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Song Writing Workshops in Waltons February 2018

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    Registered Users Posts: 5 ✭✭✭ RebelRedd

    Hi all,

    I've signed up for Walton's new 'Song Writing Workshops' starting in February 2018 - are any of you guys gonna join?

    I've written a few songs but never got any real momentum going, as I was always doing it just by myself.
    So as well as learning more about the craft, I'd also love to meet and even collaborate with other songwriters.
    I play (fairly basic) guitar and also sing and while melody & rhythm comes ok to me, I struggle with lyrics.

    Anyway, it starts on 14th February 2018, that's Valentine's night.
    So if you're free to attend that night, then you may have the lonely heart perfect for song writing!
    It would be brilliant to have a full class heaving with ideas.

    It's six 2-hour sessions on Wednesday evenings 7.30-9.30pm for €200, which is about €16 an hour.
    It covers song writing exercises, lyric & melody writing, rhythm, collaboration and more.

    Hope to see a few of you there!


  • Update: just found out from Walton's that they are taking final numbers on the morning of Saturday 10th February so get signing up if you're interested!!

  • Hi All
     Did you get to do the workshop, and if so was it good, im looking at doing it myself in the future, mainly to find other people to work with.

  • Hi @pj1234

    Yes, the workshop is actually underway and has been really enjoyable and productive so far.

    It runs for 6 weeks, every Wednesday evening, and there have been 2 classes done already.
    So we'll have 3 more and then have to perform our songs in the 6th and final class (possibly in a bar, open mic style!).

    Keep an eye on the Walton's New School of Music web site ( for future scheduling.

  • Thanks Chris
             It sounds good, I will keep an eye out for it next time its on, had you wrote songs before or were you totally new to songwriting? I put a post up earlier trying to organize a songwriting retreat or get together.
    maybe yourself or some of the group on the course might be interested in working on something after you've finished your course.
    Let me know

  • Hi Again
    just wondering what type of songs are ye writing, pop, country etc, as ive been doing this for a number of years I have learned that collaborating is probably the best hope of success. I have done some courses with the songwriting academy in UK, and have worked with some of them, but I don't have time or money to travel to UK. So let me know if there is anyone out there interested in collaborating on some songs

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  • Here's is a link to some stuff I done in the past, most of the songs are a few years old, except for Perfect world which my Daughter sang in Irish for Junior Eurovision on TG 4
    Actually it wont let me add  link, but if you go to soundcloud/pjbag you can find them

  • PJ, your songs on Sound Cloud are just the type we would have been working on (great work, by the way!).

    The teacher Kieran McEvoy (brother of Eleanor) is a big Americana fab so anything of a country style is right up his street.
    There should be a new set of classes coming up soon so check out as they start on 9th May and there is a workshop on in July.
    You might also check out the Songwriting Collective at which would be ideal for you if you want to collaborate. I haven't gone along yet but am gonna go in May.
    Hope this helps!

  • Hi RebelRedd

    What do you need to bring to the class...........musical instrument? .....recorder/smartphone?....laptop?.......etc etc.

    Do you need to be able to sing?

    Could someone attend the class with nothing other than a notebook?

  • bureau2009 wrote: »
    Hi RebelRedd

    What do you need to bring to the class...........musical instrument? .....recorder/smartphone?....laptop?.......etc etc.

    Do you need to be able to sing?

    Could someone attend the class with nothing other than a notebook?

    Going by what they say you should be fine:
    “Participants whose primary interest is lyric writing, music writing – or both – are welcome. Those who play an instrument or sing can incorporate it into their work, both in class and at home. Those who do not will be able to use the instrumental and vocal abilities of Kieran and the other participants to bring their songs to completion. Music reading is not necessary to participate, and knowledge of a chordal instrument (guitar, piano, etc.) is helpful but not required.“


  • Many thanks for that Oink.

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