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KuCoin Exchange

  • 07-01-2018 9:08pm
    Registered Users Posts: 11,259 ✭✭✭✭ jester77
    Registered User

    Anyone using them? I must say I am impressed so far, even though they are only 2 months old they are quickly on the way to becoming one of the top exchanges, and I won't be surprised if they become the top exchange by end of 2018.

    It is has a great UI, good security but where it really shines is in how it rewards their users. They have their own ERC20 token, similar to Binance, called KuCoin Shares (KUS). If you own KUS, you get rewarded with dividends. It is awarded daily and is based on the amount of KUS you own, with 50% of the daily trading fees on the exchange split among the KUS holders. You can see how much you will get at As volume grows they will adjust the % of fees handed out to KUS holders, but it will never fall below 15%. You can check it out in their whitepaper. This is a game winner imo.

    They also have a rewards program for referring users, this is also very clever. It works by inviting users with a referral code. If someone uses your referral, you get 20% of their trading fees. If that person then invites someone else, you will even get part of that other persons fees, all the way to 3 degrees of separation. So it actually makes sense to use referral codes, otherwise the exchange gets the full trade fee which will be split out to the KUS holders.

    You can see their fees here, I must say I prefer how Binance handle fees with their token. If you do sign up, then it is worth investing in KUS, as you will get rewarded from it, and the more users that use the exchange, the more you will get returned.

    Here is their exchange without referral code:

    I am usually not a fan of referral codes, but this is one of the few places where I think it is implemented in a very smart and rewarding way, feel free to use mine if you wish: