted the low offer. Insider knowledge had informed the buyer that while the board had high expectations of the sale initially, with no offers tabled from other investors coupled with the fact the expense of keeping the company alive, the board were desperate to sell.

    The man who purchased Beyond Chaos Wrestling was none other than Paul Heyman.

    Heymans first matter of business was to cancel all upcoming tours. He then renegotiated contracts with talent. Some talent walked away and were released, while others took the new terms which were much lower like Gargano and Ciampa. Heyman spoke with his remaining talent, urged them to trust him as he rebuilt the company in his image. He needed time to get new talent for the upcoming ratings season and with no money available to buy hot talent, he asked those remaining on his current roster. He urged them to stand buy him as he recreated Beyond Chaos and that in order to make this company a giant again, he needed to get creative and economical. And most of all he needed to be bold.

    Heyman sat down with PWinsider in early October to discuss what the new Beyond Chaos can offer

    Paul Heyman : I need a roster strong enough to get viewers to tune in, I need to give people a reason to watch us. I can't rely on old extreme tricks and gimmicks to get eyeballs on our product, what I need is controversy! There is a myth that Eric Bischoff coined the phrase “Controversy creates cash”, well I’m here to lay down some truth. The truth is I created it and that rat Bischoff stole it from me like he used to steal my talent back in the day. Controversy is what I can guarantee. When people tune in to the new Beyond Chaos show, they will be shocked. They will say to themselves “he can’t do that….can he?”. I can, I will and you need to tune in to find out just how chaotic BCW will become!

    True to his word, Paul Heyman went about creating controversy like only he could as he began recruiting talent for Beyond Chaos on the cheap.……

    But before we tell you the tale of how Paul Heyman rebuilt Beyond Chaos, let's delve into the situation of current World Heavyweight champion Bret Hart……………..

    Hart of a Champion

    Bret Hitman Hart has had a rollercoaster career, from the highs of claiming World Titles and being an International hero, to the lows of losing his brother and being screwed over by big time wrestling promoters, Bret is no stranger to controversy.

    His status as the top Canadian Wrestling made him the national representative for professional wrestling in his home nation and across America, and his reputation for being an honest and ethical man inside and outside of the ring made him respected worldwide.

    However, in 2008, the wrestling world was rocked by the Chris Benoit tragedy. Benoit was sent to 20 years in prison for his crimes and Bret, being at not only the forefront of wrestling, but also a close family friend of Chris Benoit at the time of the incident, gathered a lot of media interest as the case unfolded. Bret avoided all interviews and was devastated by the tragedy, refusing to believe a man he considered a great friend could be capable of such actions. Bret keenly watched on as Benoit was sentenced and yet he still could not get his head around it. No one could. Benoit pleaded the fifth throughout the trial, never saying a word with a cold stare across his face the entire trial.

    As time passed, Bret sought answers from the Benoit himself, writing to him repeatedly looking for some rationale behind his actions. Bret received no responses. Bret constantly requested prison visits but was denied each time by Benoit. The years passed and Bret eventually gave up seeking clarity about the tragedy, drawing the conclusion that Benoit was clearly not the man he once knew. Bret Wrote the following in his 2011 autobiography:

    “The man I knew as Chris Benoit was a friend, a buddy an ally and most of all a decent family man. That man died the day of the incident. The man in prison responsible for these crimes is not my friend and never will be. He is a coward, an evil coward. He is dead to me. “

    Time passed and one day last year a letter came to Bret. It was from David Benoit, the son of Chris Benoit.

    Bret had always made himself to young pro wrestlers in need of guidance and training and David asked if he could train under Bret. David hasn’t spoken to his dad since the trial and wanted to join the wrestling business. Bret was reluctant at first, not wanting David to enter the business at all due to the negative media, but David was persistant and Bret was eventually convinced, feeling for the young lad considering all the pain he suffered, and offered to take David under his wing.

    Bret would go on to join Beyond Chaos Wrestling under lucrative terms and go on to become World Heavyweight champion. David would join under a development deal and sees Bret, who has trained him over the past year, as a father figure calling him in an interview with Mike Johnson “The Father I wish I had”.

    When Heyman came on board, Bret and he reportedly had issues over his contract. Brets contract was a huge burden on Heymans balance sheet and the Beyond Chaos owner was keen to renegotiate the terms. Bret unhappy with the new terms threatened to leave. Bret wasn't keen on dropping the title before exiting the company, having been burned in the past and threatened to take the title with him.

    Heyman not wanting to let his champion and biggest asset leave, gave in to Brets contract demands and agreed to honour the lucrative deal. However Heyman did manage to add a clause stating that Bret had no creative control on who he defended the title against and Heyman would have full control on who faced Bret in any title match as long as Bret was Champion.

    Bret signed the new contract and is looking forward to the future title defenses, but while Bret is happy to work with Heyman for now, he is unsure if Heyman and he have the moral compass and is uneasy about the lengths Heyman will go to to find success.

    Paul Heyman : the Recruitment
    Paul heyman knew he needed top wrestling talent to fill his roster, but with a restricted budget he used his cunning and available resources to wheel and deal.....
    Backstage at an independent wrestling show, somewhere in Florida.

    The American Wolves Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards are backing their gear away in the packed locker room, when the entire locker room falls quite as Paul heyman enters

    Paul Heyman : Edwards and Richards, The American Wolves, the 2 best tag team wrestlers to never make to to the big time.

    Eddie Edwards : You here to make fun of us or something?

    Paul Heyman : No, no….. Not at all. I’m here with an opportunity.

    Davey Richards : You’re wasting your time, no company will take a chance on us. We are just too banged up to make it anywhere big. He’s got too many back issues while I’ve had so many concussions I make Chris Nowinski’s head spin.

    Eddie Edwards : We are insurance liabilities waiting to happen.

    Paul Heyman : What if there was a company, lets say my company….Beyond Chaos, and lets say or example that we could give you guys a short term contract and we could see how it went? Huh

    Davey Richards : Don’t be yanking our chains….. We have had offers before, even dark matches, no one signs us…

    Heyman reveals 2 contracts from his briefcase and hands them to The Wolves

    Paul Heyman : Monday Night Chaos starts in a couple of weeks, come by if you want a chance at the big time……

    Heyman leaves while Edwards and Richards look over the contracts with shock on their faces

    The next big thing.....

    A beach bar Somewhere in Hawaii

    Its night time and the bar is lite up with lanterns and flame staffs. The camera focuses in on Samoa Joe drinking at the bar after a hard day training on the beech.

    There are locals there but they all know Joe. A young waiter approaches the Joe and is so nervous that he drops the glass which shatters at his feet. Joe slams his fist down on the table and threatens the small lad.

    The young waiter cleans the floor as a suited man walks in over the glass…. Its Paul Heyman. Joe looks up and stares down the familiar face

    Paul Heyman: Ready for a challenge tough guy?

    Samoa Joe: With you, always.

    Paul Heyman : Good to see you are in shape, I watched you train today. You are leaner and faster and sharper than I have ever seen you.

    Samoa Joe: I’m in my prime Paul, I’m ready to conquer all in front of me. I’M THE DESTROYER.

    Paul Heyman : You ready to join me in Beyond Chaos?

    Samoa Joe: BCW? You took over BCW? Did that old fossil Monsoon kick the bucket? That chump turned me down last year for a spot.

    Paul Heyman : Yes, Beyond cHaos is mine, total control. Monsoon is long gone. I've a lot of work to do to make it great again and hence why I am here. I need you Joe.

    Joe gets up, shaking his head.

    Samoa Joe : Bret Hart is a man I've never faced. I wouldn't mind choking him out!

    Paul Heyman : Joe, come with me and you can show the world what you can do. I know your potential, hell everyone and their mother knows what you're capable of. But i wanna make you famous!

    Samoa Joe : Paul, I won’t pretend Im not offended by what you just said, I'll make you famous if you catch my drift!

    Paul Heyman : One of the reasons you listen to me is because of my honesty. Are Have I steered you wrong before? What i mean is, yes you are a legitimate badass killer, yes you are a one of the toughest and meanest men on the planet, but I wanna make you a star. I wanna make you a household name, I wanna make everyone remember the name of Samoa Joe. Trust me Joe....

    Joe is intrigued by Heymans speech and listens intently as heyman carrys on.

    Paul Heyman : Joe, any time you reached out to me for advice, I was there and I guided you well. Join me and I won't steer you wrong. look what i did for Brock, Imagine what i can do with you...... Joe you are the next big thing.....

    Samoa Joe downs his drink and smashes the glass on the ground.

    Samoa Joe : F**k it, I'm all in.

    Joe and Paul shake hands as the young waiter nervously cleans up another smashed glass.

    One more match..........

    San Jose, California – The home of Rey Mysterio.

    The scene begins with Paul Heyman in the suburban home of Rey Mysterio as tPaul is offering Rey a chance to comeback to the ring

    Rey Mysterio : Your wasting your time Paul, I know we go way back but I …. Am not interested?

    Paul Heyman : Rey, are you telling me that you are not interested in the buzz you get from the roar of the crowd, or they feeling of adrenaline when you spring off the top rope……

    Rey Mysterio : Paul, ……… I can’t ……….. I just can’t.

    Paul Heyman : You know me Rey, I’m a straight shooter and I pull no punches. I won't beat around the bush. You haven’t wrestled since the incident, am I right...... and it’s a damn shame, you are throwing your career away due to an accident, it could have happened to anyone………. What happened to Perry Agu………..

    Rey Mysterio : DON’T SAY HIS NAME! …Don’t.

    Paul doesnt want to push Reys buttons too much so he adapts his approach.

    Paul Heyman : My point is Rey, it was not your fault……….. stop blaming yourself….. hasn’t enough of your life gone by…. Haven’t you punished yourself enough.

    Rey Mysterio : STOP…………. I think you should leave Paul.

    Paul Heyman : Ok, OK…… I’ll go. But the offer still stands.

    Paul goes to leave and walks by a picture of Reys 7 year old son Edward. Paul picks it up and gazes at it.

    Paul Heyman : He hasn’t seen you wrestle yet has he? He doesn’t know how great his daddy is, he doesn’t know how his father is an inspiration to millions of people. Rey, forgive me…. But your father passed away before you got to see him wrestle, right………….

    Heyman then picks up picture frame, one of Rey with the World title.

    Paul Heyman : Don’t let history repeat itself. You know how to reach me if you change your mind.

    Heyman places the picture back and leaves as Rey stares at the pictures mulling over Heymans words and his offer to return to the ring.

    A Cross too big to bare....

    The Insane Asylum Bar, Aberdeen Scotland

    Heyman walks into what appears have walked into a highway biker bar. Smoke fills the room as Heyman walks by leather clad bikers shoot pool while the music of AC/DC blares in their ears. Heyman accidentally bumps into a biker who doesn’t seem too pleased.

    Heyman : Excuse me sure, my humblest apologies. I am looking for……….

    Biker : I don’t care whom you're looking for but you found trouble fatty.

    The Biker grabs Heyman by the collar and pins him up to the wall. Heyman looks terrified as the Biker gets in his face.

    Biker : You’re in the wrong part of town porky, you made a big mistake…

    The Biker winds his fist up with the intention of punching Heyman but is stopped in his tracks by a voice from the other side of the bar.

    Female Voice : Leave him.

    The Biker drops Heyman and the woman comes into view. Wearing a long black leather coat, Nikki Cross approaches Heyman and dusts him off.

    Nikki Cross : Paul…. What are you doing in this fine establishment? Barman, a drink for my friend here. Make it a double, he's a little shook up.

    Cross brings Heyman over to her table as the barman delivers the drinks order.

    Paul Heyman : Actually I was looking for you. I’m looking for talent…… talent with a certain quality……

    Nikki Cross : Are you sure Paul, I’ve been accused of being a too wild in the past, too reckless, too unstable, are you sure you want someone like me in your company? Not many companies like my style, Im too unconventional as they say.

    Cross downs her beer in one and then grabs a shot of whiskey and downs the shot in swift fashion and she stares a hole in Heymans direction. Heyman, showing that he means business, downs his drink in split second fashion and slams the glass down hard. Heyman smiles and stares across the table.

    Paul Heyman : Ms Cross, you are just what I am looking for!

    Paul smirks as he and Cross appear to understand each other.

    An offer he can refuse

    Tijuana Mexico – Casa De Cien

    It’s a beautifully sunny day in Tijuana as we are inside the stunning mansion of Andrade Cien Almas. He sits in what looks like a throne he chats with his significant other Zelina Vega. Suddenly one of his security brings in Paul Heyman who is carrying a briefcase into the large extravagant room.

    Almas : Mr Heyman, why are you gracing me with your presence.

    Paul Heyman : I have a proposition for you…..

    Alams : I’m sorry Paul, but you are wasting your time senor. I don’t get out of bed for less than 10 million US dollars and from what I hear on the grapevine, you aren’t in apposition to acquire a talent like me.

    Paul Heyman : I won’t lie, I’m not flush with cash Mr Almas but I can offer you something others cannot. I can offer you undisputed immortality.

    Almas : I very much doubt that. Unless that briefcase is filled with dollar bills, I am not interested.

    Paul Heyman : Well It is not, but I do see that Mexico is a country rich in wrestling culture, the fans love and worship the greats of Lucha Libre like gods. I see the kids of this city play in the streets, masquerading as their heroes and yet I don’t see 1 child in the street pretending to be Andrade Cien Almas, do I?

    Almas gets angry and walks towards Heyman with authority.

    Almas : I am the greatest Luchador that ever lived, , the greatest wrestling star that ever lived. Who are you to say otherwise?

    Paul Heyman : I can make you a legend…. By giving you the opportunity to destroy one.

    Heyman opens the briefcase and shows the contents to Almas

    Paul Heyman : I can give you what you crave…. What you need …. What you desire……….

    Almas lifts out the contents of the briefcase to reveal a mask of Rey Mysterio

    Almas grins from ear to ear as he holds the mask in his hands.

    Paul Heyman : Join me, join my company and I can offer you the chance to destroy the legend of Rey Mysterio and become the legend you deserve to be.

    Almas smirks before ripping the mask in half with his bare hands. The pieces of the mask hit the floor as Almas and Heyman shake hands.

    Bad Infulence
    The parking lot of All Foods Supermarket, Minnesoda

    We open on a mother and 13 year old son outside a supermarket. The mother ignoring her son as she yaps on her mobile phone. It looks like she has forgotten to buy something inside the supermarket, so she holds her call to pass her handbag to her son and she rushes back in the store. But as she passed the son her bag, a pack cigarettes and lighter fall out of the bag out, and her son bends down to pick them up. He picks them up and stares at the pack for a moment until he’s interrupted by a suited Sean O’Haire.


    Sean O’Haire : You wanna try one don’t you kid? I can see it in your eyes.

    The kid is nervous and panics, packing the cigarettes in the handbag urgently.

    Sean O’Haire : Relax kid, I’m not a cop. Its ok, I was your age once and I borrowed a few cigs from my folks from time to time, I won't say anything if you don’t…..

    The kid stays silent as he assesses the situation before slowly retrieving the pack.

    Sean O’Haire : Its ok to be curious…… it never hurts to be curious, it’s a natural human emotion. What does your mom smoke, 20…. 30 a day probably. She won’t notice one missing.

    The kid slowly opens the pack, grabs one cigarette out with the lighter.

    Sean O’Haire : What ya waiting for kid, light it up…..

    Kid : What if she catches me?

    Sean O’Haire : My dad caught me when I was about your age, my father respected me for it. He said I was finally becoming a man and he was happy to see I had the balls to do it and take charge.

    The kid takes encouragement from O’Haires words and lights up the cigarette. He inhales deeply before coughing his lungs up.

    O’Haire : Well I’ll be damned, I didn’t think you had it in you. I bet you feel pride,….liberating isn’t it? But I’m not telling you something you don’t already know. Good luck kid.

    O’Haire walks off and as he strolls off and standing in front of him is Paul Heyman

    Heyman : Well I see you haven’t lost your skills of persuasion Mr O’Haire.

    Sean O’Haire : Well, Paul Heyman, What do I owe the pleasure.

    Heyman : I’m looking for talent for Beyond Chaos, and I'm looking for guys with a certain….skill set.

    Sean O’Haire : Are you sure you want someone like me, someone with my influence, in your locker room?

    The pair pause as the look behind them as the smoking teen is getting scolded and dragged away from the shops in anger by his Mother who caught him smoking. Paul turns back

    Paul Heyman : You my friend, you are exactly what I’m looking for.

    The scene fades with both been still in discussion.

    Healthy Competition

    BCW Locker Room

    Paul Heyman : I stand before you both to thank you for your loyalty. You have stayed here through thick and thin, so I'd like to give you both an opportunity neither of you have had before. How would you both like to enter the Contract of Chaos Match. Winner gets a World title shot at whenever he likes. He can cash it in and try become World Heavyweight Champion!

    The camera pans out and hes taking to BCW Tag Team Champions, DIY, Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano.
    Johnny Gargano : I don’t know, what do you think? I think we should both concentrate on the tag team championship for now

    Tomasso Ciampa : Are you kidding me, Paul we accept. It’s the chance for ultimate glory. Count me in?

    Johnny Gargano : Let's not be hasty here buddy, let's take a moment to…

    Tomasso Ciampa : What are you afraid of Johnny, you afraid of some healthy competition, you afraid of me leaving you behind when Im World Champion?

