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Bungalow attic conversion

  • 09-01-2018 10:06am
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    I'd appreciate it if someone could provide a ballpark cost on an attic conversion.

    I bought a bungalow near Wexford town a few years back and I'm thinking of converting the attic. When I bought the house, the Engineer's report said:

    "The roof is of cut roof construction. These trusses were at 400mm centres. This roof was noted to be of adequate construction. As is detailed in the appendix the wall plate was deemed to be adequately strapped. As was requested by the client an investigation as to whether the attic can be converted to habitable space was carried out. Structurally this will be possible as ceiling joists are 225mm x 50mm @ 400mm centres. This will be adequate for a domestic live loading and will not have any serviceability problems."

    Sufficient height is available for habitable space and there are electrical sockets and lighting already installed (though the lights operate from one switch). There is currently no stairs or velux.

    The area is about 40m2. I'd be looking to install floorboards, radiators, insulation, veluxs (to the rear), a ceiling cut out & installation of a stairs, partition walls & doors, and a bathroom. There is plenty of space for the stairs in the hall.

    The current boiler is a grant module 50/90 feeding 13 rads.

    I'd appreciate any advice you can give on the costs and any general advice on this kind of project.