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Garda Payscale/Allowances

  • 25-01-2018 4:49pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 21 ✭✭✭ pedrigo


    I'm hoping to apply to join An Garda Síochana in the next recruitment drive but just have a few questions surrounding payscale and allowances. On attestation I will be elligible for a basic salary of €28,405 plus whatever O.T. and unsociable hours allowances. It says that as I have a 3rd level degree after 2 years I can apply for an additional 2/3 increments.

    So my first question is, in addition to the basic salary, on average how much is O.T. and unsociable hours worth per year? (Roughly)

    Secondly, does a 3rd level degree qualify you for 2 or 3 increments?

    And finally, will you always be 2/3 increments ahead of somone who does not have a 3rd level degree or is this a once off payment?

    Any info/ advice would be greatly appreciated.