    Johnny Gargano : All I’m saying is…..

    Tomasso Ciampa : Count us in Paul. We would love to be part of the match.

    Paul Heyman : Wonderful, good luck guys. The match will take place on the new year debut of Monday Night Chaos. But I must also make you aware you will also have to defend your tag team championship the following week.

    Tomasso Ciampa : Thanks Paul, no problem.

    Heyman leaves as Tomasso and Johnny debate the situation. As Heyman leaves he runs into someone….its Roderick Strong

    Paul Heyman : Ah you made it.

    Roderick Strong : I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with you Paul.

    Paul Heyman : I love your work Roderick, and the fans will love you here. They love a good underdog, and no one scraps like you.

    Roderick Strong : Once I get some opportunities, I’ll keep fighting. Someone's gotta put food on my families table. I’ve fought all my life to break that glass ceiling and in Beyond Chaos, I’m gonna shatter it. I want a chance at the Contract of Chaos Match

    Heyman and Strong continue their discussion but are soon interrupted by someone else…… Baron Corbin
    Baron Corbin : That's a nice story little man, but I don't fight for anything….I just take.

    Strong and Corbin stare each other down for a moment.

    Roderick Strong : Who you calling little man?

    Paul Heyman : Ah Mr Corbin, delighted you made it.

    Baron Corbin : Listen you indy geek, you're not in my league. Move along so I can have a word with Heyman will ya.

    Strong doesn't back down at first but after some words with Heyman, Roddy walks off.

    Paul Heyman : Let me guess, you want into the Contract of Chaos match too.

    Baron Corbin : You read by mind Heyman, I want what's mine, I want what I deserve………. And I deserve everything!

    The camera fades out as Heyman and Corbin continue their discussion.

    An Inconvienent Truth
    Massarotti Hotel in New York City

    Paul Heyman is waiting in the lobby as reading the newspaper until he is alerted by the chime of a lift descending to the lobby. Heyman leaps from his chair and rushes over to the lift which opens. 5 big Arabian bodyguards exit first followed my Mohammad Hassan.

    Heyman approaches.

    Heyman : excuse me, excuse me….Mr Hassan?

    Hassan : What do you want?

    Heyman : My Name is…

    Hassan : I know who you are, but why are you standing in my presence?

    Heyman : Well, I want you to come wrestle for me Mr Hassan.

    Hassan : You want me? Hahahah what's the catch Mr Heyman? Your tv network executives banished me from the american screens a long time ago.

    Heyman : I am aware of that but…..

    Hassan : They said I spreaded hatred, fueled anger and hate, they said I was a menace to world peace.

    Heyman : Yes, but…..

    Hassan : The simple minded ignorance of Middle America believed I was the evil.

    Heyman : Yes, they said all that and they banned you…. But guess what Mr Hassan. I want people to see what you have to say, I want the audience to hear you and feel the pain you have endured and I know they won’t like it. I know they will revolt and I know it will be controversial to them and that's why I will give you that platform. I want you to be the yourself, the honest, uncensored man of his own beliefs and I will give you the fair shake you never had.

    Hassan and Heyman smiles as it seems a deal can be reached.

    Waste not, want not

    Maxim Studios - Hollywood California

    Paul enters the studio as a photoshoot is taking place , with the focus on Eva Marie
    The director yells cut and signals a break, which gives heyman an opening.

    Paul Heyman : Excuse me miss, May I have a few moments to offer you a proposal.

    Eva Marie : Listen, I know who you are and I’m just not interested in Wrestling. Can’t you see where I am, this is Hollywood, where I belong.

    Paul Heyman : Oh I don’t doubt that you belong here Miss, but I have it on good authority that things are not going to plan for you here?

    Eva Marie (snapping at Heyman) : Who told you that! I have had plenty of offers.

    Paul Heyman : I’m not here to throw shade or bitchy remarks your way, I just mean that Hollywood isn't ready for you yet, your not a big enough star yet, you have the potential but you just can't reach it yet. I know you never reached your potential in Wrestling but if you had, Hollywood would be all over you. It’s the perfect launching pad. It's not your fault you failed to launch in Stamford Connecticut.

    Eva Marie : I tried “wrestling” already, it's not for me. I’m a big star here in Hollywood already, I just haven't found the right project yet.

    Paul Heyman : Let me guess, every top project has an executive producer who is 100 percent sleaze and will only give you a fair chance if you play the Hollywood game, am I right?

    Eva Marie’s face drops and it seems Heyman has hit a nerve.

    Paul Heyman : I may look sleezy, I can’t help how god made me, but I assure you I am interested in your talent alone.

    Eva Marie : You haven't a clue…..

    Paul Heyman : Oh I certainly do have a clue. Eva Marie, I have seen a girl like you once in my old Company of ECW. She was just like you, a huge star in Connecticut and on the verge of superstardom. But then her attitude got in the way, she viewed herself as a bigger star than she actually was. Connecticut eventually got sick of her attitude and turfed her out. She was at a crossroads, she had a choice to either join me and my company and I could nurture her into the star she deserved to be, or she could keep going with her devil may care spoilt brat attitude and go her own way seeking fame in Hollywood. She ignored my help and not long afterwards she went to Hollywood. Tinseltown chewed her up and spit her out. She was not the star she believed herself to be. Soon after she began drinking and turning to drugs. That girl was called Sunny. Look at her now, she is a shell of her former glory and all because of her stubborn, selfish attitude. She wasn't ready and neither are you. Don’t Lower yourself to get ahead.

    The story seems to be hitting home with Eva Marie as Heyman continues

    Paul Heyman : I'm not saying you will end up like her, but the parallels of you and her are uncanny. You both became big stars in Connecticut, both never reached your true potential, both fired for alleged bad attitudes, and both at a crossroads in your career. Don't go down the Sunny road, I can help you and I can make you a star.

    Eva Marie : But the fans hate me in Wrestling.

    Paul Heyman : Hate in wrestling is good, it means they care. Trust me, I will make you the queen of Professional wrestling and when you conquer wrestling, Hollywood won't be able to ignore you anymore. They will be banging your door down with real offers.

    Eva Marie : Maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement

    The camera pans out with a possible deal being arranged and both parties seemingly pleased.

    No easy way out

    MGM studios, lot 6 - Hollywood California

    Filming is taking place on the set of the new Rocky Movie, Creed 2. Sylvester Stallone is going through some boxing scenes when the director yells cut. He has a few words with his co-stars before walking off the set. As he does he is approached by Paul Heyman.

    Paul Heyman : You don’t look half bad for a man of your age. What's your secret?

    Sylvester Stallone : Hey yo Paulie, how ya doin? What you doing out here?

    Paul Heyman : Business, as always. You know me I’m a glutton for punishment. I’m here to see you. I remember a few years ago I helped you out with a lot of UFC tickets for the Lesnar fight in Palm Beach. Well, I see you have this new Rocky flick on the horizon, how would you like to do some cross promotion.

    Sylvester Stallone : I dunno Paulie, depends what you got in mind.

    Paul Heyman : I just need a famous, mainstream face like your gorgeous mug to help promote my show. You turn up, do a few catchphrases, you promote your movie. I get more eyeballs on my show and you get to advertise your new movie, its win win.

    Heyman throws his arm around Stallone and they walk down the movie lot discussing ideas.

    Deal or no deal?
    Charleville Maximum Correctional Facility – Interview Room 2b

    The room is empty until Paul Heyman walks in. He sits down and checks his phone before 2 guards escort prisoner 267723H into the room…….. that prisoner is Chris Benoit.

    Chris, wearing chains and bright orange jumpsuit sits down with a blank stare on his face.

    Paul Heyman : Mr Benoit…… been a long time.

    Benoit says nothing,

    Paul Heyman : I’ll do the talking shall I. I hear you’re up for parole and you’ve been doing extremely well on your rehabilitation. I’ve been looking through your situation and I see that you need a sponsor to aid you in achieving parole. I believe I can help you.

    Chris Benoit : Not interested.

    Paul Heyman : You see I am willing to take the biggest risk of my professional career on you Chris. I think we can both help each other. I can turn a blind eye to what you’ve done, and help you earn parole. You, in turn, can help me by joining my company. I can give you a place to get yourself back on track and you can prove to the world that you have been rehabilitated. What do you say?

    Benoit takes a moment to reflect on the offer before shaking his head to say no , still with a cold stare on his face.

    Paul Heyman : Do you know who wrestles for my Beyond Chaos Wrestling? Do you read the internet?

    Guard 1 : Are you kidding me, Old Benoit here hasn’t looked at as much as a news article since he came here. He just reads books from the library.

    Paul Heyman : Mr Benoit, our Champion is Bret The Hitman Hart. You remember Bret don’t you?

    Benoit listens intently as Heyman appears to have peaked his interest.

    Paul Heyman : He was your friend wasn’t he, but he abandoned you like everyone else. He calls you, and I quote “a coward”.

    Chris Benoit : I‘ve been called worse in the last 10 years

    Paul Heyman : Well, do you know your son Daniel? Remember him?

    Heyman has Benoits attention now.

    Chris Benoit : David…..

    Paul Heyman : Yes, David, you haven't heard from him in years….. do you know what hes doing now? Let me tell you shall I, hes a professional wrestler in Beyond Chaos..... my Beyond Chaos

    Benoit is firmly staring a hole in Heymans direction and appears very annoyed

    Paul Heyman : Not only that but Bret Hart is training him, yes Bret Hart.... the man who has a very low opinion of you. David looks up to Bret, Bret was there for him and he see’s Bret as the Dad he wished he had…. Not my words Chris, the words of David himself.

    Paul whips open his phone to play the clip for Benoit.

    Paul Heyman : Do you know what I think, I think we can help eachother out. I can get you out and you can join my company and reclaim the relationship with your son that you never had.

    Paul takes back his phone and Chris shows the first bit of emotion as his eyes well up at the sight of his grown up son.

    Paul Heyman : I shall see you in 3 weeks for the parole hearing Mr Benoit.

    Benoit grabs his wrists repeatedly as he once did in the ring as Heyman leaves the room.

    With Paul Heyman at the helm, Beyond Chaos has a new lease of life. But with controversial new talent, underhanded tactics and a history of pushing the envelope, will Heyman be successful of taking the company to the promised land once more? The future of Beyond Chaos will unfold soon at Ultimate Chaos 3. But how the PPV shapes up, shall be a story for next time.

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    USCW 2017 - A look back

    After USCW last aired two years ago, there were rumours circulating that the previous owner had decided to sell up and move on from an industry he knew little about. In January 2017, it was confirmed that a sale had been struck between Alfred Borden and an unnamed investor. A statement from the new owner read "We are proud to obtain a full shareholding in USCW plc and promise BIG things for the future. Join us Monday night as we bring a new and exciting brand of sports entertainment to the Garden. See you all there. Signed: JJ".


    It was speculated all week that this could be only one person and indeed it was confirmed on the first night of Monday Night Adrenaline that "JJ" was indeed Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett would go onto run the show and quickly became a fan favourite with the high quality roster he put together. Jarrett was respected by all and was deemed to be a fair decision maker. However Jarretts personal finances would come under significant strain in October and USCW eventually entered receivership. USCW was held by an administrator who put Vince Russo in charge of the already thriving USCW until a suitable buyer was found.


    This would put Jarrett and Russo at odds. Russo would force Jarrett back to being an active participant as Jarrett had a contract to honour until January 2018. Russo would go onto giving Jarrett a new job title of "special assistant" to Russo, giving him several degrading tasks whilst drawing serious heat by making light of Jarretts personal finance situation.


    Whilst this was happening Lex Luger was signed to the company by Vince Russo as his first big money move. Luger would get immediate heat with his over confidence always on display and closeness with Russo but would go onto headline the Redemption PPV as #1 contender against the Heavyweight World Champion, The British Bulldog. The Bulldog as usual, would be accompanied to the ring by close friend and tag partner Owen Hart. Hart however would go onto screw the Bulldog out of the title by incapacitating Bulldog with a steel chair shot outside of the referees view. Luger would go onto be champion whilst Hart and the Bulldog would go on to have a heated rivalry where Hart would continue to escape Bulldogs retribution.

    Hart would later admit that it was "jealously" that drove his decision to turn on his long term friend but justified it by saying "If a great wrestler like Owen Hart can never be world champion, why should the inferior wrestler in the British Bulldog be World Heavyweight Champion?" The two will meet in a grudge match inside a steel cage at WrestleCade, where Hart can no longer escape the British Bulldog.

    Russo along with Luger would continue to terrorise Jarrett with a match between the two for Lugers title set for WrestleCade. Russo avoided making the match for weeks pitting Luger against other opposition but as ratings and fan attendances declined, Russo was forced to give heavy fan favourite Jarrett his title shot. Russo would be in Lugers corner and guaranteed that Jarrett would not leave WrestleCade as champion. Russo would later announce on the last Monday Night Adrenaline before WrestleCade that a new owner had been found and that he would be in attendance Sunday night. Russo would later add that he knew the individuals identity and said individual had complimented Russo on doing "a great job".


    Jarrett, eager to offer a more exciting women's division than in years gone by, signed free agent Paige to the roster in early January 2017. Paige would go onto dominate and hold the Womens World title from February until June 2017. It was then announced that Michelle McCool and Layla, better known as LayCool joined USCW. On their first night with USCW, they ran into Paige backstage. They congratulated her on her success and what she had done for women's wrestling in USCW. They handed her an invitation to "A Celebration of Paige" event which they had planned for later on in the show.


    Paige accepted and joined LayCool in the ring later in the night for the event. LayCool played a tribute video to Paige which started with Paige winning the USCW Womens World title but would quickly turn into recently leaked videos and photos of Paige. Paige, humiliated by this, attacked LayCool but eventually lost out due to the numbers game. It was later confirmed that Paige suffered damage to her neck and would be out of action for 6 months after the attack by LayCool.

    Michelle McCool would be named champion in her absence with Melina signed to the roster to replace Paige. Melina would go onto having various tussles with McCool for the title but always managed to just lose out with interference from Layla. On a show in December, LayCool wanted to have a "celebration" for rival Melina in one that mimicked the one they held for Paige. Melina interrupted this before it could happen but was quickly on the receiving end of a 2 vs 1 beat down. Suddenly Paige's music hit and she made a beeline to the ring and made the save forcing LayCool to hurry to the outside. The team of Melina and Paige will meet LayCool at WrestleCade, where LayCool will not possess the numbers advantage for the first time in USCW.


    Kane joined USCW and has had a great run throughout the year going on to hold the US title for 7 months. Kane joined USCW without his famous mask and has admitted himself to being "happier".Rick Rude joined the roster in November and found himself challenging Kane for his US title in his first match. However during the match, Rude would accidentally cause severe damage to Kanes face resulting in the match becoming a no contest and Kane rushed to hospital. Rude would apologise the next week and invited Kane to the ring to accept his apology but Kane did not appear. Backstage, as Rude was exiting the building the lights went out and when they came back on, Rude had been thrown through a pane of glass with severe cuts to his face. The camera would revert to a now masked Kane who laughed maniacally. Rude would appear over the next few weeks with a protective mask over his face. Rude lost all his confidence after jibes from Kane about his now "mangled" appearance. Kane would go onto making Rudes stay in USCW extremely tough with multiple attacks. The two will meet at WrestleCade for Kane's US title in a loser leaves USCW match.



    The next part will feature the following wrestlers and where they stand going into WrestleCade.

    - Ric Flair
    - Roddy Piper
    - Demolition
    - Midnight Express
    - Big Bossman
    - Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty
    - Dean Malenko
    - Test and Albert

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    Welcome to the BWA King of The Ring Recap Show
    Live from Quohog, Rhode Island
    Previous Show

    The show opens With Nick Bockwinkel in the ring
    Bockwinkel: The road to WrestlePalooza is upon us and things are getting real serious here in the BWA, you may have seen the state the promotion was in at that press conference last month but there has been a big 4 PPV since then. Let this true Draft Hall of Famer catch you up...
    **He points to the titantron and a video begins**

    Bockwinkel: and let's start with the tag team division.
    BWA Tag team Title match: The Usos vs The Godfather & Val Venis (c)
    Since their arrival on the scene alongside Roman reigns (and Naomi the next night) the Usos run riot on BWA programming in recent weeks. When you later added Jimmy Snuka and his daughter Tamina into this family like faction you wouldn't be blamed in thinking they would have too much going on to also be no.1 contenders already, except in this case where they won that right last week by defeating the dysfunction former announce team of Jesse Ventura & Nigel McGuinness. As if they had needed further motivation both of their opponents in this match had run ins with Naomi. The Godfather offered her a modelling contract while Val asked her if he could feel her glow but got a low blow instead for his trouble. Strangely they didn't have any such interaction with Tamina :pac:

    The Usos are impressive throughout and eventually prove their superiority but The Godfather & Val keep using Naomi's presence on the outside and interacting with her to distract the Usos in ring and on a number of occasions almost caught them with quick roll ups. The match's finish is a something of a familiar sight from the Usos recent tag bouts with a double superkick followed by the double Uce (Double diving splash) and the 1-2-3!

