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Brandy Recommendation €100 to €200?

  • 30-12-2017 7:56pm
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    I'd like to get a fancy bottle of brandy for my parents, but I don't drink and would be totally clueless about what to buy. The budget is anything between €100 to €200.

    I don't even know any good bricks and mortar shops in Dublin to call into, although I've seen loads of different ones online, I'm totally in over my head when it comes to actually picking one out.

    Any recommendations would be most appreciated :)


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    I would recommend that you go into the Celtic Whisky shop on Dawson St. They are very helpful and will give you a range of options

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    I'd also recommend Celtic whisky shop or maybe even better for brandy would be Mitchell's ifsc.
    If thinking Cognac, Remy Martin xo is the nicest I've tasted, should be within budget.
    Maybe seek some advice on Armanac too. Plenty of scope for spending money there too.
    If you can find high end Spanish brandy, that could be an interesting option too.

    Depends on what your parents are interested in.
    Cognac would be the safest bet if you are unsure or they don't like to experiment.

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    To be fair, I'd say once it's some sort of brandy, they'll drink it. From having a quick shufty at the drinks cabinet there's been both cognac and armagnac in it over the Christmas. I saw a super cool looking Spanish one called Bodega (I think) but it was about 300 lids, and if they found out I'd spent that on them, they'd kill me.

    Looking at the Celtic Whiskey Shop's website, they've certainly got a wide selection - they've got one armagnac for nearly 2500!! They have a couple of Monte Cristo brandies, which are in and around the 100 mark - I think Dad had some of that after dinner on our holidays, and enjoyed it, but I could be completely mistaken.

    It's a pity my Mum doesn't drink whiskey, because if she did I'd be getting one of those new bottles of Middleton Very Rare for them. I don't usually drink, but for certain whiskies I'd make an exception.