    Winners: The Usos

    **We then return to Nick Bockwinkel in the ring but only momentarily**
    Bockwinkel: Yes I get it, there are parts of that storyline incomplete from just seeing the Usos crowned new tag team champions, don't worry I wasn't the greatest AWA champ of all time just because I could wrestle rings around most of your heroes in the ring, well that and the fact that when I got you covered, you stay covered. Here is what you missed from Naomi, Tamina and the rest of the BWA womens lockeroom.
    BWA Womens title match: Naomi vs Aja Kong vs Manami Toyota (c)
    The Women's division from last years roster was torn apart by two women, Aja Kong and Manami Toyota. They had ran off everyone else and the womens title had consuming them both leading to an intense rivalry for the former tag partners. Before his injuries however Bounty Hunter had stepped in and announced that a new challenger would be declared for what is currently Manami Toyota's title at the state of the company press conference. After his injuries however Naomi debuted the next night on BWA Raw and they announced this triple threat match for the title at King for The Ring, with a cute tagline about who would be the Queen of the BWA ring. The following week on Raw when Aja Kong questioned why Naomi deserved a title shot and challenged her to a match Tamina debuted attacking her allowing Naomi to pick up the win. She had arrived too late to be in the match but Tamina being in Naomi's corner has given her a distinct advantage in many people's minds.

    Unfortunately Naomi was not the only woman that had issues with The Godfather and Val Venis during these weeks. a "More cushion for the pushin" remark from Val Venis (which resulted in a hell of a slap) about Aja Kong along with The godfather and Manami Toyota having a run in has made the men who earlier on the show lost their tag titles quite unpopular with the ladies in the BWA. Perhaps even more unfortunate is that they want to get back on the Usos and plan to do so by targeting Jimmy uso's wife Naomi in this bout.

    All 3 woman have their chances to win out here before the former tag champs appeared on the scene, in fact as they arrived on the scene it was Aja Kong who rolled out of the way of a Manami Toyota Moonsault at the last second and then with Naomi still on the outside after a prior attack, she seized her opportunity and hit the champ with her Brainbuster finish. With what the announcers call a veteran move Toyota rolls to the outside after the impact but Kong is straight after her. This is when The Godfather & Val Venis arrived to ringside where both women have just exited the ring at the end of the ramp. Kong tosses the prone champ back into the ring but then confronts the two men whom she recently came to blows with.

    On the opposite side of the ring Tamina gets Naomi back to her feet before getting into the ring herself and as Toyota tried to get back up she (Tamina) catches her square on the Jaw with a Big Boot. She rolls straight out of the ring afterwards as Naomi has climbed to the top rope and just like her husband earlier she hits a big splash for the 1-2-3! while Aja Kong on the outside realizes too late what is happening on the inside and the male duos distraction means she cannot break up the pin before the 3

    Winner: Naomi

    **We then return to Nick Bockwinkel in the ring **
    Bockwinkel: Was a pretty good few weeks for that family eh? and that's before we even bring up the Big Dog Roman Reigns. Were not going to keep you waiting to see what happened to the man who last time you checked in was the BWA world champion however. Keep an eye out for a handsome hall of famer in this video (smirks)
    BWA World Title Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs Dusty Rhodes
    The American Dream Dusty Rhodes was never the most complimentary of Roman Reigns on commentary so much so that the champ wanted to fight him thinking he had besmirched his name. After a valiant effort Dusty came up just short and the next night when he was officially returned to the active roster (and removed from announcing duties) he thought he could hold his head up high proud of his effort and move on, but when Roman Reigns went out of his way to deliver a thunderous Spear to Dusty during the press conference that all changed. In particular Reigns claiming to have Killed the American dream lit a fire under Dusty that we hadn't seen for many a year. In his return match against D'Lo Brown Rhodes snapped and after beating Brown nearly unconscious called out the champ but instead he only got the newly appointed representative of the BWA Board Nick Bockwinkel.

    In recent weeks Roman Reigns (who along with the Usos and Snukas had been running roughshod over the company) had been stating that new signings to the BWA such as Kazuchika Okada didn't deserve a shot at his title based solely on their reputation, that they had to earn a shot. This was something Bockwinkel agreed with and although he said he hated the thought of an overweight joke like Dusty being in his main event he did concede that the fans wanted the match and that the champ didn't have an issue with the match (Reigns is portrayed as arrogant in the build up having previously beaten his opponent) so agree to give him a rematch on one condition...

    If Dusty Rhodes loses he can never have another shot at the BWA world title! Dusty agreed and here we are

    This was an absolute slobberknocker knock out brawl where all Dusty's dislike for the arrogant champion he had shown on commentary and over the past few weeks flowed from him in the form of flying fists and bionic elbows.

    Dusty seems to push Reigns right to the limit but shockingly it's Roman who apparently sees the funny side to it when late on he starts reacting to Dreams big blows with a big grin on his face. Dusty thinks he has wiped the smile right off his fact when he locks in a figure four for a long time but No matter how hard he is hit or how just pain he has to endure Roman just works his way through it and keeps getting back up until.... BOOM! Superman Punch, but no he isn't happy with just one BOOM! a 2nd superman punch to set up BOOM! Spear.... and Reigns wins LoL!

    winner: Roman Reigns

    Roman seems to be reveling in the crowds showering of boos upon him as The Usos and Naomi (all champions) come out and join his celebrations.

    **Once again we return to Bockwinkel on the mic to introduce our next recap**
    Bockwinkel: As usual Dream let his fans down as The big Dog continues to dominate, but not all the action of recent weeks took place in ring. In fact many of the most memorable moments we've had recently, especially since the company has been touring Quohog came in backstage segments. Let the great Nick Bockwinkel remind you all...

    The first of these segments took place a number of weeks ago on Adam West's first night involved in the BWA. He had actually forgotten he was supposed to attend a BWA show that night and our BWA reporter had a horrid time just trying to get him to answer the door.

    Later that night at the arena West stated that he did not need a special guests dressing room but he knew someone who could use it, even suggesting the room could be used to interrogate suspects. He signified the man he was of course eluding to by covering up a piece of paper with his name on it on the door with a Bat Logo sticker.

    We actually got to see Batman (big pop from the crowd) in this room looking into West's big mirror later on. He is pondering aloud who on the BWA roster could be one of his rogues in disguise when Doink enters the room. Batman only had time to refer to him as a "Cantankerous Clown" and question what he was up to before Doink mimics Stephen King's IT saying he will feast on the caped crusaders fears before
    **The lights suddenly go out (a la Bray Wyatt) while distorted carnival music plays**

    When the lights return the audience view the scene from behind Doink's back seeing Batman and what he sees in the mirror except what he sees now is what he feared, none other that... The Joker!

    Batman looks frozen in fear as Doink/The Joker laughs maniacally before we cut away.

    This is not the only time Doink and Batman were involved in such an altercation however there is a twist when they meet again in the same location for one of the first backstage segments of the King of The Ring PPV. This time Doink was not alone he was joined by Robert Swensen and when Doink tried to manifest and feast on Batman's fears this time not only did he see The Joker but also the huge intimidating frame of....Bane!

    in another Backstage segment Jesse Ventura was being interviewed about his upcoming KOTR quater final match up against kazuchika Okada. This interview however is interrupted by Nigel McGuinness Who laughs at Ventura thinking he can withstand the test of the best modern wrestler Japan had to offer. The former announce colleagues almost come to blows before McGuinness' music plays and he heads to the ring for his own KOTR match up.

    However before we jump straight into the Tournament itself there was one last thing That Nick Bockwinkel owed us a retrospective on. An interesting look into his own run ins with soon to be Hall of Famers and perhaps surprisingly most recently of note the huge stir revolving around D'lo Brown and his contract!
    Bockwinkel had obviously not taken too kindly to the return of Kenta Kobashi & Mitsuharu Misawa nor the fact that he was made announce it and their being honored as the first ever BWA Hall of Famers himself. The shine had been completely taken off his recent arrival in the company especially as he had been parading around claiming the be the only draft HOFer after his induction in a promotion last year. However he was not the only one who took a disliking to the returning fan favorites as world champion Roman Reigns saw them and their association with kazuchika Okada (who was after his world title) to be a thorn in his side.

    Bockwinkel sided with the champ and not only did he make it so that Okada had to earn any shot at the champ by entering the KOTR tournament he also gave Roman's family The Usos a clear run at the tag titles by making on the Raw before the PPV Kobashi & Misawa face each other for the final spot in the KOTR tournament. They had wanted a shot at the tag belts but instead were the only people forced to compete in a qualifying match for a singles birth that also meant they would be unavailable for tag competition. Kobashi was victorious in a fight that could have gone either way but still shook his partners hand after truly having a lot taken out of him in the encounter.

    Despite the positive conclusion of the encounter it wasn't what fans wanted to see but it was also no surprise, the surprise came when the video focused on D'Lo Brown and his antics at the PPV

    D'Lo marched out to ringside just as he had done a few weeks earlier during the "State of the BWA" press conference and made his feeling known during the KOTR preshow main event segment. ....

    D'Lo: I told you to either use me or lose me BWA, I gave you the deadline of the KOTR PPV Bockwinkle! so whats it going to be?
    **out came Representative of the board, Nick Bockwinkel**

    Bockwinkel: I'm sorry D'Lo. You see you were just never in the BWA boards plans. They don't see a spot for you at Wrestlepalooza so why put you on the card building to it?

    D'Lo:No good, gawd damn... well then trade me already!

    Bockwinkel: Ahh there's the thing, we can't do that either you see Bruce Wayne wasn't the only recent investor the promotion brought in. They needed the money and to be honest D'Lo we never drafted you... You were gifted to us by this investor, it's he who bought out your contract not the BWA so to be honest I couldn't trade you even if I wanted to.

    **D'Lo looks dejected and a little confused before he responds**

    D'Lo: but... who is this investor? who holds my contract?

    Bockwinkle: I'll tell you and help you but you will have to promise to do something for me too.
    **D'Lo clearly nods and seems like he would have agreed to anything but Bockwinkle takes him to the back to give him his answers in private**

    The next night on Raw it was revealed that the investor in question was none other than Luca Brasi. The board has gotten involved with the mafia! how bad must money issues have been in the BWA this year for them to have gotten involed with Don Corleone's man.
    BWA King of The Ring quarter final round

    Jimmy Snuka vs Kenta Kobashi

    This bout started as a hard hitting affair with Kobashi argueably on top but D'Lo was hovering at ringside and after promising to prove to Nick Bockwinkel earlier he was worth having around Kenta didn't trust his presence at ringside. This distraction lead to an opportunity which Snuka took to dropkick an unsuspecting Kobashi and follow it up with his imfamous Superfly Splash for the win!

    --One of the early favorites out, Kobashi looks like he wants to kill D'Lo who scurries to the back

    George Hakenschmidt vs Robert Swensen

    This is old school grappler Hackenschmidt versus the man he thinks was the 6'2 clown who attacked him at the BWA press conference, except this time another clown in the form of doink plays a pivital point. He arrives at ringside mid match and leads the crowd in what Hakenchmidt finds to be a very distraction 20 count. When he gets to 0 the lights in the arena go out and his distorted carnival music plays. When the lights eventually return Swensen is now done up in his full Bane costume and looks like a Beast!

    After a short armed lariat Bane Swensen then grabbed the legend of the golden age of Wrestling and hit a back breaker like the one he broke Batman's back with (a move I doubt was popular back in Hackenschmitd's day) for the 3 count.

    --A surprise here no doubt but surely such shenanigans will be less prevalent in future rounds

    El Santo vs Nigel McGuinness

    This is the match where Nigel transitions to a straight up heel from his previous more tweener leaning, he uses every underhanded tactic he can to gain an advantage against The true babyface El Santo but he just can't put him away. Suddenly when the tables were turned and he was placed in El Santo's La de a Caballo (Camel clutch) he was the one struggling to hang on. He looked like he was injured but still acted as a punk towards his opponent to the last which is why the crowd loved it when El Santo hit his Tope de Cristo (Diving headbutt) for the win.

    -- A legend of Mexican wrestling moves on and we can expect another classic from him on this same show!

    Kazuchika Okada vs Jesse Ventura

    No surprise here, although Ventura did his best. The match went over 20mins and the longer it went on the more the announce team kept referencing what Ventura's former announce partner Nigel McGuinness had to say earlier. As it seemed that Jesse could not keep up with the pace of his younger opponent and slowly but surely faded until he was easy pray for someone as accomplished as Okada. A perfect Dropkick is followed up by his Rainmaker Lariat and Kazuchika progresses.

    ---Okada moves to the next round but the story at this point may be with eliminated Ventura, can he still hang with the best of today?
    **We are then shown the one relevant backstage promo to the next round of match ups**
    We see Bane backstage with Doink and he asks him about Jimmy Snuka. Unfortunately however his clown chum informs him that Snuka is a man without fear and that in his next bout Robert Swensen would have to face off against The Superfly. **Lights Flash** suddenly he is no longer dressed in his full Bane gear as his music hits for his Semi-Final bout.
    Semi Final match-ups

    Jimmy Snuka vs Robert Swensen

    Swensen when not seen as Bane does not come off half as intimidating but you can't help but note how impressive Snuka looks as he takes apart the big man who only a little earlier tonight had defeated the great George Hackenschmidt. He eventually gets the three count after his Superfly Splash but no doubt he would have been tested much more had he faced Bane instead of Swensen.

    --- Jimmy Snuka will be hard to beat in the final after having had the easier route there and no doubt being the most rested

    Kazuchika Okada vs El Santo

    This match goes well over 30mins on it's own and built to a finish which included many false finishes that could have gone either way. Eventually Okada gets the win here when he has to hit El Santo with not 1, nor 2 but 3 Rainmaker Lariats to ensure he stayed down but before then El Santo could have easily gotten the victory. A Victory which was almost tarnished when around the 30 minute mark Jimmy Snuka Had charged down to ringside and attacked both competitors. The way the announcers saw it whoever survived would not even be at 50% when they had to face him in the final.

    KOTR Final match-up

    Kazuchika Okada vs Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

    This match takes place only after the BWA doctor gives Okada a checking having already had nearly an hour in the ring. Snuka meanwhile is far fresher and uses this to his advantage as the final round bout progresses. He intentionally takes his time and tries to wear out his Japanese opponent but Okada uses his 3 matches in this one night to really show the American audiences watching at home why he was the IWGP champion so long and talked of as the best in the world. He fights a little like an underdog to begin with as a result but has the crowd on the edge of their seat be it with his selling or his comeback after which nobody questions his ability as it happens nearly 25m plus into this his 3rd bout with (this time) a fresher opponent who also attacked him in his last match.

    A reversal by Okada into a jumping Tombstone piledriver no less makes the place go unglued and yet that was only the set up for his Rainmaker! Lariat for the win!

    Kazuchika Okada

    Immediately after the match Okada extends his hand out to Snuka and helps him to his feet only for BANG! Superfly catches him with an unexpected head butt which causes him to stumbled back into the path of The Usos who had seemingly just appeared out of nowhere before CRACK! double superkick from them to Okada. Things get even worse though when **Roman Reigns' music hits** and The Big Dog Joining the party, first berating Okada whom Jimmy & Jey hold up while Roman with title in hand spits hot garbage at him about Okada not being on his level before backing up an HURAWW Spear!

    King Okada looks to be heading to Wrestlepalooza to take on the champ but after watching this review of the past few weeks were not even sure if he will make it to Raw next week. Lucky for him it didn't get anyworse however as moments late Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi came charging down the ring with security behind them which lead to Reign's and his Family backing out of the ring and away from their adversaries... for now!


    BWA Roster 2018
    Roman Reigns
    Dusty Rhodes
    Kazuchika Okada
    Kenta Kobashi
    Mitsuharu Misawa
    Jimmy Snuka
    Jimmy Uso
    Jey Uso
    Manami Toyota
    Aja Kong
    Jesse Ventura
    Nigel McGuinness
    Nick Bockwinkle
    El Santo
    Val Venis
    The Godfather
    Adam "Batman" West
    George Hackenschmidt
    Robert "Bane" Swensen
    Lenny "luca Brasi" Montana

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    WWE Network presents.....

    GWA: March to Madness

    (Episode 1)

    March to Madness follows the Gaelic Wrestling Association as it prepares for the network TV special: March Madness

    A montage airs of headlines from various newspapers and websites:
    RTE.IE: “RTE to air 3-hour wrestling supershow”

    THE IRISH TIMES: “Unknown wrestling promotion secures 3-hour primetime slot”


    JOE.IE: “GWA secures prime time show”

    WWE Headquarters, Stamford Connecticut


    We are in Stephanie McMahons office. Joining Stephanie are WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin and Joey Styles.

    Stephanie: “Steve, Joey, we’re sending you to Ireland for a few weeks.

    Teddy Long has this promotion over there, the GWA, and they’ve got a 3 hour TV special in primetime on the national broadcaster, RTE.

    WWE owns a 49% stake in the GWA, and we just want you to head over, do a bit of promotional stuff, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

    Look, this GWA is red hot, has a great buzz, so this should be a breeze for you two.

    At the end of the day, our name is going to be associated with this, so we don’t want any surprises.

    Stone Cold: “WrestleMania is coming up, should I not be here to promote that?”

    Stephanie: “I know it’s the Road to WrestleMania, but we’ll keep you off TV while we sort out a #1 contender for you.

    No physical stuff over there now, use this chance to freshen up.

    I’m going to send this camera crew with you, to follow the lead-up to the big show.

    They are going to put together a documentary on this for the WWE network.

    We sent Al Snow over a few weeks ago to work as a trainer, and take the rough edges off their guys.”

    Stone Cold: “C’mon Joey, Let’s go stomp some Irish ass”

    Stephanie: “STEVE! No physical stuff”

    Two Days later…..
    Stone Cold and Joey Styles arrive backstage at a school gym in Dublin where a GWA live event is in progress.

    The pair see a poster advertising the talent on hand for the show:


    Stone Cold: “I thought Stephanie said the GWA was a red hot promotion? Not much of a lineup, eh Joey? Look at this dump, and the place is half empty.”

    Joey Styles: “Looks like a 4 year old put that poster together on MS Paint”

    Al Snow, who has been working as a trainer with the GWA talent for the past few weeks, comes over to greet the lads.

    Al Snow: “Not much talent here guys. One or two ex-WWE names, but it’s slim pickings.

    They’re going to struggle to put together a card for this supershow in a few weeks time.

    There’s a few talented ladies alright. There’s a new local girl that has a great look and huge potential.

    She’s in the ring at the moment......"


    The guys peer through the curtain to see a young rookie named Becky Lynch dismantle her opponent.

    The crowd is impressed by this new female star.

    WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin is also impressed

    Stone Cold: “Hell, That girl’s got potential to go far”

    GWA owner Teddy Long joins the trio

    Teddy Long: “Welcome to Ireland playa’s”

    Stone Cold: “Teddy, what the hell? I thought this GWA was supposed to be red hot?

    Teddy Long: “We were thriving playa. Loads of talented youngsters. Sell outs every week.

    Then WWE bought a 49% stake and stole all the talent. Ever since, we’ve been struggling man.

    But, don’t fear playa, I’ve got some contacts, we’re gonna be fine by the time March Madness comes around.

    Anyway, I gotta run, huge #1 contender match up next.. holla holla”

    Claudio Castagnoli is set to face off against Sabu for the right to face GWA Champion Chris Hero at GWA March Madness in the 3 Arena next month.

    Will Castagnoli get the shot at his former tag team partner, or will Sabu get another title shot, having coming up short in four recent title bouts?

    The bell rings, but instead of locking up, Castagnoli grabs the house microphone.


    “I’ve had it up to here with this business.

    I busted my ass for years in the WWE and they cast me aside like a piece of thrash.

    I was Cesaro there, but I can’t use that name anymore.

    Well Claudio Castagnoli doesn’t sell many tickets, does he?

    I’m sick and tired of busting my ass in empty gyms like this. Sabu, it’s your lucky day”

    Castagnoli drops the microphone, and steps out of the ring, as the referee commences his count:

    1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10

    Ring announcer: “The winner of this match, by countout, and new #1 contender: Sabu"

    Sabu, and the crowd, look stunned as Castagnoli walks to the back, and apparently out of the GWA

    Stone Cold: “Joey, this place is in trouble.

    We gotta tell Stephanie she needs to send over some superstars or this TV special is going to turn WWE into a laughing stock.

    Joey, Hey Joey, JOEY! Get your head out of that phone, we’re in the sh*tter here”

    Joey Styles: “Steve, social media is blowing up over this Young Bucks video, you need to see this………………”

    Matt and Nick Jackson wave to camera

    Matt: “Hello Stephanie, WWE wants us to ‘cease and desist?’

    Nick: "Well Teddy Long has booked us on March Madness. Teddy’s got final say, so there’s nothing you can do."

    Matt: "That’s right, The Young Bucks are coming to the GWA, and we’re going to steal the show."

    Nick: "That’s right Steph, you don’t mind if we call you Steph, do you Steph?"

    Matt: "March Madness Steph - You’re footing the bill, and we’re the star attraction."

    Nick: "Your name is on the cheque, and The Young Bucks will be getting over on YOUR dime."

    Matt: "So, Steph, we just want to say thanks so much for giving The Young Bucks this platform to get ourselves over."

    Nick: "Oh, and we’re not coming alone………"

    *camera pans out to reveal The Villain, Marty Scurll*


    Matt: "And Steph, if you’ve got a problem with this, you know what you can do:"

    Nick: "S*CK IT, S*CK IT, S*CK IT, S*CK IT, S*CK IT, S*CK IT, S*CK IT, S*CK IT!”

    Stone Cold: “Man, Stephanie is going to be so pissed”


    Tune in next week for Episode 2 of March to Madness:

    - How will Stephanie McMahon respond to The Young Bucks video?

    - Has Teddy Long any more surprise names up his sleeve?

    - Which WWE talents will Stephanie send to Ireland to bolster March Madness?

    - What's in store for GWA superstars Candice LeRae and Marty Jannetty?

    - Chris Hero is set to defend his GWA title against Sabu at March Madness. Will their paths cross before then?

    - Have we seen the last of Cesaro?

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    ***KWK Friday Knight Fire - Episode 1***

    Venue: Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey
    Attendance: 17,855
    Date: 02/16/18
    Commentators: Vic Mann & Jessy Prince


    Vic Mann: Welcome everyone to Friday Knight Fire. I’m Vic Mann alongside Jessy Prince. We are jam packed here at the Prudential Center for our first outing on the road to Kingdomkalling.
    Jessy Prince: Well Mann you got that right, with the Outsiders and X-Pac stating their intent at the press conference earlier this week, they will be here tonight to rightly take their seat at the top of the food chain.
    Mann: Yes indeed, what a callus act on the behalf of those thugs, embarrassing our chairman like that.
    Prince: Embarrassing?... You heard them did you not, Big Johnny invited them.
    Mann: Yes..well...Folks we’ve got a great show in store for you tonight, we kick off the tag team tournament with the first semi-final match-up, where the old school meet the not so old school. The team of Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake and Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine take on The New Age Outlaws in what promises to be mammoth contest.
    We also have a No.1 contender match for the World Heavyweight Championship, with the winner moving on to Kigndomkalling to face the man, who John Laurinaitis claims, he will announce right here next week. Edge will face-off against Sycho Sid. Now we are going to kick things off with The Cutting Edge, let’s take you down to ringside.

    Music and pyros hit, out walk Edge to a tremendous applause. He walks to the ring and takes to the mic.

    Edge: Wow...just guys are awesome. You know I’ve been wrestling for a logn logn time, but this feel like home. My guest tonight, is a guy I would call spectacular, but perhaps also a coward. A coward in the fact he never fights alone. He called me out a few days ago, so I’m calling him out now, ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Nash.

    Nash makes his way to the ring, not showing much respect to the fans he seems focused on one person. Crowd are booing and cheering, one guy at ringside is dressed in a Diesel attire, he gets a hi-five from Nash.

    Edge: So Kevin, I can call you Kevin, right? You've been around for a long time, so have I for that matter, you know how things go down. You call me out, i call you out. So let's hear it, why are here at KWK?
    Nash: Well first off, I don't care what you call me, okay? I'm here for one thing and one thing only, to win the Heavyweight title. Now you're facing Sid in a No.1 contender match with the winner facing Johnny’s hand-picked champion. Well it doesn't take a genius to know who that is.
    Edge: So you're saying it's you?
    Nash: I'm saying you know who it is, I know who it is, we all know who it is. If by some miracle you beat Sid, it you and me brother.

    NWO music hit, Hall and X-Pac are making their way to the ring.

    Mann: What the hell are these guys doing here, can't Nash fight his own battles?
    Prince: I guess they just want to say hello. Go down and ask them why don't you.
    Mann: No thank you!

    Edge: Hey hey...what are these guys doing here.
    Nash: Gee I don't know, you're not scared are you?

    Hall and X-Pac enter the ring.

    Hall: Hey Yo Edge, what's happening bro? You look unsettled.

    NWO start throwing The Cutting Edge set out off the ring. Edge is not liking what he sees.


    Suddenly music hits, it's Christian and Gangrel, they make their way quickly to the ring. NWO leave the ring and begin to retreat up the ramp, with smirks on their faces, as if to say, not now.


    *Commercial Break*

    Prince: Well I think that interview went off without a hitch.
    Mann: What the hell are you talking about, did you not see what happened. I don't think we've seen the end of this. Let’s go to the ring, our first match is about to get under way.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this is our 1st Tag Team Tournament semi-finals match. Introducing first, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 520 lbs, the team of Brutus ‘ The Barber’ Beefcake and Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine, The Dream Team.
    And their opponents, at a combined weight of 501 lbs, representing DX, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, The New Age Outlaws.


    Road Dogg: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages...D-Generation X proudly brings to you, the soon to be KWK, TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOORLD! The Road Dogg, Jessie James! The Badd Ass, Billy Gunn! The NEW...AGE...OUTLAWS!
    Billy Gunn: And if you ain't down with that, we got two words for 'ya...SUCK IT!

    Mann: Well what a matchup we have here Prince, the winner will go on to the finals at our very first ppv.
    Prince: The Dream Team look like they just crawled out of an old folks home, can't see this one lasting long.

    And the match gets underway. Gunn and Beefcake start this one of. They circle the ring measuring each other and eventually lock horns. Beefcake gets the better of Gunns who retreats to the corner and tags in Dogg. A couple of hip tosses by Beefcake and the action has spilled to the outside. Ref is yelling at them to get into ring. Valentine is now in there with Gunn and after a belly to back suplex, Gunns is reeling on the ropes, Valentine tries to apply the figure four leglock but Dogg comes in with an elbow drop. Beefcake is in there now, looks like Gunn got a tag on Dogg who is now the legal man in the ring. He smashes Beefcake to the outside. Gunn is back up, gets a tag, and it's fame-ass-er time. Valentines is down.


    Mann: Well a gallant effort on the part of The Dream Team, but I guess they were no match for the younger NAO
    Prince: Someone order them a taxi back to the old folks home.

    Beefcake and Valentine know they were beaten by the younger, more energetic team and offer a handshake of respect. Gunn and Dogg are in no mood for niceties, they tose Beefcake and Valentine to the outside. They rip off their DX shirts to reveal the black and white of NWO.

    Mann: What in the world, does this mean they have join NWO?
    Prince: Well either that, or they are partial to a nice shirt.

    NWO music hits as Gunn and Dogg make their way to the back. Half the arena are booing, half are cheering.

    Back at ringside, Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres are making their way down the ramp to a rather somber reception.

    Eve: So Kelly, I hear Wendi Richter has joined KWK and is looking to get a title match.
    Kelly: She can look all she wants, it's obvious John will award the title to us, we can invoke the Freebird rule. Given there is no one else here, we can just sit back and enjoy the privileges of being champions.
    Eve: Well I guess the only other option is we could face each other....haha, like I would fight my best friend.

    Wendi Richter appear at the top of the ramp, there is no music.

    Wendi: You have it all figured out ladies don't you. I told Mr. Laurinaitis when I signed for KWK that I wanted a title shot. If that means facing both of you then so be it.
    Eve: Wendi, when is the last time you were in a ring, what are you, like 60? I would feel bad beating up an old lady.

    Johnny appears on the arena jumbotron


    John: Ladies..ladies, I have an urgent call to make right now, but I promise you I will take care of this next week, in fact, there will be a Ladies championship match at Kingdomkalling, details to be announced next week.

    *Commercial Break*

    We are backstage and John Laurinaitis is talking on the phone with someone, David Otunga is standing behind and slightly to the side with a thermos of coffee.

    John: Yes Sir, we have everything under control, I can assure you tonight will go off without incident. Thank you Sir, have a nice evening.
    David: Who was that on the phone?
    John: The missus...who do you think it was, the chairman of course. You know, he has shown great confidence in me, and why wouldn't he.
    David: Sure

    Camera pans out and we see Shane Douglas approach.


    Shane: Hey John, long time, no see.
    John: Hello Shane....did you want something?
    Shane: Just wanted to say hey, so who is this geek?
    John: That is my trusted assistant, Mr. Otunga. Listen Shane, we may go back a long way, way may have been dudes back in the day, maybe even dynamic, but a lot has changed. Some people have done better for themselves than others. I'm a GM now. I don't really have time for small talk.
    Shane: Okay, whatever you say. So tell me, who do you have lined up for me at the ppv?
    John: Who says you have a match at the ppv? We have a lot of guys on our roster and you're just a small fish in the ocean now. But, if you want a match, I might just have someone for you, you will face Mr. Otunga. He is the smartest person I know, accept for me obviously.
    Shane: Smart eh...well we will see about that. Well geek, I will see you at the ppv.

    Mann: Well Shane Douglas is keane to get on the card at Kingdomkalling and you know David Otunga is no sloth.
    Prince: Have a feeling Douglas has bitten off more than he can chew
    Mann: I'm getting word of an incident backstage, let see if we can get a camera crew back there.

    Backstage, a number of guys are beating lumps out of someone, can't make out who. They are all wearing NWO shirts.

    Mann: What on earth is happening, that looks like Sycho Sid on the ground, and is that Heath Slater wearing an NWO shirt.
    Prince: Looks very much like him, and NAO and X-Pac are there. You know Mann, Sid has a match up shortly with Edge, this is not going to help him.
    Mann: Help him!...I very much don't he will be able to compete. Wait a minute, there is another beating taking place around the corner, can we get footage. That looks like Edge, yes it is indeed Edge and Hall and Nash and is that Daivari. We need to get some security back there, these guys have a match next, how in the world is this happening.
    Prince: There may be no matchup if this continues.

    Christian, Gangrel, and Ahmed Johnson arrive and brake up the fighting, NWO are retreating.

    Mann: At last we have some order restored. Folks after the break, we will bring you our main event, No.1 contender match for the WHC, Edge v Sycho Sid, we'll be right back.

    *Commercial Break*

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this is our main event for tonight and it is a No.1 contender match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first, making his way to the ring weighting in at 320 lbs, Sycho Sid. And his opponent, at a weight of 245 lbs, representing The Brood, Edge.


    Mann: What a matchup this promises to be. You know Prince, Sid has faced Nash many times before in the WWF, if he happens to win here tonight and Nash is indeed Mr. Laurinaitis' hand-pick champion, there will be no love lost.
    Prince: Well first off, it's called the WWE, and secondly, Nash has beaten Sid many times.
    Mann: WWE?... well I haven't watched it for a long time, that's a new one on me. Anyhow, let’s get to the action.

    Edge and Sid get ready to look up, Edge offers a handshake but Sid pushes it away. Edge gets the upper hand with some cheap shots, unlike him but there is a lot at stake here. Sid tries to gather himself, Edge of the ropes with a clothesline and puts the big man down. Back and forth for the next few minutes as neither can mount any momentum. Out of nowhere, Sid has Edge up and is going for a powerbomb but Edge hammers at his head and gets his feet on the mat.
    This one is going the distance as neither are giving up. Edge is thrown to the outside, just gets back in on the 9 count. An elbow from the second turnbuckle and Sid is down. Edge is measuring Sid for the spear.


    Members of the NWO are making their way to the ring

    Edge is distracted and Sid composes himself, he now has Edge up for the powerbomb, but he has powerbombed Edge over the top rope and he land on the NWO members. NWO are on their feet and throw Edge back in not before getting some cheap shots in. Nash is on the apron, Sid goes again for the powerbomb, covers Edge but the ref is busy trying to get Nash of the apron.
    Edge is up again, and a spear out of nowhere, is this it, 1...2... Hall grabs Edge's legs and pulls him out. NWO are hamming on him.


    Wait, Christian and Gangrel are on their way to the ring, it's mayhem.

    Mann: This is getting out of control, get some security down here for god's sakes.

    Edge is back in, but is struggling, Sid with the choke slam.

    1...2...3...WINNER SYCHO SID


    Sid is standing victorious in the ring, mayhem outside the ring with NWO, Christian, Gangrel, and security.

    John Laurinaitis appears at the top of the ramp with mic in hand, reluctant to get any closer. Of course David Otunga is with him.


    John: Guys..Guys...break it up. We have our WHC match for Kingdomkalling. But Edge, don't feel so down, you have in fact won a Kingdom Championship match, against my hand-picked champion, again to be announced right here next week. But that’s now all, right in this very ring next week, we will have a double championship contract signing.

    John Laurinaitis retreats backstage before anyone can question him.

    Mann: Well I've seen the assassination of president Kennedy, man landing on the moon, but never did I expect to witness a double contract signing live in this very ring next week.
    Prince: Mann how old are you?
    Mann: I'd rather not discuss that right now. So there you have it, next week a live double contract signing, the 2nd Tag Team Tournament semi-finals and much more. Be sure to tune in. From me, Vic Mann and Jessy Prince, goodnight folks.

    Next show

    Friday Knight Fire - Episode 2: Road to Kingdomkalling

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    ***KWK Friday Knight Fire - Episode 2: Road to Kingdomkalling***

    Venue: Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
    Attendance: 19,8735
    Date: 02/23/18
    Commentators: Vic Mann & Jessy Prince


    Mann: Welcome everyone to Friday Knight Fire - Road to Kingdomkalling. I’m Vic Mann alongside Jessy Prince. We are soled out here at the Meadowlands Arena in what promises to be an explosive night.
    Prince: Mann I can’t wait for this one, who has our GM hand-picked for the championship matches at Kingdomkalling?
    Mann: Indeed!...We will find out tonight with an unprecedented double contract signing. Not forgetting, we have the 2nd semi-final of the Tag Team Tournament.
    Prince: That’s right, Christian and Gangrel will take on The Prime Time Players.
    Mann: The winners of that one will go one to face The New Age Outlaws for the Tag Team belts this coming Sunday.

    NWO music hits, out walks Nash, Hall, X-Pac, Heath Slater, Shawn Daivari, and NAO. They make their way to the ring and Nash has the mic in hand.


    Nash: many guys have we got now. I make it 7. You know, when you’re as dominant as NWO, everyone wants a piece of the action. Sid, Edge..I’m sure you know who you will be facing on Sunday, but we will leave that until later tonight. You all saw last week what happens when you stick your noses in our business, so Christian and Gangrel, I suggest you stay out of our way.
    Hall: Hey Yo..what’s happening New Jersey? Since you’re all so quiet, I’m guessing nothing, heh Pac!
    X-Pac: New Jersey, you’re only a New York wannabe.

    John Laurinaitis appears on the jumbotron.

    John: Gentlemen please, come see me in my office and we will discuss any issues you have. Right now we need to get a match underway.

    *Commercial Break*

    Mann: Welcome back folks, just before the break, we saw the NWO in the ring insulting the great New Jersey crowd here tonight, but thankfully they have now left the ring and we are about to get our 1st match underway.
    Prince: They just said what we’re all thinking Mann!

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the 2nd semi-final of the Tag Team Tournament. Introducing 1st, representing the Brood, at a combined weight of 461 lbs, the team of Christian and Gangrel. And their opponents, at a combined weight of 509 lbs, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young, The Prime Time Players


    Mann: What a matchup we have here Prince, Christian and Gangrel know the squared circle inside out but will they have enough to keep up with the younger Prime Time Player.
    Prince: You know what Mann, I don’t care who wins, let’s just get on with it.
    Mann: Charming, well the action is about to get underway.

    It’s Christian and Darren Young to kick this one of. Lots of energy from the start. Off the ropes from Christian and a double cross body and both men are down. Young is first up and makes the tag. Titus is not letting Christian rest, he has him up over his head and drops him to the mat. The power of Titus is quite amazing. Titus has this one under control until a drop kick out of nowhere and Christian gets the tag. Gangrel is controlling Titus, he is not happy at all. Young is in now, somehow got a tag, Titus is on the apron, looks like he is shouting at Young. Action is moving fast, Gangrel with a tag to Christian. Christian of the ropes with an elbow to the head. Young is reeling in the corner. Suplex to Young, took a lot out of Christian also. Tag to Gangrel, he has Young covered, 1.2… and he kicksout. Gangrel is working on the legs, Young can barely stand. Out of nowhere, a ddt from Young, now he finally gets a tag to Titus. Titus is still screaming at Young, in the meantime, Christian gets the tag, Titus turns around and Christian with the Killswitch.


    Christian and Gangrel advance to the Tag Team Finals on Sunday. They offer a handshake but Titus is still not happy and flips them off. The winners leave the ring and head to the back. Titus is still shouting at Young. Looks like they have sorted things out though and are about to leave, suddenly a clothesline from Titus on Young.

    Mann: What on earth is Titus doing, that’s his tag team partner.
    Prince: Was I would think is the correct term.


    Titus is still hammering at Young, more refs and security are in there now to retrain Titus. Eventually they get him off Young and he retreats to the backstage to a chorus of boos.

    We are backstage with Todd Chippendale, who has caught up with the GM, John Laurinaitis.

    Todd: Excuse me Johnny, can I get a quick word.
    John: It’s Mr. Laurinaitis to you, what do you want?
    Todd: Sorry Mr. Laurinaitis, last week you said you would make an announcement regarding the Ladies Championship match this coming Sunday at Kingdomkalling, are you in a position to tell us what that announcement will be now?
    John: I have got so many people looking to speak with me this past few weeks, my assistant’s phone is ringing off the hook. But yes, I have come to a decision on the Ladies Championship match, and I can reveal it now. This Sunday at Kingdonkalling, it will be Wendi Richter versus Kelly Kelly and Eve for the title. A 1 on 2 matchup. So you go and write your report on that one Todd, I have more important people to meet with.

    Suddenly Titus O’Neil approaches, he is shouting something or other.

    Titus: Johnny, I’ve had enough of that no good Darren, I’m a singles competitor now, and I want a match with Darren this Sunday. Make it happen.
    John: Calm down Titus, it’s not that simple.
    Titus: I said make it happen.
    John: got your match for Sunday.
    Todd: Well things are developing quickly back here. So there you have it Vic and Jessy, a 1 v 2 match involving Wendi Richter, Kelly Kelly and Eve for the Ladies Championship this Sunday, and it will be Titus O’Neil versus former tag team partner, Darren Young. back to you guys.

    Mann: Well what about that Prince, I’m telling you, Wendi got a raw deal on this one.
    Prince: Raw deal!...she was the one who suggested it last week. You know Mann, if you weren’t here, I’d smack you one.
    Mann: Well that doesn’t make much sense, and how about The Prime Time Players facing off against each other, I really thought these guys were inseparable.
    Prince: People say the same about us, but don’t test me.

    And we are backstage again with John Laurinaitis and David Otunga, it appears they are looking for someone.


    John: What the hell are you doing here Shane, this is the girls’ locker room. Get the hell out of here.
    Shane: This is my classroom actually John, and the name is Dean now. I have been analysing the moves of this geek you have with you and I have everything calculated for our upcoming match on Sunday.
    John: What are you talking about you’re Dean? All I know is you need to pack up all this crap and get out of here ASAP.
    David: Wait Mr. Laurinaitis, I think I know what’s going on, this guy thinks he is smarter than me. Is that right?
    Shane: Not think, know.
    John: Okay, so let me get this straight, you both are smart, you both have a match on Sunday. So let’s add a little stipulation. This will not be no ordinary match, this will be a scroll on a pole match, first man to grab the scroll, wins. Now, the ladies are having coffee in my office, when they get back here, you better be packed up and gone.

    Mann: Well Prince, what about that...a scroll on a pole match.
    Prince: That’s a genius idea Mann!.
    Mann: Well folks, for those who haven’t been living under a rock for the last week, you will have seen a post by Ahmed Johnson on Instagram stating his disgust at the antics of the NWO. It may all come to a head tonight as he has earned himself a match with Heath Slater.
    Prince: You know Ahmed should have kept his mouth shut, nothing good is going to come of this for him.
    Mann: Well personally, I think he is a man of integrity. Join us after the break as we have that match up next.

    *Commercial Break*

    Announcer: The following match is scheduled for 1 fall, introducing 1st, weighting in at 305 lbs, the Pearl River Powerhouse, Ahmed Johnson. An his opponent, making his way to the ring, now representing the NWO, weighting in at 220 lbs, Heath Slater


    Mann: Well Ahmed holds the weight advantage in this one and with his power, I can only see one winner in the one.
    Prince: Of course you can only see one winner, that’s how the most matched end!

    This one kicks of, Heath try to offer a handshake, Ahmed, the gullible chap he is, falls for it. A kick to the gut from Heath. Ahmed eventually gets the upper hand and a powerbomb to Slater. 1..2.. Kick out.
    It’s all Ahmed now, X-Pac and Daivari are making their way to the ring. Doesn’t look like Ahmed has noticed them yet. Action spills to the outside. Ref is trying to keep X-Pac and Daivari back, Slater has a chair in his hand, smacks Ahmed on the back and crawl back into the ring. This one ain't over yet though. The ref is counting, he has got to 9 and Ahmed is back in. He is still feeling that chairshot. Slater is up on the second buckle, down with the elbow, but Ahmed moves out of the way and is now on his feet. He has Slater up for the Plunger but X-Pac and Daivari are now in the ring. All 3 are hammerng him, looks like they are sending a statement. They finally stop and leave a badly beaten Ahmed in the middle of the ring. They taunting the crowd who are not liking what they see. The trio make their way up the ramp and Ahmed is back on his feet in the ring.


    Mann: Ahmed is giving chase backstage, let’s keep the cameras rolling.

    Ahmed is running around backstage, looks like he lost Slater, Daivari, and X-Pac. But luckily he has bumped into Mr. Laurinaitis.

    Ahmed: You call yourself a GM, did you see what happened out there, NWO are out of control and you’re sitting back doing nothing.
    John: Yes I did see what happened out there, and I’m about to do something about it. How about you get yourself a couple of partners and I will approve a match at Kingdomkalling.

    Out of nowhere, Slater, Daivari, and X-Pac jump Johnson. They are kicking and throwing stage equipment on him.’s Beefcake and Valentine, where did they come from. NWO are stunned and are beginning to retreat. Johnson is somehow back on his feet.

    John: Well gentlemen, looks like you have a match. At Kigndomkalling it will be Johnson, Beefcake, and Valentine versus X-Pac, Slater, and Daivari.

    Mann: Well up next we have the double contract signing, who has our GM handpicked for the championship matches at Kigndomkalling?
    Prince: Well I’ll give ya 3 guesses Mann...N..W..O.
    Mann: We’re going to find out very soon, here is the GM.

    KWK General Manager John Laurinaitis makes his way to the ring. David Otunga is with him. He is waving and smiling at the crowd who appear to be laughing at him. They get to the ring and here we go.


    John: Welcome New Jersey, the moment you have all be waiting for.
    David: What’s Mr. Laurinaitis, us walking out here!
    John: do have a point there David, I’m so glad I put you in that match with Shane Douglas. Where was I?...oh yes, the moment you have all been waiting for, is almost here. But first, let me unveil to you, the championship belts the 4 gentlemen in question will be battling it out for. First up is the Kingdom Championship, and here it is people, The World Heavyweight Championship.
    David: Wow..I can see why it’s called the heavyweight title, it weighs a tonne.
    John: Put that down David. Keep your hands off it. So people, The chairman has entrusted me to carry out this contract signing without expecting any controversy, and that’s exactly how’s it’s going to go. Without further ado, please let me ask to the ring at this time, 2 of the guys who will be fighting it out for each of the title, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Edge and Sycho Sid.

    The FKF intro music hits and out walks Edge and Sycho Sid to a thunderous applause. The fans are going wild. Edge is working the crowd and Sid is focused as usual with a few fist bumps on the way to the ring.


    John: Gentlemen please, take your seats, I have prepared name tags on the table. And now ladies and gentlemen, be on your feet as I introduce to you, my hand-picked champions, who I have no doubt will win both title this Sunday, I give you Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

    NWO music hits, the crowd are booing the roof of the place. Nash and Hall are no stranger to this reception and are loving it. No sign of that Diesel fan at ringside tonight. Nash and Hall are in the ring and shake hands with Mr. Laurinaitis.


    John: Welcome..welcome gentlemen, please take a seat at your respective places. As you can see now, Edge, you will be taking on Scott Hall for the Kingdom Championship, and Sid, you will be battling your old foe, Kevin Nash for the World Heavyweight Championship. Gentlemen, I’ve been informed that you all, with your representatives, have checked over the each contract, so please, go ahead and sign. If anyone of would like to address the fans and your opponents, the floor is yours.
    Sid: I had a dream of going out on the high seas, but I wasn’t catching small fish, no, I was chasing sharks. Sharks are smart animals, they can smell blood miles away. So on the high seas, I had a dream within a dream, when I woke up twice, I realised who and what I was, THE MASTER AND RULER OF THE WORLD.
    Edge: So Hall, it’s me and you. You keep your buddies away and I’ll keep mine away. We, do this..we do this one on one.
    Nash: Hey Scott, get a load of this guy. Wake up Sid, we’re not dreaming here, this is real, the only world you are master and ruler of is your own world.
    Hall: Hey Yo Edge….. Sure man, we can do this one on one, but maybe you should take a look at the fine print on that contract….
    John: Yes..I was getting to that, you see Edge, this will be no ordinary match for the Kingdom Championship, this will be a Ladder Match.

    The crowd go wild, Edge is no stranger to ladder matches. NWO music hits again.

    Mann: What are these guys doing here, it’s the rest of NWO. Wait, all hell is breaking loose. It’s 7 on 2 in ring. Prince, this is not right.
    Prince: Well perhaps they should have brought their buddies along.

    Wait...more guys are running to the ring, her come Christian, Gangrel, Beefcake, Valentine, and Johnson. They are cleaning house. X-Pac gets a spear from Edge. Sid has Slater up and powerbombs him out over the top rope landing on top of his NWO teammates.


    Mann: Crazy scenes here Prince at ringside, what started out as a contract signing has descended into mayhem.
    Prince: Let’s be honest Mann, have you ever seen an in-ring contract signing end in anything but chaos.
    Mann: Well I suppose you’re right, but still….Anyway, let’s summary what took place. We know that Edge will face Scott Hall in a ladder match for the Kingdom Championship this Sunday, of course both are no strangers to ladder matches so what a contest that’s going to be. And for the World Heavyweight Championship, it will be Sycho Sid versus Kevin Nash. Both have battled each other in the past and will no doubt know what to expect this Sunday. Not forgetting Prince, the special guest this Sunday is none other than Hollywood legend Chuck Norris.
    Prince: I can’t wait Mann, not for Chuck Norris, but for Kingdomkalling this Sunday.
    Mann: You and me both. Well that’s all we have for you tonight folks, what a night it’s been. Don’t forget to tune in for Kingdonkalling this Sunday live on PPV 7/4 Eastern. Until then everyone, good night.

    Next Show



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    ***KWK - Kingdomkalling***

    Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
    Attendance: 18,215
    Date: 02/25/18
    Commentators: Vic Mann & Jessy Prince

    There comes a time when a hero has to rise, when a beast has to feed, and when a kingdom has to call. Tonight, one lady battles two, as she aims to put past demons to rest. Tonight, two warriors do battle for the Championship of a Kingdom, but first they will have to climb to the top. And tonight, two beasts meet again, for the World Heavyweight Championship.
    And now….KWK presents….KingdomKalling


    Mann: Welcome everyone to New York City...welcome everyone to Madison Square Garden….and welcome everyone to KingdomKalling. I’m Vic Mann along side Jessy Prince and what a night Prince we have in store.
    Prince: Yes Mann, what a night indeed. You know I saw that lunatic Chuck Norris arriving earlier, now what I want to know is what bright spark came up with the idea of bringing him here tonight.
    Mann:Yes Mr. Norris will be here as special host for the main event tonight as Sycho Sid does battle with his old enemy Kevin Nash for the world title. Of course Sid overcame Edge to win the right to face our GM’s hand-picked champion less than 2 weeks ago.
    Prince: Well by the time tonight’s out, he’s going to wish he had lost that match 2 weeks ago.
    Mann: We have 4 championships up for grabs here tonight, and none more exciting than the ladder match for the Kingdom Championship. Scott Hall faces Edge and both these superstars are innovators of the ladder match. Both have won titles in ladder matches before.
    Prince: It’s a battle of the pioneers Mann.
    Mann: Indeed Prince, now let go to the ring for our opening contest.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this is our opening contest and is scheduled for 1 fall. Introducing first, making their way to the ring at a combine weight of 815 lbs, the team of Brutus Beefcake, Greg Valentine, and Ahmed Johnson. And their opponents, representing NWO at a combined weight of 616 lbs, Shawn Daivari, Heath Slater, and X-Pac


    Mann: What a matchup this should be Prince.
    Prince: Well Mann, I said it before and I’ll say it again, who let these guys out of the old folks home!

    Daivari and Johnson start this one off. Johnson with the upperhand from the start, quite a weight advantage on Daivari. Powerslam on Daivari and he has somehow retreated to the corner for a breather. Slater tags in. He tries to run around to avoid the big man but is thrown to the outside.
    Beefcake is in now and Slater is back in the ring. A rake to the eye by Slater and Beefcake is tied up in the oppositions corner. All 3 are hammering him and Johnson and Valentine try to help but the ref is telling the to get out. Valentine goes around the outside and flips X-Pac of the ring apron. It’s already mayhem and this one just got started.
    Ref has gained control eventually and it’s X-pac and Valentine in the ring now. Valentine using his experience on the more agile X-Pac. He tries for the figure 4 and almost has x-Pac locked in but Slater and Daivari are in to rescue him. Beefcake is tagged in and Daivari are the legal men in the ring. What an reception from the crowd for Beefcake. Irish whip by Daivari and Beefcake is in the corner, then falls to the centre. Daivari is up on the top turnbuckle and drop the elbow. Quick cover only gets a 2 count.
    X-Pac tagged in and Beefcake is again in that familiar position in the corner, a bronco buster and x-Pac is up top, a moonsault and this is over. 1..2.. Kick out by Beefcake.
    Slater tagged in. Beefcake still reeling, a neckbreaker by Slater and a cover, Slater has his feet on the bottom rope but the ref doesn’t see it, 1..2..3 and this one is over.

    WINNERS X-Pac, Slater, and Daivari. Match time: 7:46

    Valentine and Johnson are not happy at all. They are in the ring and get the better of the NWO members. They are cleaning house. It’s now Valentine, Beefcake, and Johnson standing tall in the ring as the NWO members retreat back up the ramp. Struttin' & Cuttin hits out over the arena and the crowd are on their feet. They may not have won the match but they are standing tall at the end.

    Mann: Well Prince, they may not have won the match, but these guys have won over the crowd, what an ovation they are getting.
    Prince: Yeah right, whatever you say Mann, just get them out of here so we can more on with the show.
    Mann: Yes..well up next we have to guys, who just last week, were tag team partners. Let’s take a look at how this match came about.

    Video package showing the break up of the Prime Time Players

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for 1 fall. Introducing first, making his way to the ring at a weight of 270 lbs, from Live Oaks, Florida, Titus O’Neil. And him opponent, at a weight of 240 lbs, from Miami, Florida, Darren Young

    Mann: Well it’s come to this Prince, I really don’t know what came over Titus last week, turning on his tag team partner, and more importantly, his friend like that.
    Prince: Titus is like me, he has big ambitions and Darren Young was holding him back.

    Both guys stare each other down, Young tries to reason with Titus and offers a hand of friendship and appears to be asking Titus why they are fighting. Titus slap Young across the face and does his dog chant. Titus with all the offence so far, after a number of suplexes and clothesline, young appears to be down and out.
    Titus throw Young to the ropes again but young with a drop kick, could this be the comeback, well appears not. It’s all Titus again and and this one could have been over already, Titus just wants to humiliate Young.
    An Enzuigiri out of nowhere from Young, Titus is down, Young’s chance now. A gutbuster on titus and a cover...1..2...kick out. This one is going back and forth… we thought it was over. Titus with the upper hand again, he puts Young up for the clash of the titus, but Young reverses it into a roll up...1..2..3..and it’s over!

    WINNER Darren Young. Match time: 09:36

    Young is up and leaves the ring immediately, Titus is one angry dog. He is screaming at the ref about a quick count. He eventually leaves the ring and runs to the back, presumably in search of Young.

    Mann: Well what about that Prince, Darren Young with the win, you know, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this one.
    Prince: It was a quick count Mann, you saw it with your own eyes. I’m not surprised Titus is angry, he has every reason to be. But for once, I do agree with you, we’ve not seen the end of it.
    Mann: Up next Prince it’s the battle for the Tag Team Championship, let’s have a look back at the lead up to this match.

    Video package showing the tag Team Tournament and the lead up to the finals

    We are backstage with Todd Chippendale as he gets a few words with Christian and Gangrel before the match.

    Todd: Christian and Gangrel, you guys are just one match away from being crowned the first ever KWK World Tag Team Champions, how are you feeling.
    Christian: Well Todd, we are feeling great, Captain Charisma and the big guy here would love nothing more than to be crowned the tag team champions and that exactly what we’re going to do, what you say buddy?
    Gangrel: Gangrel smells blood and is very hungry, let’s go captain, laters Todd!

    Todd catches up with the GM John Laurinaitis down the corridor as he is towered by the beast Sycho Sid


    John: Calm down Mr. Sid, let’s handle this like adults.
    Sid: John I’m not asking, I’m demanding that none of the NWO are at ringside for my match with Nash. Now make it happen.
    John: Okay, I will invoke a ban on NWO members at ringside for the world championship match. You can rest assured it will be you versus Kevin Nash, and Kevin Nash alone.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for 1 fall and is for the KWK world Tag Team Championship. introducing 1st, representing the Brood, at a combined weight of 461 lbs, the team of Christian and Gangrel. And their opponents, at a combine weight of 501 lbs, representing NWO, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, The New Age Outlaws.

    Road Dogg: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages...NWO proudly brings to you, the soon to be KWK, TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOORLD! The Road Dogg, Jessie James! The Badd Ass, Billy Gunn! The NEW...AGE...OUTLAWS!
    Billy Gunn: And if you ain't down with that, we got two words for 'ya...SUCK IT!


    Mann: Well Prince, no love lost here.
    Prince: You’re damn right Mann, no love lost between you and me.
    Mann: Well I was actually referring to the match about to start. Both teams have met before and will have no doubt scouted each other in recent weeks. Let’s take it to the ring.

    Both team stare each other down in the centre of the ring, anyone's guess who will be starting this one. Well it’s Dogg and Christian starting off. Dogg with a whip to the rope and hip hose followed by a belly to back suplex, as he gets the upper hand from the outset. Christian counts with a cross body and both are down.
    Gunn and Gangrel are tagged in. More taunting the wrestling at this point. Gangrel gets the advantage with a german suplex. Dogg tags in. Gangrel still with the advantage and a suplex over the ropes and Dogg is on the outside. Gunns helps him to break the 10 count.
    Now mayhem ensues as all 4 are in the ring. Ref resumes control and Christian and gunn are the legal men. Back and forth for the next few minutes and Christian is down. Gunn with a vertical suplex followed by a gutbuster. He has Christian primed for a swinging neckbreaker and a cover..1..2..kick out. Gunn goes for another but christian counters with a neckbreaker of his own, he has bought himself some time. Gunn manages to tag in Dogg.
    Dogg goes for a piledriver but Christian counters with backdrop. Killswitch on Dogg..1...2...kick out.
    Dogg is still down, Christian is on the top turnbuckle and frog splash, followed by another killswitch for the cover...1...2...3

    WINNERS Christian and Gangrel Match time: 12:35

    Christian and Gangrel are presented with the Tag Team Championship belts in the ring. A proud moment for both. A great ovation from the crown.


    Mann: Well Prince, what a great match, and are first champions in KWKW are crowned. What a moment for both men.
    Prince: What a great moment indeed, shame these 2 idiots are enjoying it.
    Mann: I take it you don’t approve, well lucky for everyone that you’re just a colour commentator.

    We are backstage with Todd Chippendale as he catches up with Kevin Nash

    Todd: Mr Nash, can I get you thoughts on the revelation that all members of the NWO are barred from ringside for your match tonight with Sid.
    Sid: Listen Todd, I don’t need any help to beat Sid, I have beaten him before and I will beat him again tonight. When I lift Sid and throw him down for the 1,2,3 and lift the world title tonight, NWO will be there to celebrate. Now Todd, you’ll just have to watch to see the rest.
    John: Okay, thank you Mr. Nash.

    Now Scott Hall catches up with Nash, as Shane Douglas walks past.

    Nash: Yo..Hey..Bro, don’t I know you from somewhere?
    Shane: Sir, I never saw you before. Bye.


    We are shown a promo of upcoming KWK events

    King of the Castle
    Knight of Champs
    Royal Rampage

    Mann: Up next folks, is the bizarrely named, Scroll on a Pole match featuring David Otunga and Shane Douglas. First to climb the pole and grab the scroll is the winner.
    Prince: Another great innovation from our GM, Mr. Laurinaitis, it’s genius Mann.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Scroll on a Pole match, first man to climb the pole and grab the scroll will be announced the winner. Introducing 1st, representing our GM on a professional level, at a weight of 230 lbs, David Otunga. And his opponent, at a weight of 245 lbs, The Dean, Shane Douglas.


    Everything is in place for this one. As soon as the bell rings, Otunga runs straight for the pole but is caught on the second turnbuckle by Douglas who now has him on his shoulders and falls back into the centre of the ring.
    But men are down momentarily. Douglas is up first and applies a headlock on Otunga for a running bulldog. Back and forth for a couple of minutes before Otunga has a running clothesline countered into a double cross body and both men are down again. Douglas up first and makes a beeline for the pole. Almost reaches the scroll but is pulled down again. Now Otunga makes a grab for the scroll. He is tripped on the second turnbuckle and is now hanging upside down. Douglas tries to climb over him but is held back before Otunga unlocks himself from the corner.
    Both men back to their feet and it’s Douglas this time with a dropkick before applying a figure 4. He is trying to weaken Otunga to buy himself some time. The leglock is released and both men are feeling the pressure. Douglas goes for a military press but he can’t get Otunga up fully.
    Otunga with a a clothesline followed by a spinebuster. As soon a Douglas is up, Otunga with a dropkick and Double falls to the outside. Otunga has the time now and scales the turnbuckle to grab the scroll before Douglas can make it back in.

    WINNER David Otunga Match time: 07:55

    Otunga celebrates in the ring as John Laurinaitis appears on the ramp to give his sign of approval. And this one is over.

    Mann: Well Prince, looks like Otunga was the smarter man after all.
    Prince: There was never any doubt in my mind Mann, Douglas just had the most difficult lesson of his life.
    Mann: Yes...well up next folks is the ladder match for the Kingdom Championship, let’s take a look at the lead up to this one.

    Video package showing the lead up to the ladder match for the Kingdom Championship.

    Mann: Both these men have been in ladder matches before as we mentioned earlier but none as important as this one Prince
    Prince: You got that right Mann. Neither will want to lose this one. My money’s on Hall.
    Mann: I think you’ll find Prince, we are not permitted to bet on these matches.
    Prince: Shut up Mann.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, now it is time for the ladder match for the Kingdom Championship. The rules are simple. First wrestler to climb the ladder and retrieve the belt will be announced the winner. Introducing 1st, representing The Brood, at a weight of 245 lbs, The Edge. And his opponent, representing the NWO, at a weight of 285 lbs, Scott Hall.


    The ladder is located on the ramp, and the bell rings for this one. Despite there being no love lost between these guys, it’s plain to see they both respect each others talents. Both lock up in the centre and a few hip tosses by Hall as he now has Edge in a headlock early on. Edge throw Hall into the ropes and a should block by both, neither going anywhere. After a few back and forths, Edge ends up on the outside near the commentary area. Hall is going for the ladder. He has it on the apron and slides it into the ring. Edge is on his feet on the other side as Hall slides the ladder into his chest. That looked nasty!
    Hall now has the ladder set up in the centre and is looking up at the belt. Before he can get his foot on the ladder, Edge is back in. Clothesline from Edge and Hall is down. Edge now sets the ladder percularisly in the corner. Not going to reach the belt from there!
    A Northern Lights suplex from Edge and now he has Hall vertical against the ladder as he runs with a flying crossbody. Hall moves at the last second.
    Now Hall with the advantage. He gets the ladder back to the centre. Looks like he just wants to get this one over with. Hall is climbing but Edge is up and climbing also on the other side. Both are at the top but neither can reach the belt. Hall with a fall away slam from the top of the ladder and both are down. What a high risk move by Hall.
    Hall is up first and is starting to ascends the ladder slowly. Edge is moving and is now on his feet, how he got up from that, no one knows. Edge is going to the top turnbuckle!
    Hall is at the top of the ladder and has his hands on the belt but hasn’t captured it just yet. Suddenly, Edge with a spear from the top turnbuckle on Hall who has his hands on the belt and takes the belt with him as he falls. And, this is over.

    WINNER Scott Hall Match time: 18:35


    Scott Hall is the inaugural KWKW Kingdom Champion. Edge looks on deflated from the outside. Members of the NWO are making their way to the ring, Nash is not present. X-Pac has a spray can with him and passes it to Hall who immediately sprays NWO across the belt.

    Mann: What a match we just witnessed Prince. Neither men will ever be the same after that match. And fancy spraying the belt like that, a complete lack of respect for our great promotion.
    Prince: KWK is a silly name anyway, NWO sounds so much better Mann.
    Mann: You better no let our chairman Kolido hear you talking like that. Well folks I don’t know if that match will be topped tonight, nevertheless, it’s time to move on to the Ladies Championship. Let’s take a look at how this match came about.

    Video package showing the lead up to the Ladies Championship match.

    Mann: Well this is a first Prince, Freebird rules for a single title. You know, I feel Wendi Richter has got the short end of the draw having to face 2 competitors here.
    Prince: It was her idea wasn’t it.
    Mann: Maybe so, but still.
    Prince: You always have to find something to complain about don’t you!

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for 1 fall and is a 1 on 2 match for the Ladies Championship. Introducing 1st, at a combined weight of 235 lbs, the team of Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres. And their opponent, at a weight of 140 lbs, Wendi Richter.


    Mann: Just to clarify for those watching how this match will work. Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres are essentially a tag team, they can’t be both in the ring at the same time, they have to tag each other in. I still think this is unfair Prince, 1 v 2.
    Prince: Why don’t you go up there and tag with Wendi then Mann, just put a wig and a frock on and no one will know any different, you already hit like a women anyway!
    Mann: Now, that’s enough guff from you Prince, let’s get to the action.

    Kelly and Wendi start this one. Neither getting an advantage until Wendi is pushed back in the corner of Eve and now they are double teaming on Wendi. Ref breaks it and now its Eve in.
    Neither get the advantage until Eve is tossed to the outside. Wendi with a slap to Kelly in the corner and knocks her of the ring apron. Wendi gets out of the ring to throw Eve back in. She is wasting no time. Kelly in now and double teaming again. Ref gains control and now Kelly is in the ring.
    A diving crossbody from Kelly and Wendi is down. But not for long as she is back on her feet. Wendi puts Kelly up for a power bomb but is too close to the corner and Eve pulls Kelly to safety.
    Eve back in. A running bulldog on Wendi and Eve is going to the top for a moonsault. Wendi moves last second and now is putting Eve up for the power bomb but Eve counters into a hurricanrana and for cover...1..2..kick out.
    Eve is up again another, moonsault and connects this time. Cover 1..2...3 but Wendi’s foot is on the ropes as it seems the ref doesn’t notice.

    Kelly Kelly and Eve are celebrating in the ring as the both hold aloft the Ladies Championship belt. Wendi is arguing with the ref as to say that her foot was on the rope and she has been screwed out of the title. Was it history repeating itself. Another ref is coming out and is talking to the match ref, as to say Wendi’s foot was on the ropes. Ref signals the ring announcer and time keeper, this match will continue. Kelly Kelly and Eve look disgusted.

    Bell rings and Wendi gets a quick advantage as both Kelly and Eve are still argueing with the ref. Wendi throws Kelly into the ropes and a crossbody. An elbow from the second buckle and now has Kelly up for a power bomb. For the cover 1..2..3..

    WINNER Wendi Richter Match time: 09:35


    Wendi is the KWK Ladies Champions as Cyndi Lauper's “Girls just want to have fun” rings out over the arena. Kelly Kelly and Eve make their way backstage both still fuming with what went down.

    Mann: What an achievement by Wendi, over 30 years since her last major title, she is top of the Ladies wrestling again.
    Prince: I don’t care Mann, but if I have to listen to that song one more time, I will go crazy. Let’s just move on to what we are all here to see.
    Mann: Well I have a feeling you will be hearing that song a lot more now. So folks, up next is the main event, let’s take a look at the lead up to this one.

    Video package showing the lead up to the World Heavyweight Championship match.

    Mann: Well Prince, as an old friend of mine used to say, this one is for all the marbles. You know, the media have dubbed this ‘The Battle of the Powerbombs”
    Prince: I won’t argue with that Mann. The very first KWK World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned here tonight.
    Mann: These men have faced each other many times before and will know the other as well as they know themselves.
    Prince: Like fighting with a mirror, Mann!

    At this time, GM John Laurinaitis has come to the top of the ramp to watch the introduction of the match.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event, scheduled for 1 fall and is for the KWK World Heavyweight Championship. At this time please, please welcome our special main event host, he is a Hollywood legend and a master of many martial arts, ladies and gentlemen, Chuck Norris.

    Chuck Norris comes out to rapturous applause, John Laurinaitis who is standing on the ramp offers a handshake, Norris with a smile keeps walking and shoulders John as he almost falls of the edge of the stage. Norris makes his way to the commentary area and takes his seat.


    Announcer: Introducing 1st, at a weight of 320 lbs, he is the Master and Ruler of the world, Sycho Sid. And his opponent, representing the NWO, at a weight of 295 lbs, Kevin Nash.


    Nash intices Sid to a game of hand mercy, Sid has got Nash almost to his knees when Nash gets some big boots to the gut of Sid. Nash of the ropes and a clothesline has Sid staggering, same again from Nash and Sid is down.
    Back on his feet and another clothesline from Nash throws Sid over the top rope. He is still on his feet though and a cocky Nash is pulls out under the bottom rope.
    Sid throws Nash, back first against the ring apron numerous times. Nash now throws Sid into the ring steps. Belt can’t be won on the outside and looks like Nash is realizing this as he gets back in the ring.
    Sid is back in and a flying clothesline on Nash has him down, this one slows down now as Sid places Nash in a camel clutch, working on the back he damaged earlier against the ring apron.
    Suddenly the NWO music hits, Sid, confused as he knows NWO members are banned from ringside, releases Nash and looks around. A low blow by Nash escapes the refs eyes and Sid is on his knees. A hair flip by Nash and he is vertical again. Nash goes to the outside and pulls Sid with him. Knowing a big move could win this, Nash clotheslines Sid on the outside and an elbow from the apron.
    Nash now starts prepping the commentator’s table, is he about to do what we think he is. Nash turns around and a big boot from Sid stuns him, Sid continues to smash Nash’s head of the table and is now throw Nash on the table as now both men are on the table. Sid has Nash in position for a powerbomb but Chuck Norris is over telling him ‘ Don’t do it”
    Nash buy some time when he lifts Sid and back flips him through the table.
    Nash now knowing he has Sid beat, drags him into the ring, powerbomb by Nash and 1..2..3..

    WINNER Kevin Nash Match time: 15:41

    Kevin Nash is the KWK World Heavyweight Champion. He is presented the title by Chuck Norris as Nash pushes Norris away as he hands him the belt. Norris, not happy, appears to be having words with Nash. John Laurinaitis arrives on the top of the ramp.


    John: People, please give it up for our First KWK World Heavyweight Champion. It was obvious I would pick a winner. Now, Mr. Norris, I don’t know why you are in the ring, do you want a piece of Mr. Nash. Do you want to fight Mr. Nash? I can arrange for that right now. In fact, Mr. Nash will put his title on the line.

    Kevin Nash is smiling and is nodding at John as to say, yeah, let's do this. Norris is looking ready also and throws his jacket to the outside and the crowd and the commentators are going wild. John signals to the ref to call for the bell and the match is on.
    The bell rings and as soon as Nash turns around he gets a roundhouse kick from Norris which throws him into the ropes and as he staggers back, another roundhouse kick and Nash is down. A cover by Norris...1..2..3..

    WINNER Chuck Norris Match time: 00:11

    Chuck Norris is KWK World Heavyweight Champion as the NWO are running to the ring and are too late to save Nash. The rest of the backroom are out to keep the NWO of Norris. It’s mayhem, superstars, refs, officials, and security are all out there now. Norris is still in the ring and Sid is in there now as he raises the hand of Norris. John Laurinaitis is still on the ramp ragging at what just happened.


    Mann: OMG...Prince, what have we just witnessed. A legend, a Man in his 70’s has just become the second KWK World Heavyweight Champion.
    Prince: This can’t be right, Norris is not an official wrestler, surely this will not stand. He needs to return the belt to Nash now and leave the stage.
    Mann: Well Prince, the GM sanctioned the match, so we have to assume it was official.
    Prince: We have not heard the end of this Mann.
    Mann: Well folks, what a night we’ve had here, Hall the Kingdom Champion and now Chuck Norris the Heavyweight Champion. We are really glad you could join us here and we will see you next year. From me, Vic Mann, and Jessie Prince, good night folks.


    X-Pac, Heath Slater, and Shawn Daivari defeated Ahmed Johnson, Brutus Beefcake, and Gregg Valentine
    2. Darren Young defeated Titus O’Neil
    3. Christian and Gangrel defeated NAO - Tag Team Championship Match
    4. David Otunga defeated Shane Douglas
    5. Scott Hall defeated Edge - Ladder Match for Kingdom Championship
    6. Wendi Richter defeated Kelly Kelly and Eve - Ladies Championship Match
    7. Kevin Nash defeated Sycho Sid - World Heavyweight Championship Match
    8. Chuck Norris defeated Kevin Nash - World Heavyweight Championship Match

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    Petey: "Welcome everyone to MWA Supremacy. We are nearing the biggest show of the year, yes folks, it's WrestleRama season."
    Dave: "And it's WrestleRama V Petey. It's gonna be our best show yet, I can feel it."
    “For months I've been accused of cheating my way to the top which all the Hulkamaniacs around the world know that ain't my game brother. Unlike my opponent tonight, brother, Hulk Hogan doesn't need to lie, cheat & steal to win the gold. But first lemme get something off my chest brother. I let the millions of Hulkamaniacs around the world down when I got screwed by Dolph Ziggler and lost the World Championship. But Dolph I could see it in your eyes brother, you're terrified of Hulk Hogan's 24 inch pythons. You and your little girlfriend are terrified that Hulk Hogan is gonna drop my atomic legs and squash your neck like the cockroach you really are. So Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum along comes Andre the Giant brother, and you get him to do all your dirty work. Well Andre don't think I'm gonna let that slide, brother, cos I'm gonna show all the little Hulkamaniacs that bullies never win because once I take back my title from Ziggler Hulkamania's coming for you brother!

    The Hulkster got screwed and wants his rematch and tonight I'm gonna get it. Eddie Guerrero, you tried to ruin my name brother, you tried to turn the Hulkamaniacs against me. Forget all that Viva la Raza crap, Eddie Guerrero I hope you said your prayers & ate your vitamins brother… cos WATCHA GONNA DO when Hulkamania runs wild on you!” Hogan then spends 2 minutes flexing his muscles before the cameras cut to a break.

    AJ Lee vs Mayu Iwatani

    Iwatani is the first surprise entrant in the Women's Championship Open Invitational as she battles the "Real" Women's Champion AJ Lee.
    AJ spends a lot of the early parts of the match trying to stay as far away from Iwatani as possible. Eventually Mayu tires of the cat & mouse game and goes after Lee on the outside which is a mistake as AJ gets in the ring first and takes the upperhand. She tries to keep Iwatani grounded as much as she can but Mayu is far superior technically and AJ can't keep up. Despite dominating large parts of the match Mayu cannot put AJ away and after countless rope breaks & near falls Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring. The brief distraction gives AJ the opening she needs as she jumps into a spinning DDT. After some more back & forth, Mayu gets behind AJ & attempts to set up her Bridged Tiger Suplex but AJ breaks her arm free, clocks Mayu with an elbow and maneuvers her way into a Black Widow submission. Locked in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go Mayu has no choice but to tap out.

    Result: AJ Lee wins by submission & advances to the Women's Championship match at WrestleRama V

    Petey: "Here comes the man they call Doctor Death, Steve Williams is hopefully going to tell us why he so brutally assaulted Faarooq."
    Dave: "Can you imagine being one of his patients? If that ever happens me Petey just have them send me straight to the morgue."
    “This is something that’s been bubbling for a long time. The man hiding behind the Faarooq name is a coward that has been running from me since our college football days. For more than 25 years I’ve had the name Ron Simmons repeating in my head, the one name I need to destroy so that my mind can have peace. Simmons, you are the reason I’ve never held World Championship gold. You screwed me over at Starrcade, took a count out then got the most BS disqualification I’ve ever seen in my life. Simmons, if you thought you could stop me from getting my last shot at revenge before sailing off into the sunset...”

    Faarooq comes out to the ring wearing his old Florida State football jersey with Simmons on the back of it.
    “Williams, if you think I run from anything… DAMN! I’m proud of my name, and I’m even prouder of the fact that every time we met in the past I kicked your Sooner ass. I say why wait for WrestleRama, I’m right here. Let’s go.”

    The two brawlers charge at each other as The Mountie ushers security out to separate them.

    The Mountie: "If you two want to brawl so badly I'm not going to stop you. But you gotta wait for WrestleRama because the people at home have to pay to see that kind of action, and these people in the crowd just don’t deserve it. At WrestleRama it will be Ron Simmons vs Steve Williams in a No Hold’s Barred match."

    MuChoTen vs The Undisputed Era
    The Japanese team seem intent on stopping this feud tonight as they make every strike stiff and lock every submission strong however tensions seem high between Chono & Tenzan throughout. Undisputed Era match the stiffness & this starts to resemble a pure fight. Things come to a head when Adam Cole attacks Keiji Mutoh on the outside and both men fight their way up the ramp. A miscue between Chono & Tenzan leads to a shoving match which Fish & O'Reilly take advantage of with double drop kicks to the back of their legs. They throw Chono shoulder first into the turnbuckle, sending him flying to the outside. They lift Tenzan up and hit Chasing the Dragon to win the match.

    Result:Undisputed Era win by pinfall.
    “For months I’ve been denied my title shot and now I’ve seen Dolph Ziggler take a leaf out of my playbook; he’s lied, he’s cheated, and he has stolen what is rightfully mine. Hogan, ese, you can run your mouth about 24-inch pythons & Hulkamania but fact is you’ve never fought me and tonight you'll find out what Viva La Raza means!!”

    MWA Intercontinental Championship Match
    Kalisto vs Bobby Roode (c)
    A back and forth match which Roode attempts (unsuccessfully) to keep on the mat is ruined early on when Adam Cole & Keiji Mutoh end up fighting through the crowd and into the ring. The brawl soon involves all 4 men and the referee is forced to abandon the match. The fight rages on with Kalisto thrown to outside, Adam Cole slides out as Roode & Mutoh exchange strikes. Cole grabs the Intercontinental Championship and slides back in ready to use it as a weapon. Roode hits Mutoh with a Glorious DDT but is struck by Cole with his own Championship. Cole cockily raises the belt but when he turns is caught by Kalisto with a Springboard Senton off the top rope & finally a Salida del Sol.

    Result: A draw by Double Count-Out
    Mickie James vs Io Shirai
    A rematch from Grapplemania last year. Shirai looks like she’s going to come out on top once more but when her friend Iwatani tries to get involved she yells at her to leave only to be blindsided by a Mick Kick.

    Result: Mickie James wins by pinfall.

    Iwatani helps Shirai to her feet, but Io pushes her away. She paces the ring, fuming with her friend who looks concerned & apologetic. Io walks up to her, breathing heavily, and looks braced for a fight but she calms herself down & hugs Iwatani. “It’s ok, you made a mistake, it’s ok.” She breaks the embrace and turns to leave before being clubbed from behind by Mayu. Iwatani wraps up Shirai & hits her with a Tiger Suplex. She continues to stomp on Shirai until officials rush out to drag her away.
    #1 Contender's Match
    Eddie Guerrero vs Hulk Hogan
    Dolph on commentary with Andre standing guard. Both Hogan & Guerrero are distracted throughout. After Eddie throws a chair at Dolph, Ziggler orders Andre to the ring. When he tries to climb in the referee attempts to stop him at the ropes, Hogan’s attention is on Andre & Eddie acts quickly to push him in Andre’s direction, crushing the referee between the two. Andre gets in & starts fighting with Hogan, Eddie stays back to let them go at it but when Ziggler tries to come down Eddie meets him head on and they start brawling at ringside. Hogan gets the upper hand inside the ring after Hulking up, he goes for a Body Slam mimicking their earlier bout but he fails. Stumbling to one knee, Andre clubs his back & Hogan falls. Andre picks him up, lifts him high above his head and turns to see Eddie beating down Ziggler. Andre slams Hogan & goes to stop Guerrero who runs around the ring, up the steps, climbs the turnbuckle & leaps with a Frog Splash on Hogan. The referee, missing everything but the Splash, crawls over to count the 1..2..3. Guerrero escapes as #1 contender.

    Result: Eddie Guerrero wins by pinfall.

  • Registered Users Posts: 679 ✭✭✭daithi1989

    Opening Address

    Daithi appears on the screen:
    Good Evening and welcome to DPW. I am here to give you an update on recent events in the DPW world. After meeting with the Board of Directors, we have made the decision to release all talent from their contracts, all talent that is, bar DPW World Champion Randy Orton.

    We have brought in new talent, all of who you will meet over time. In order to convince some talent to sign, they were automatically given the following championships.

    DPW World Champion; Still Randy Orton
    DPW International Champion: Eric Young
    DPW World Tag Team Champs: Bubba Ray and D-Von, The Dudley Boys
    DPW Womens Champion: Nia Jax

    All this upheaval couldn’t have come at a worse time, but we have not taken this decision lightly. I wish to thank all the talent from DPW all the best in their future endeavors.

    In 4 weeks time, we will be having Destiny Day II, and in intend to announce a number of matches for this event in the coming weeks.

    Now, without further ado, lets get DPW back underway with our New DPW Womens Champion, Nia Jax!!

    Match One:

    Nia Jax vs. Billie Kay.

    As this match goes on, camera cut backstage, where former UFC Champion, Ronda Rousey is seen entering the building.

    Nia wins the match in a squash.

    Match Two

    Dudleys come out and say they are willing to host an opening challenge for their DPW Tag Team Titles, as they believe there is no one in the world better than them.

    Team 3MB answer the challenge and out comes Jindar Mahal and Drew McIntyre.

    During the match, Mahal and McIntyre appear to be having difficulties working as a team. Match ends with Dudleys giving McIntyre a 3D and get the win to retain.
    As they leave for the back, Mahal enters the ring and begins attacking Drew. He is shouting at him:
    I deserve better than this; I don’t need you
    Mahal hit’s the Khallas and leaves Drew beaten down.

    Match Three

    Ronda Rousey comes out demanding competition from someone. Peyton Royce answers the call, which she regrets, as Ronda destroys her. Half way through the match, Nia Jax is shown watching the match backstage on a monitor.

    In Ring Segment

    Finn Balor with Gallows and Anderson, makes his way to the ring to challenge Randy Orton to a match for the DPW World Championship at Destiny Day. While making the challenge, AJ Styles makes his way out.

    Finn, you think you deserve a shot at the DPW Title? Last time you were a World Champion somewhere, you handed over the title after less than 24 hours! You knew you weren’t championship material than, and you aren’t championship material now.

    AJ, you know why I had to give the title! You failed to mention how I won that match with one arm having dislocated my shoulder during the fight. I am more than capable of being Championship Material, and if you have an issue with that, why not step into the ring?

    As AJ goes to enter the ring with Finn, Gallows and Anderson in it, he points out;
    3 on 1 Finn, that’s just not fair!
    At this point, The Club turn on Finn and beat him down. The hit the Magic Killer on him, before picking him up. AJ Styles then hit’s the Phenomenal Forearm, and all 3 men stand over a fallen Balor.

    Match Four

    DPW International Champion Eric Young comes out to face Kenny Dykstra. After a competitive match, Kenny picks up an upset victory with a roll up. EY sits in the ring clutching his title firmly as Kenny goes up the ramp celebrating.

    Match Five

    Randy Orton v Mojo Rawley is scheduled to be the Main Event. Mojo comes out first and holding the middle of the ring waiting for Randy. Randy’s music hits and he comes down the ramp. As he gets to the bottom, the camera switches to the ring, where Diamond Dallas Page has come through the crowd and hits a Diamond Cutter on Mojo. As he gets up, he locks eyes with Randy Orton, before switching his focus to the the DPW World title.

    Show Ends.

  • Registered Users Posts: 679 ✭✭✭daithi1989

    Week 2

    Show begins with DDP in the ring.

    Its me.. Its me.. Its D-D-P! And I’m in in D-P-W for one reason and one reason. I have my eyes on the prize and I’ll stop at nothing until I get it.
    Randy Orton, you call yourself the Legend Killer. Well have you got it in you to defeat the Legend of DDP?

    At this point, Daithi comes onto the stage and questions DDP.
    Diamond Dallas Page… Firstly, welcome to DPW. However, I think you must have been living in Cuckoo Land if you think you’re in even in the same league as DPW’s main man. You came on the scene here last week and ruined our Main Event, and now you want to be rewarded by management for this and get a DPW World Title shot at Destiny Day

    Randy comes out at this point and stands along side Daithi
    Daithi, if DDP think he can hang with me, let him have me. We both know you need the DPW World Title defended on the Destiny Day II card, or, well you may as well just cancel the show. People will only part with their money for the PPV if I’m on the card.

    Well Randy, if DDP wants to face you at Destiny Day II, he has to earn the chance. In tonights, main event, he will face Kenny Dykstra, with the winner going onto face you.

    DDP looks happy with the opportunity, and as he goes to leave the ring, Randy goes to hit him with a RKO. DDP counters it, and rolls out of the ring,

    Really Randy? We both know you stole the RKO from me! You’re going to have to be a lot quicker to be able use my own move against me!

    Match 1

    The Club v Sanity, Alex Wolfe and Killian Dane for the No1 Contender, and right to face the Dudleys at Destiny Day II

    As the match comes near an end, Gallows and Anderson arte setting up to hit the Magic Killer on Wolfe. Finn Balor’s music hits. Gallows and Anderson turn their attention to the Ramp waiting for Finn, who never appears. This gives enough time for Dain to come in and knock Gallows out the ring, before hitting the Ulster Plantation on Anderson. He pulls Wolfe over onto Anderson and secures the 1-2-3 for the win.

    Match 2

    Ronda Rousey squashes Billie Kay in similar fashion to the way she defeated Peyton last week.
    As she returns to the back after victory, Nia Jax comes out on stage, and a stare down happens.

    Match 3

    Nia squashes Peyton. Ronda is shown backstage watching the match on the monitor.

    Backstage Interview

    Jindar Mahal is being interviewed and being asked to explain why he attacked Drew McIntyre last week. Before he even gets a chance to answer, he gets attacked from behind by Drew. Drew ends the beat down by putting smashing a chair across Jindar’s head. Before walking off, he challenges Jindar to a Chairs Match at Destiny Day II
    See you at Destiny Day Jindar! Don’t forget to bring your chair!
    Match 4

    No Way Jose makes his DPW Debut by defeating the International Champion, Eric Young. Again the close match ends with No Way Jose rolling up EY. Again, after the match, Young sits in the ring clutching his title.

    Match 5

    No1 Contenders Match for DPW World Heavyweight Championship.

    Kenny Dykstra is out first, followed by DDP. As DDP makes his way to the ring, similar to last week, Randy Orton slides into the ring and hits Kenny with an RKO. Randy slides out of the ring, as DDP goes in. He picks up Kenny and stands him up in the corner. The ref reluctantly calls for the bell, DDP hits a Diamond Cutter on him and gets the 3 count. As he stands up, Randy slips in and hits him with a RKO.

    The Show ends with Randy standing over a fallen DDP.

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    WWE Network presents.....

    GWA: March to Madness

    (Episode 2)

    Episode 1 is available here >>>>> GWA March to Madness S1E1

    In a Dublin hotel room, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Joey Styles and Al Snow are on a conference call with WWE Executive Stephanie McMahon, who is back in Stamford, CT.


    Stephanie McMahon: “Guys, we need to pull out all the stops to get a card together for March Madness or the WWE brand is going to be tarnished”

    Joey Styles: “Stone Cold has been doing a promotional tour around the Irish media outlets, and that Young Bucks video has generated huge interest.

    Ticket sales for March Madness have picked up considerably.”

    Stone Cold: “Also, I spoke with Claudio Castagnoli, and he’s agreed to come back, so that should help the product.”

    Stephanie: “I want a more professional feel to these matches at the live events, so Joey, Al, you guys are going to do some commentary, and we’ll show the best bits on March to Madness.

    Also, I’ve looked through the WWE roster and found some talent we can spare for a couple of weeks, so they’ll be arriving over there in the next few days.

    Guys, if this show stinks, it's going to hurt all our reputations, so MAKE IT WORK!”

    Al Snow: “Ah, Stephanie?

    What about The Young Bucks?”

    Stephanie: “You leave me worry about those little sh*ts.

    They’re going to be sorry they ever crossed a McMahon”

    Two days later, we are at this weeks GWA live event:

    GWA superstar Candice LeRae is in the ring with Joey Styles.

    Joey Styles: “Candice, earlier today it was announced that you have signed a contract to join WWE. Tell us your thoughts on this huge news”

    Candice LeRae: “I’m looking really forward to the challenge Joey.

    But, I’d also like to thank all the great fans here in GWA……"

    Sasha Banks music hits and “The Boss” makes her way to the ring

    Sasha Banks: “Girl, you’d better reconsider your options while you still can.

    You may be a big deal in the bingo halls and gyms around Ireland, but you’ll be chewed up and spat out in the big leagues."

    Candice: “Scared of a little competition, hey Sasha?”

    Sasha: "I’m The Boss. I rule the WWE womens division.

    It’s because of trailblazers like me that you can even earn a living in this business."

    Candice: "Anyone who has followed my career knows that I’ve worked my butt off to get to the top.

    I’m not going to let an arrogant b*tch like you tell me I’m not good enough.

    When I get to the WWE I’ll prove you wrong”

    Sasha: "Candy, girls like you are dime-a-dozen, but there’s only one Boss, and that’s me.

    I’ve seen plenty of your kind come and go, and ‘The Boss’ has outlasted every last one of them.

    And you’ll be no different, Candy."

    Sasha slaps Candice across the face.

    Candice responds with a slap of her own, followed by a take down.

    Sasha manages to escape and slides out of the ring.

    Candice picks up the microphone again:

    Candice: “Round here, we settle our differences in the ring.

    And I need an opponent for March Madness. So what do you say Sasha?"

    Sasha smiles, nods her head and shouts “You’re on”

    Joey Styles: “There you have it folks, another match added to the card for March Madness:

    In her farewell match in the GWA, Candice LeRae will face WWE superstar Sasha Banks.

    Folks, I can’t wait for this one, it’s gonna be a doozy!”


    Backstage, GWA superstar Marty Jannetty is talking to GWA owner Teddy Long.

    Marty Jannetty: “Teddy, I want to know who my opponent will be for March Madness?”

    Teddy Long: “Listen playa, you’ve been a great servant to the GWA, and I’ll try my best, but I’m not sure we have a spot for you on the card”

    Jannetty: “Look Teddy, all I’m asking for is an opportunity.

    This could be my last chance at something big.

    After all I’ve done here in GWA, just give me a shot”

    Teddy Long: “Listen playa, Claudio Castagnoli is back tonight.

    You can go one-on-one with him in our main event.

    If you impress, I’ll find a spot for you on March Madness”

    Jannetty: “Thanks Teddy, you won’t regret this”

    Al Snow walks by on his way out to the announce desk for his colour commentary duties.

    He bumps into Jannetty and the two former tag team partners reminisce about their days on the road together as we head to commercial.

    Joey Styles: "Folks, Independent wrestling sensations The Young Bucks have arrived in Ireland.

    Tonight they make their debut in GWA against Stephanie McMahon's handpicked opponents:

    WWE superstars Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali."

    Al Snow: "I know that Stephanie wants to take the Young Bucks down a peg or two, but I'm not sure that Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali are the men for the job"

    'The Villain' Marty Scurll is at ringside to support The Young Bucks.

    The Bucks and Scurll grab microphones and talk their way through the match as it happens.

    Matt Jackson: “You want to embarrass us Steph?"

    Nick Jackson: "Well, sorry to tell you Steph, but your two lackeys here are not in our league."

    Marty Scurll: “Is that the best you’ve got Steph?"

    After a quick match, the Young Bucks are victorious. The crowd roar their approval.

    Marty Scurll: "Guys, the queue for our merchandise is ridiculous"

    Nick Jackson: "Remember folks, you can buy more merch at www dot youngbucks dot com"

    Matt Jackson: "Thanks again for paying for all this publicity Steph"

    Backstage with Teddy Long, WWE superstar Harley Race was watching the previous match intently and he’s not impressed with The Young Bucks:


    Harley Race: “That’s the tag team that the world is talking about?

    Well, I’m not impressed.

    They are a pair of jackasses with no respect for the traditions of this business.

    Those two idiots and their mate, with their antics, they are killing the business.

    Stephanie McMahon has sent me over here to teach them a lesson.

    So I’m challenging The Young Bucks and The Villain to a six-man tag team match at March Madness.

    Teddy Long: “Wow, that’s a blockbuster challenge. Who will your partners be?”

    Harley Race: “All in good time Teddy.

    I’ll reveal my tag-team partners next week.

    That’s assuming The Young Bucks and Mr. Scurll have the b*lls to accept the challenge.”

    A video package airs showing WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin hitting the promotional trail across Ireland.

    He visits schools, turns up on TV shows, on radio shows and receives plenty newspaper coverage.

    The Irish public seem very impressed with the WWE Champion.

    GWA Owner Teddy Long is backstage with GWA Champion Chris Hero.

    Teddy Long: “Holla Holla Champ.

    Now, next week we’re gonna have a contract signing for your GWA title match against Sabu at March Madness.

    Playa, I hope you’re ready for The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genoci…….”

    Chris Hero: “Let me stop you right there Teddy.

    That washed-up has-been is only getting another title shot because Castagnoli walked out on their match last week.

    You know I’ve defeated Sabu 4, yes FOUR, times in the past year, right?

    What’s going to be different this time? – NOTHING

    What’s changed? – NOTHING

    He’s a broken down shell of a man, his body ravaged from years of abuse.

    Teddy, you need to advise Sabu not to sign that contract next week.

    Because if he shows up at March Madness, it will be the last time he EVER sets foot in a wrestling ring."


    Back at ringside, and local girl Becky Lynch is in action.

    Joey Styles: “I see some Becky signs in the crowd, and lots of flame-haired ladies in attendance.

    This local rookie Becky Lynch is picking up quite the following.”

    Once again, Becky defeats her opponent in impressive fashion.

    The crowd chants “BECKY, BECKY, BECKY”

    Becky Lynch grabs the house microphone:


    “There’s a lot of rumours floating around about which WWE female superstars are coming to Ireland to “rescue” March Madness.

    Well, I’ve overcome every challenge that’s been put in front of me here in the GWA.

    Now, I want to test myself against the best in the world………….


    Joey Styles: (almost choking on the words) “ASUKA?

    Is Becky Lynch serious?


    Did Becky Lynch just challenge the undefeated Asuka to a match?”

    Al Snow: “Becky Lynch is a promising talent, with a bright future, but Asuka?

    That’s a different league entirely.”

    Teddy Long is watching a youtube video, in which WWE Intercontinental Champion Elias announces that he is coming to the GWA next week.

    Elias: “As the greatest Intercontinental champion in history, it is my duty to cross continents and impart the wisdom of Elias to the whole world.

    Elias is coming to the GWA, and all of Ireland will have the privilege to WALK WITH ELIAS.

    I am the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time, and at March Madness, I will prove it to all my European fans.”

    Teddy Long: “Greatest Intercontinental champion ever, hey playa? Hmmm…………”

    Claudio Castagnoli is in the ring ahead of our main event.

    Marty Jannetty's music hits but he doesn't come out.

    Cameras cut to the back, where Jannetty is lying in a bloody mess.

    Paramedics are attending to him.

    Claudio Castagnoli has the microphone:

    "I'm not sure what has happened to Marty, and I sure hope he's going to be ok.

    I’d like to take this oppurtunity to apologise for my actions last week.

    I was out of line for walking out like that, and I'm truly sorry.

    I know I've let all my great fans down.

    During the week Stone Cold Steve Austin came to see me, we had a great conversation and he convinced me to come back.

    Thanks to him, Stephanie McMahon and WWE have agreed that I can use the Cesaro name again.

    I’m just so grateful and want to say thanks to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    So Steve, I know you're back there, come on down."

    Stone Cold's music hits and the crowd goes bananas as the WWE Champion makes his way to the ring.


    Austin hits the ring and Cesaro shakes his hand, then BOOM, the Swiss launches a vicious assault on Austin.

    Cesaro grabs a steel chair from ringside and annihilates the WWE Champion with several blows.

    As Stone Cold lays motionless in the ring, Cesaro grabs the microphone once more:

    “You think you’re better than me?

    You come in here, like you're Robin Hood, giving gifts to the poor of the wrestling world.

    Screw you Steve Austin, sitting in your Ivory Tower, main eventing pay-per-view after pay-per-view.

    What would you know about the life of the independent wrestler?

    Huh Austin?

    All you do is hold down talented guys like me.

    Well not anymore Austin. I’ve had enough.

    Coming to the GWA to boost your TV career? That was the biggest mistake of your life Austin."

    GWA Owner Teddy Long is at ringside pleading with Cesaro to stop the beating

    Cesaro: "Shut up Teddy, I’m finished."

    After one final steel chair shot to Austin, Cesaro finally leaves the ring as Teddy Long screams:

    "What have you done? You’ve ruined everything"


    Tune in next week for Episode 3 of March to Madness:

    - What consequences await Cesaro following his brutal attack on Stone Cold Steve Austin?

    - Will Asuka respond to the gutsy challenge from Becky Lynch?

    - Who will Harley Race choose as his tag-team partners for March Madness?

    - What will happen when Chris Hero and Sabu meet in the ring for their contract signing?

    - What impact will Elias make when he arrives in the GWA?

    - Will Sasha Banks and Candice LeRae cross paths before March Madness?

    - Will we find out who attacked Marty Jannetty?

  • Moderators, Music Moderators Posts: 14,824 Mod ✭✭✭✭Furious-Red

    FWA Live
    Episode 1

    Opening Segment:
    We welcome the GM of FWA the Green Arrow to the Arena


    Amell gets on the mic and gets straight down to business to announce that the upcoming FWA PPV "Red Alert" has officially sold out in the Aviva Stadium in 4 weeks time. Along with that announcement he is here to start the first FWA show off with a bang by announcing a tournament to crown the new FWA World Champion at the PPV. The qualifying matches are:

    Seth Rollins vs Magnus
    Jeff Hardy vs Wade Barrett
    Justin Gabriel vs Sami Zayn
    Aleister Black vs Cody Rhodes

    Also confirmed for the PPV will also crown a new Womens champion when Ember Moon faces off against Rosemary along with crowing new tag team and IC champions.

    Cody Rhodes interrupts Amell saying its a joke that he has to even compete in a tournament since its inevitable that he will be the new FWA champion. He is the leader of the Bullet Club and he will be the leader of FWA whether he likes it or not. Amell says what Club?? since he is out here on his own, Cody says dont you worry by the end of the night you will see the resurrection of the Bullet Club. He offers to give Amell a t shirt and to become a member but is turned down , Amell walks laughing but Cody is in the ring taunting him.


    Backstage Segment
    Cody Rhodes is seen trying to recruit some new members to the Bullet Club when he comes across Seth Rollins and asks him is he "All In" ?????? but Seth says no and if it the BC even attempt to come near him he will Burn the club house down to the ground

    Opening Match
    Tournament Qualifier
    Jeff Hardy vs Wade Barrett

    We open the tournament with Jeff vs Barrett both men have numerous near falls but as Barrett was going for the wasteland Jeff was able to reverse it into a Twist of fate followed by a swanton for the win

    Winner: Jeff Hardy


    Post Match
    Barrett is not happy with the result and attacks Hardy from behind with a chair and finishing him off with Wasteland onto the chair as Barrett stands tall over Jeff.


    Second Match
    London and Kendrick vs Gabriel and Sydal

    This match starts off as a high paced match with both teams trying to out do each other as they want to set their sights on the championship match at Red Alert , However half way through the match the BC logo would appear on the screen while both teams were down. Then the MCMG run to the ring to cause a no contest as they send a message to the tag team division and saying they are "All In"

    Winner: No Contest


    Backstage Segment:

    R Truth is seen backstage talking to Amell and says he wants to be on the Red Alert card , Amell says ok but he will have to earn it. So if he can beat his opponent next week he will be in the IC Title match , but he will have to wait till next week to find out who it will be


    Main Event
    Qualifying Match
    Seth Rollins vs Magnus

    Before the match even begins Cody Rhodes comes out to the Announcer desk to watch the match which is clearly annoying Rollins which allows Magnus to take control of the match for the most of the match but as Magnus was coming off the top rope for the elbow Rollins was able to get the leg up. Rollins would gain some momentum after that but as it looked like Rollins was about to hit the curb stomp the MCMG would hit the ring but Rollins and Magnus would be able to fight them off but the ref would get knocked down during this which would leaded to Barrett coming down , but before he could do much damage Jeff Hardy would run down and take out Barrett as they fought through the crowd. Cody would come down and would offer another chance to join the BC by giving Seth a chair to use on Magnus , However Seth was going to hit Cody with it but Magnus would hit a low blow on Rollins while Cody would hit the crossroads on Seth , Magnus would pin Seth for the 1 2 3.

    Winner: Magnus


    Post Match
    Cody would stand over Seth as he drapped him in a BC t shirt as we go off the air


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    PCW (A Year In Review)

    Since Pauliemania II concluded in April 2017, there has been a lot of upheavel and turbulence in PCW. The owner Paulie sold his shares in the company to Shane McMahon. A move that rocked the pro wrestling world to its core. PCW World Heavyweight champion, The Rock relinquished his title and left the company. In fact the only ones left are Giant Gonzalez who is undefeated since PCW was formed and the Bella Twins because nobody else wants them. Shane O’Mac did bring new talent in though. WWE and TNA hall of famer Kurt Angle, Goldberg, Rusev & Aidan English, American Alpha, Sheamus, World’s Greatest Tag Team, Tazz, Honky Tonk Man, The Warlord, Breezango, Ryback, Molly Holly, Alexa Bliss, Victoria and Jacqueline. With Pauliemania the 3rd only days away which will be emunating from the Maracana in Rio De Janiero in front of 100,000 fans the card has been set.


    Kurt Angle (c) v Rusev (PCW Heavyweight Championship)


    Build: After Wrestlemania 34, Kurt Angle was fired by WWE by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. To compound matters even further he discovered that Jason Jordan wasn’t his real son and that it all was an elaborate ploy to advance Jordan’s career. This brought old demons back for Kurt as he began abusing alcohol and pills. Shane McMahon eventually got Kurt out of his slumber with a multi million dollar contract and the promise of bringing prestige back to his career. A special over the top rope battle royal took place to determine the new champion of PCW with Angle last eliminating Jason Jordan to get a semblance of revenge but also to regain the adoration of the crowd. Rusev attacked Angle after the match and Shane McMahon announced the championship match for the Rio showpiece.

    Gable & Jordan v Benjamin & Haas (PCW Tag Team Championship)


    Build: Heath Slater & Rhyno left the company so new champions had to be crowned. After the fallout of Jordan’s deceit to Kurt Angle it was revealed that Chad Gable was the brains behind the idea which lead to Shelton Benjamin been disgusted with him and reuniting with Charlie Haas. The duos have been going back and forth about who’s the best so at Pauliemania a match has been set to decide this with the tag titles on the line in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

    Goldberg v Ryback


    Build: Ryback joined PCW in late 2017 going on an impressive winning streak but the crowd constantly kept chanting Goldberg towards him. Ryback snapped one night picked up a microphone and stated he was better than Goldberg ever was. this continued for a number of weeks before Goldberg showed up and speared Ryback who fell out of the ring. Goldberg pointed at Ryback and then to the Pauliemania sign.

    Women’s Ladder Match (Women’s Championship)


    Build: Sasha Banks has also left the company to join some other worthless company and took our title with her but we’ve created a new belt and all women on the roster will compete in a historic 6 way ladder match to determine the new champion. The partcipants will be Alexa Bliss, Jacqueline, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Victoria and Molly Holly.

    Shane McMahon v Hugh Jackman (Street Fight)


    Build: Hugh Jackman appeared on an episode of Carnage to promote his new movie, Logan. Shane McMahon came out to congratulate Jackman on the success of the Wolverine franchise but cockidly stated that Jackman wasn’t a legit tough guy and that he would’t last a minute in a PCW ring. This enraged Jackman who beat down McMahon and then challenged him to a Street Fight at Pauliemania.

    Sheamus v Tazz


    Build: Shane McMahon convinved Tazz to come out of retirement but after losing his first match back to Ryback in a squash, Tazz decided to retire again. As he was leaving the building he ran into Sheamus in the corridor. Sheamus mocked Tazz and called him a washed up hasbeen. Tazz snapped and attacked Sheamus there and then locking in the Tazzmission. Sheamus challenged Tazz to a match which was accepted and will take place at Pauliemania.

    Aidan English v Honky Tonk Man


    Build: Aidan English over a